a little vulnerability always playing in my head amazing angry anthem atmospheric attitude beautiful beautiful voice beautiful voices beautifully haunting bitter bittersweet breezy catchy celestial childhood and teen years memories daydreaming music delicious tracks depressing but amazing dreams dreamy drive away eargasm eargasmus emotional epic ethereal excuse me while i replay this a thousand more times favorite male vocals favourite female vocals favourite rappers feel good songs flirty fuck you fun funky going cray about you going crazy about you gorgeous happy haunting heartache hypnotic ethereal i could listen to this song forever i got a crush on you i love this song so much it hurts i recognize myself in this i want you i would hug your hardened heart tightly in my arms forever insanely delicious kein stress kick ass lyrics loneliness love at first listen love songs love the lyrics lovesong magic makes me fly makes me want to dance melancholic melancholy mellow memory of happier times mind blowing mood: longing music gems music medicine for the soul one tree hill peaceful powerful raw emotion relaxing romantic sad sad and beautiful at the same time sends shivers down my spine sense of urgency sensual sexy sexy songs simply delicious smooth soft songs about him songs of hope songs that grabbed my heart and soul and will never let go again songs that i will still be listening to in a billion years songs that make me cry soulful stuff i should be able to inject directly into my blood sweet the best song to listen on a sunny day this is one of those stop everything and only pay attention to this song this never gets boring tune the rainbow underrated uplifting voices that i love