Who, What, When? (July 2007)


Lug 9 2007, 23:48

List your top 15 artists. Then list what song of their's you first heard, what song made you fall in love with them, and what song is your current favourite.

1. Klaxons
2. Bloc Party
3. The Strokes
4. Good Shoes
5. The Maccabees
6. Kings of Leon
7. New Young Pony Club
8. Cansei de Ser Sexy
9. Interpol
10. Mystery Jets
11. Metric
12. Arctic Monkeys
13. Death from Above 1979
14. Dartz!
15. The Sounds

1. Klaxons.
First heard: Gravity's Rainbow
Fell in love with: Atlantis to Interzone
Current favourite: Atlantis to Interzone

2. Bloc Party.
First heard: Banquet
Fell in love with: She's Hearing Voices
Current favourite: Little Thoughts

3. The Strokes.
First heard: Someday
Fell in love with: Hard to Explain or Automatic Stop
Current favourite: Meet Me In The Bathroom

4. Good Shoes.
First heard: We Are Not the Same
Fell in love with: Never Meant to Hurt You
Current favourite: Never Meant to Hurt You

5. The Maccabees.
First heard: First Love
Fell in love with: All In Your Rows
Current favourite: Tissue Soldiers

6. Kings Of Leon.
First heard: Knocked Up
Fell in love with: Taper Jean Girl or King Of The Rodeo or Four Kicks
Current favourite: Pistol of Fire

7. New Young Pony Club
First heard: The Get Go
Fell in love with: The Bomb
Current favourite: Tight Fit

8. Cansei de Ser Sexy.
First heard: Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above
Fell in love with: Patins
Current favourite: Off the Hook

9. Interpol.
First heard: Obstacle 1
Fell in love with: Evil
Current favourite: NARC

10. Mystery Jets.
First heard: Diamonds In The Dark
Fell in love with: Diamonds In The Dark
Current favourite: Soluble In Air

11. Metric.
First heard: Combat Baby
Fell in love with: Glass Ceiling
Current favourite: Succexy

12. Arctic Monkeys.
First heard: Brianstorm
Fell in love with: 505
Current favourite: Do Me a Favour

13. Death From Above 1979.
First heard: Little Girl
Fell in love with: Black History Month
Current favourite: Little Girl

14. Dartz!
First heard: Once, Twice, Again!
Fell in love with: Fantastic Apparatus
Current favourite: Once, Twice, Again!

15. The Sounds.
First heard: Seven Days a Week
Fell in love with: Seven Days a Week
Current favourite: Ego


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