The New Classics: Best Albums 2011


Dic 21 2011, 2:20

Timber Timbre - Creep On Creepin’ On – (Arts & Crafts)
This haunting album shares an intense personal songwriting that borders on goth-folk. The music is rootsy and seems like it crawled out of the boreal cabin of a lonely woodsman.

AustraFeel It Break – (Domino)
Katie Stelmanis turns her dark singer-songwriter ballads into moving indie-electro spells on the debut album, Feel It Break. The songs are riddled with strangeness and yet move along with throbbing intensity.

Colin StetsonNew History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges – (Constellation)
Stetson flexes is saxophone muscle on Judges, showing off 14 untouchable tracks. You can’t beat a one man sax show that’s able to do so much. The album provides an intense listen not to be undertaken by the light-hearted.

LiturgyAesthetica – (Thrill Jockey)
This album explodes with sheer intensity. Liturgy are a self-proclaimed transcendental black metal band who seem to make metal “hip”. Whatever. The songs here are amazing and border on a religious experience.

Wild FlagWild Flag – (MERGE)
For a fan of the riot-grrrl work of bands like Sleater-Kinney this is a perfect glimpse of nostalgia with a freshened up look that includes hook-laden beats and jangly-fuzzed out guitars. The songs are sinfully catchy and edgy.

Gang Gang Dance - Eye Contact (4AD)
This weirdo album manages to pull off blends of sounds and intelligent dance music that sounds inter-planetary and right at home in the year 2011. The albums’ tracks are instantly recognizable as belonging to Gang Gang Dance and also show a wise evolution from their previous album.

Thurston MooreDemolished Thoughts – (Matador)
A more acoustic and dissonant Moore expresses changes and shifting moods in an almost surreal journey of an album. While instrumentation is minimal, the composition is still a strong.

Young GalaxyShapeshifting – (Paper Bag)
This handful of indie-rock songs have a belying bleakness to them. The album works well as a whole giving a gamut of catchy tunes that give off a more dreamy glow.

Puerto Rico Flowers7 - (Fan Death)
The shockingly dry and droning voice, the melancholy lyrics, the crunchy minor chords. Uh! It makes me melt.

St. VincentStrange Mercy - (4AD)
An astonishingly powerful album! St. Vincent explores many themes on Strange Mercy that speak to naivety, growing up and learning. The musical songwriting is careful and rolls out of the stereo with a warm simplicity.

Duchess SaysIn a FUNG Day T– (Alien8)
Intense and playful rock music with a weird experimental leaning. Still, I feel a good beat getting into my feet between the shouts, keys and thumping guitar.

Oneohtrix Point NeverReplica (Mexican Summer/Software)
An instrumental and more ambient ride on vintage sine waves and static hiss. The minimal song structure is a bit disorienting at times, constantly evolving at every turn.

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