General Patton

Various songs and side-projects that Mike Patton has involvement in.
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Brano Durata
1 General Patton vs. The X-EcutionersBattle Hymn of the Technics Republic 1:12
2 General Patton vs. The X-EcutionersImprovised Explosive Device 0300 Hrs. 0:36
3 General Patton vs. The X-EcutionersDuelling Banjo Marching Drill 1:54
4 General Patton vs. The X-EcutionersA.W.O.L. Block Party Brawl 0600 Hrs. 1:50
5 General Patton vs. The X-EcutionersConvulsive Antidote For Nerve Agent Autoinjector (CANAA) 0:43
6 General Patton vs. The X-EcutionersPrecision Guided Needle-Dropping And Larynx Munitions (PGNDLM) 1:55
7 General Patton vs. The X-EcutionersPimps Up, Aces High! 0700 Hrs. (Westside Swashbuckling Parade) 1:28
8 General Patton vs. The X-EcutionersEastside Multichannel Tactical Scratch Communications (EMTSC) 1:42
9 Peeping TomMojo (feat. Rahzel & Dan the Automator) Loved track 3:39
10 Peeping TomFive Seconds (feat. Odd Nosdam) Loved track 4:19
11 Peeping TomSucker (feat. Norah Jones) 2:32
12 Peeping TomDon't Even Trip (feat. Amon Tobin) 5:45
13 Peeping TomGetaway (feat. Kool Keith) 3:21
14 Peeping TomCelebrity Death Match (feat. Kid Koala) 3:41
15 Peeping TomHow U Feelin? (feat. Doseone) 2:43
16 Kaada/PattonSeule Loved track 2:56
17 LovageStroker Ace 4:29
18 LovageBook of the Month 4:29
19 LovagePit Stop (Take Me Home) 3:56
20 LovageSex (I'm A) 6:20
21 Handsome Boy Modeling SchoolAre You Down With It Loved track 4:00


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