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Includes entries for 23, Rainbow Warrior, Rainbow Ninja, Ganja, Anarchy, Hip-Hop and OMI.

Kev the Poet's Synchro Dictionary
(holding my dictionary)

23 Synchronicities - There are 23 letters in the Latin alphabet, W = 23rd letter of the alphabet. It's symbol is 2 points down, 3 up. The human biorhythm cycle is generally 23 days. It takes 23 seconds for blood to circulate through the human body. 23 days in the male sex cycle (according to Tantrists). The human body has 46 chromosomes, which are paired, in somatic cells. Generative cells have half this number, 23, which is the number of chromosomes each parents gives to human deoxyribonucleic acid. The "Dog Days" of summer begin on July 23rd when the star Sirius, in the Constellation of Orion, first rises from behind the sun. (See 'Siriusly', and 'Synchronicity'.)

93 - The number 93 is of great significance in the religion of Thelema, adapted from the philosophy of François Rabelais by Aleister Crowley in 1904 with the writing of The Book of the Law. The central philosophy the two phrases from Liber AL: "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law" and "Love is the law, love under will." The two primary terms in these statements are Will and Love, respectively. In the Greek language, they are Thelema (Will) and Agape (Love). Using the Greek technique of isopsephy the letters of both of these words when added together equal 93. It is common for Thelemites to greet each other with "93" in person as well as in the opening and closing of written correspondence. This custom derives from Aleister Crowley's guideline that Thelemites should greet each other with the Law. Since saying the entire Law can be cumbersome, using 93 has become a kind of shorthand. Not particularly in the Synchro vocab but some peripheral members resonate with "the Law" and we like telling other peoples secrets in the reputed 'Age of Aquarius' or 'Age of Enlightenment'.

2012 - December 23, 2012, huge cycle ends in the Mayan calendar. Many people mistakenly believe this is when the Mayan's believe the world will end but this is wrong, they merely end the calendar. Many spiritual thinkers expect vast change, astrologers have stated that the Earth is moving into an area of more light and energy as our solar system moves into alignment with the centre of the galaxy, some believe the increase in radiation will alter DNA, some believe that life will become more psychedelically lucid, many scientists believe magnetic poles will shift which could create vast changes in the landscape due to Earthquake and volcano activity, many believe this therefore means that the new age is upon us and we will be culled to live in harmony, many 'lost-it's try to tell you they know exactly what will happen . Nobody knows shit.

Abundance - 1. More than enough.
2. recognition that the universe provides, what we have if we open our eyes and share what we find with everyone.
3. a spontaneous dance done in the kitchen when people arrive from skips with bags full of pain au chocolates, baked goods and buns all within their eat-by-date. Also a dance done by person who finds cake within it's sell by date in a skip.

Age of Aquarius - The Age of Aquarius is one of the twelve astrological ages, approximately 2,150 years long. Vera Reid takes a common position expressed by many astrologers and New Agers about the Age of Aquarius, as that time when mankind takes control of the Earth and his own destiny as his rightful heritage. As such, mankind will become the 'Son of God'. Reid believed that the keyword for Aquarius is 'enlightenment'. The destiny for mankind in the Age of Aquarius is the revelation of truth and the expansion of consciousness. According to the Esoteric Christian tradition, Essenian and later Rosicrucian, the proximity and entrance in the Age of Aquarius - occurring after the present Age of Pisces (or age ruled by the "Sword") - will bring to the majority of human beings the discovery, true living and real knowledge of the inner and deeper Christian teachings which the Christ spoke of in Matthew 13:11 and Luke 8:10. (The Wikipedia answer! Wikipedia is not infallible by the way.)

Anarchy - a state where no individuals or groups have precedence or power over others and ideally everything works harmoniously without regulation or policing. Is often mistaken with, 'a state of lawlessness due to the absence or inefficiency of the supreme power', 'havoc', 'chaos' and infrequently used by as an excuse to throw bricks at policemen who are in the employ of oppressors, however that is misuse of the word Anarchy and should be treated as such.

Ayahuasca - an ancient medicine, a combination of South American roots and vines boiled into a tea which is considered sacred to South American shamans. Reportedly psychologically and physically healing. From a subjective point of view it provides the drinker with a connection to the divine, and both a physical and emotional enema. From an objective point of view it floods the body with DMT which is normally naturally secreted by your pineal gland during dreaming and your pineal gland floods your body when you're born and when you die. Usually drunk only in ceremonies with experienced spiritual and psychological journey facilitators also known as shamans (or specific to this medicine known as Ayahuasceros.)

