The New Classics @ Monday, August 30th, 2010


Ago 30 2010, 22:04

Mark Haney - By The Number 2 (Aim For The Roses The Ken Carter Story, self-released 2010)
The Secret Sisters - Big River (Big River b/w Wabash Cannonball, third man records 2010)

Luke Doucet & The White Falcons - The Ballad of Ian Curtis (Steel City Trawler, Six Shooter Records 2010)
Honeybear - Blood-Red & Going Down (Viral Linguistics, self-released 2010)
ERIC CHENEAUX - Street Sweeper Bristle Brush (Warm Weather With Ryan Driver, Constellation 2010)
Siskiyou - Everything I Have (Siskiyou, Constellation 2010)

Whiskeyface - Morning Begins (Our Past Is Bronzed, self-released 2010)
End of the World 1969 - Some Kind of Payback (Revenge, self-released 2010)
The Greff Band - Someone, Somewhere, Somehow (Someone, Somewhere, Somehow, self-released 2010)
Minto - In The Water (Lay It On Me, self-released 2010)

Tree Lines - Summer Song (Young Man, self-released 2010)
COWLICK - Can Neu Do It (Wires, self-released 2010)
Jaill - Summer Mess (That's How We Burn, Sub Pop 2010)

Beta Collide - Nanosonata No. 7 (psst... psst!, Innova 2010)
James Blackshaw - Part 6 (All is Falling, young god records 2010)
Fortunately Everything Dies - Troll2 (Horror, self-released 2010)

Solvent - Formulate (Subject To Shift, Ghostly International 2010)
Automelodi - Airline (Automelodi, Wierd Records 2010)
Sali Lunn - Fast Cars, Clean Bodies (Heresy & Rite, Hidden Shoal Recording 2010)
Trike - Mushy (The Vikings, Cheap Satanism Records 2010)

The Birthday Cakes - Mirror Hands (Expansion Pack, Ladyboy Records 2010)
Man Legs - Girls Are Tuff (Sell Out, self-released 2010)
Durban Poison - No Time For Sleep (Stereophonic Tonic, Shake! Records 2010)

White Lung - Wild Failure (It's the Evil, Deranged Records 2010)
Grown-Ups - can't sleep (Not Friends, self-released 2010)
Bare Wires - I Love You Tonite (Seeking Love, Castle Face 2010)
Heat-Ray - Shadow Boys (Never Forever, Pop Echo 2010)
Junip - Rope & Summit (Junip, City Slang 2010)

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