• My Top Artists?

    Gen 5 2006, 19:33

    Though I initially signed up for this site back in 2003, I've only really started using it this month. It's interesting to see what music I really listen to. Looking at overall top artists it's a pretty accurate list of my favorite music. Of course, there are a few outliers:

    - Sunny Day Real Estate: for some reason last.fm says that I listened to their song "Killed by an Angel" over a hundred times, which just isn't true. Either they screwed up, or I left iTunes playing that single song over and over all night.

    - Why I've been listening to so much Simple Minds (#10 on my list as I write this) is beyond me: I don't even have many of their songs. I guess my iPod's just been in the mood for them the past few weeks.

    - Clearly, I've been listening to David Sedaris (currently my #2 artist) audio books on the train...
  • 2005 Soundtrack

    Dic 29 2005, 17:18

    This year I finally started an annual project I've been wanted to do for years: at the end of each year, I'll create a CD with the music that most accurately reflects my year in music (not necessarily music released that year).

    Selections could be artists I discovered, rediscovered, or just listened to a lot; it could be a particular song that I couldn't stop listening to; or it could be a song that represents a particular genre or type of song (such as covers, mash-ups, etc.). No real rules, other than it has to fit on a standard audio CD.

    With that, here's my soundtrack for 2005 (in order of track listing):

    Radiohead: "Everything In Its Right Place"
    The Bad Plus: "Flim"
    Aimee Mann: "How Am I Different"
    Ted Leo & the Pharmacists: "The One Who Got Us Out"
    The Clash: "Clampdown"
    Jawbreaker: "Into You Like A Train"
    Sinkhole: "Burning, Itching, Irritation"
    Dick Dale: "Hava Nagila"
    The Futureheads: "Decent Days And Nights"
    The English Beat: "Twist And Crawl"
    Franz Ferdinand: "The Fallen"
    People Under The Stairs: "The Joyride"
    Kanye West: "Gold Digger"
    Beck: "E-Pro"
    Bad Religion: "Incomplete"
    Samiam: "Sunshine"
    Pixies: "Wave Of Mutilation"
    Hieroglyphics: "Oakland Blackouts"
    Mr. Lif: "Heavy Artillery"
    Man or Astro-Man?: "Theme From Eeviac"
    DJ Danger Mouse: "Encore"
    The Beatles: "You Never Give Me Your Money"
    Dave Brubeck: "Stompin' For Mili"

    My brother & friend also joined me in this music project, and I think it'll be interesting to see how our tastes change -- or not change -- over the years.