Body English - among many other things it is a clothing company, a skatepark sponsor and organiser of the St George Hippy Ghetto Fun Jam (was that what it was called?) Body English is also one of Craig Reynolds many aliases.

Baba - used as a prefix for someone's name when they have said something wise, or used sarcastically when they have said something outrageous. "Oh, Baba 12 Volt!"
Also used in India as a prefix for the names of Holy men.

Babylon - all parts of the current political and economic system that are corrupt and intent on fostering inequity and inequality. See: "Babylon System", by Bob Marley on the Survival Album. Originally a part of Iraq (ancient Mesopotamia), arguably the first decadent city, recently bombed by George Bush's financial dependents. Some may argue that 'babylon' bombed Babylon.

Babylons (plural) - tits.

Blagger - someone who is skilled in the divine art of getting things for free. (See 'toblaggo.')

Bole Nath (pronounced 'bulleh nardt') - AntArma - 1. "bolenath is one of the aspects of Shri Shiva. The ganja name of cannabis came from the Indians who brought it to the Caribbean and everywhere else, so that relates to Lord Shiva once again because the the river ganges is flowing from his Sahasrara crown chakra as a subliminated aspect of devi the goddess. Shri Ganga is also said to have flowed from the feet of Lord Vishnu from the heavens to the earth as he his feet melted in bliss at the sound of lord shiv playing the flute, so blissful it was."
(See 'ganja'.)
2. Rumoured to change the atmosphere, or 'vibration', of a room or space by merely belting the words 'bole nath' as loud and victoriously as you can. Used by the Synchromystickz to describe things that are 'dope' or 'fantabulous' and also as an affirmation after somone has said something importeant, wise, profound or hilarious. (See 'dope', and 'fantabulous'.)

'Big T'ings Occur' - Phrase, meaning stupendous events have either happened, are happening, or are about to happen. Also the title of an interdimensional cabaret at Mr Wolfs.

Dope - Good, fantastic, great (few people use that word for drugs anymore.)

Fantabulous - Fantastic and fabulous. Obviously.

Ganja - Cannabis, The most familiar short-term effect of cannabis is to give a "high" — a state of euphoric intoxication. "The acute toxicity of cannabis and the cannabinoids is very low; no-one has ever died as a direct and immediate consequence of recreational or medical use (DH QQ 219­223)." Tests performed on mice have shown that the ratio of cannabinoids (the chemicals in marijuana that make you high) necessary for overdose to the amount necessary for intoxication is 40,000:1. For comparison's sake, that ratio for alcohol is generally between 4:1 and 10:1. Alcohol overdoses claim approximately 5,000 casualties yearly, but marijuana overdoses kill no one as far as any official reports. I am neither condemning nor condoning anything. Following the publication of two 1977 JAMA studies, the American Medical Association (AMA) officially announced its support for the decriminalization of marijuana. In reality, marijuana has the effect of slightly increasing alpha-wave activity in your brain. Alpha waves are generally associated with meditative and relaxed states, which are, in turn, often associated with human creativity.

Hippy - context specific. Often used in a derogatory way to describe someone who uses anti-capitalist and anti-establishment philosophies as excuses for being lazy. However also is used as a compliment for someone who is anti-establishment, anti-capitalist and has a relaxed attitude towards life.

Hip-Hop - a culture of 5 elements. Djing (modified to turntablism), MCing (rhythmic poetry to the breakbeat), Breaking (also known as B-Boying and breakdancing, athletic and gymnastic dancemoves), Beatboxing (creating beats with your vocals) and Graffiti ('writers' put stylised calligraphy and images both sanctioned and un-sanctioned walls, particularly when using a spray can.) Arguably creativity taken to it's natural extremes, music, poetry, dance, and art, Hip-Hop culture is constantly evolving and has grown to the size where it can barely be distinguished from popular culture. The 5 elements are used by Synchromystickz to creatively express ancient wisdom in a modern way, to spread love and awareness. Rap is something you do, Hip-Hop is something you live. You are not doing Hip-Hop, you are Hip-Hop.

Hoody - essential.

