The Blind Guy Thinks Saturday Night Live's Paterson Skit is Funny


Dic 16 2008, 16:44

For you who don't live in the US or haven't been watching the news lately, the incredibly popular and long-running comedy TV show Saturday Night Live has done a skit lampooning governor David Paterson of New York, and poking fun about everything from his blindness to his drug use. Lots of people, blind and sighted, think it was a low blow, but from this blind person's point of view this is funny shit! I didn't just listen to it, I've heard and read the descriptions and I still think it's funny. It would have been cool if instead of complaining, the governor had pulled a Palin and gotten himself on the show, then gotten an interview with a serious journalist with the aim of educating folks. A day in the life of New York's governor, showing how he does what he does, would've been much more effective in my view. Personally I think the NFB (National Federation of the Blind) can often be stubborn sticks-in-the-mud, I'm a bit surprised the ACB (American Council of the Blind) complained too though. I like what's said in these blogs
I thought the upside-down chart especially funny. It's also pretty funny when a sighted person hands me some braille material upside down. I've unwittingly walked into camera shots myself, that was funny! I remember once on a trip with a scouting organization I was involved with, we went out to the desert for some star gazing, well I went along for the enjoyment of just being out in the desert with the guys. At one point was just moving around stretching my legs when one of them said "Oh wow! There's a bug crawling around on that planet!" Someone else said "No, it's just Shawn's ear." Turned out I had walked into the field of view, but just barely enough that just my ear was there.


  • Babs_05

    I've always thought random people in photos was funny. Back in my student days, I used to do this thing where, if I saw someone with a camera, and a group of people infront, ready with smiles, I'd go join them and wave at the camera. Then I'd collapse in giggles and wander off. I was soooo naughty! Just the thought of them going through their photo albums then finding the pic with me in it and someone going, "who's that?" and someone else going, "dunno" tickled me no end. :D:D:D

    Dic 16 2008, 17:44
  • kb7clx

    Lol Babs! Sounds like it must have been fun! :D

    Dic 16 2008, 19:13
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