Hold it down - to limit behaviour which could be considered as disturbing, anti-social or illegal.

Holding space - to use your presence, especially at ceremonies, to maintain a calm and calming atmosphere.

Hottie - a visually attractive person, usually a woman.

I-Ching - a chinese method of divination, it is similar to Tarot but your answers come from a book and it is rather like grandfatherly advice than predictions of the future. The Oracle.

Lost-It - someone who has taken so many psychedelics that they appear to have misplaced the script for their own lives, or 'lost the plot'. eg "He keeps making insane outbursts and offending people, I don't want that 'lost-it' back in here."

Maggers - The Magpie

The Magpie - we're not really sure. (See Temporary Autonomous Zone,

Man-scan - to look for something lost, but not look very hard. "I couldn't find it, but I only did a quick man-scan."

Media-Ninja - someone with advanced digital information absorption and networking abilities.

Munter - someone who frequently gets inebriated to the point they can barely walk or talk.

Munted - one who is inebriated to the point they can barely walk or talk.

Ninja - 1. somone with athletic ability, especially advanced yoga practioners, capoeira players or circus skills.
2. someone who dresses in all black and uses the ancient Japanese art of killing people silently. Please refer to classified section.

OMI - pronounced 'omey', Open Minded Intuitive. Someone who is open-minded about spiritual ideas but does not necessarily believe anything or everything they hear. Someone who avoids dogma and tries to stay detached from points of view. Someone who trusts their intuition whether to accept or reject something. Someone who combines both the scientific and the spiritual in a marriage of logic and intuition such as the seemingly paradoxical findings of quantum physics (electrons have no concept of space or time) mirroring the wisdom of ancient spiritual teachings (space and time are illusions created by the individual external observer) of Buddhism, Hinduism, Yoga and Tao. Generally spiritual thinkers who wear hoodies and baggy trousers. (See 'Rainbow Ninja')

Rainbow Gathering - Rainbow Gatherings are temporary intentional communities, typically held in outdoor settings, and espousing and practicing ideals of peace, love, harmony, freedom and community, as a consciously expressed alternative to mainstream popular culture, consumerism, capitalism and mass media. Rumoured to have started with reference to the Rainbow Prophecy, however many if not most attendees appear to be unaware of the prophecy. Isolated from 'festival culture' by the absence of drugs and alcohol (most of the attendees do not appear to consider cannabis to be a drug.) Due to the strict drugs policy Rainbow Gatherings are generally despised by munters. This gives those who are on a spritual path for reasons of ego a reason to believe they are better than others, they are wrong.
(See 'Rainbow Prophecy', 'Rainbow Warrior' and 'munter'.)

Rainbow Ninja - A Rainbow Warrior who does not look or act like a hippy and can therefore communicate with munters. For example somone who does reiki in squats. (See 'Rainbow Warrior', 'hippy' and 'munter'.)

Rainbow Prophecy - A Native American prophecy that after Europeans have nearly killed all the Natives, the land and seas are polluted the spirits of the Native Americans will return in the children of those who killed them. These children will be members of a Rainbow Tribe, of all different colours and all different nationalities. The Rainbow Warriors, of the tribe would use only the force of peace.
(See 'Rainbow Warrior'.)

Rainbow Warrior - 1. someone who uses 'only the force of peace' to help maintain balance in the eco-systems of 'mother earth', frequently found at eco-activist blockades and protests bringing peace to the front line.
2. someone who likes the sound of the Rainbow Prophecy and would rather be a reincarnated Native American warrior or shaman than 'Bob from Ealing' or whatever.
3. two ships of the environmental pressure group Greenpeace have borne the name Rainbow Warrior.

Shambala Festival - a great excuse to dress up and act like a tit, the most fun Kev the Poet had in 2007, the home of the Bristol Massive Roller Disco.

Shambhala - in Tibetan Buddhist tradition, Shambhala (also spelled Shambala or Shamballa; Tibetan: bde byung, pron. De-jung) is a mythical kingdom hidden somewhere beyond the snowpeaks of the Himalayas. A utopian place in Tibetan myth - has been called both a physical crystal temple and also a meta-physical temple in the 'heart.'

Shambhala Warrior - the most important quality of the Shambhala warrior is being non-aggressive. The Shambhala warrior is defined by gentleness and fearlessness. As Chogyam Trungpa said it, "the first principle of warriorship is not being afraid of who you are." The ultimate goal of the Shambhala path is to create an enlightened society of wise and compassionate human beings, which is the tradition of the Kingdom of Shambhala.

Shrooms - Mushrooms. I am neither condemning nor condoning anything.

Shanti - literal translation is 'peace', however also used to describe peaceful settings and anything that is influenced by India.

Shantify - to make shanti, eg, putting up drapes, burning insence, or getting someone stoned. (See 'shanti'.)

Siriusly - usually sarcastic remark on how silly, or un-serious a situation is. Specifically if it has mystic or spiritual significance, hence the reference to the star-system Sirius which is written to have had contact with the Dogon tribe in Africa (Google 'Dogon Sirius', I mean it, siriusly.)

Standard - Something that happens frequently or something that should happen frequently.

Synchro - An abbreviation of synchronous or synchromystic.(See 'Synchronicity' and 'Synchromysticism.')

Synchronicity - is the experience of two or more events which are causally unrelated occurring together in a meaningful manner, usually beneficial coincidences with spiritual significance, although the benefits may be incidental, financial or health related. The concept does not question causality, it maintains that just as events may be grouped by cause, they may also be grouped by their meaning. The meaning of these coincidences is for the individual to determine via logic and intuition. Carolyn North, author of Synchronicity: The Anatomy of Coincidence (Regent Press) - "It gives us a sense of hope, a sense that something bigger is happening out there than what we can see, which is especially important in times like this when there's so many reasons for despair."

Synchromysticism - a state of consciousness where dynamic context is attributed to phenomena, allowing patterns, themes and insight to arise out of a web of connections. "The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."--Jake Kotze, The Brave New World Order (See synchronicity.)

SynchroFlow - a series of synchronicities, and the experience of each synchronous coincidence leading to more beneficial coincidences (See 'synchronicity'.)

TAZ / Temporary Autonomous Zone - An area, or zone, which is not subject to control from outside; is independent, self-governing; is independent; and it subject to its own laws only. 'The Temporary Autonomous Zone, Ontological Anarchy, Poetic Terrorism' is a book by anarchist writer Hakim Bey.

The rules - unwritten smoking rules regarding social smoking behaviour, eg "I gave you the toblaggo so I get twos, you know the rules!" (See 'toblaggo' and 'ganja'.)

Toblaggo - a request for a donation of tobacco. (See 'blagger'.)

Womp - bassline, especially sub-bass associated with dub and dubstep that can be easily immitated by saying 'womp' enthusiastically in a deep voice. For example, 'that Appleblim set was maximum wompage.'

Gratitude and appreciation.

KP Kev the Poet aka Know Peace
(With assistance from AntArma, Steve Watts, Feral Si, Greg Womp and Pixael)

Operation: Bless Everyt'ing

Kev the Poet aka KP The Hip-Hop Bard
KRS-OneElf Tranzporter


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    Satya Yuga (and Kali Yuga) - The Satya Yuga (Devanagari: सत्य युग), also called Sat Yuga, Krta Yuga and Krita Yuga in Hinduism, is the "Yuga (Age or Era) of Truth", when mankind is governed by gods, and every manifestation or work is close to the purest ideal and mankind will allow intrinsic goodness to rule supreme. It is sometimes referred to as the "Golden Age." The average lifespan in the satya yuga was 100,000 years. (Wikipedia.) Kali-yuga, the fourth and present age, began about 5000 years ago (in accord with the biblical creation chronology and so on) and will last for 432,000 years, hence another 427,000 or so years according to common calculation (it is argued by some, and hinted at in scriptures such as the Srimad Bhagavatam, that Lord Visnu, in the form of Lord Kalki, will appear to save us from the worst of the evil influences of this age, surrender the planet to Lord Siva, who will "prematurely" "transform" it; this notion fits well with many of the biblical prophecies if you are interested in such possible correlations let me know). ~John of AllFaith Jagannatha Prakasa Some argue that this puts us at the turning point in the middle of Kali Yuga at approximately 2012 (See '2012' and 'Age of Aquarius'.)

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    Deep Shiznit - ancient wisdom and quantum physics - What on Earth is Going On? - DNA activation, 2012 and the Rainbow Prophecy - The SynchroFlowShow - youtubery -

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