• Changes

    Set 15 2008, 6:30

    Good evenin (and day) to friends from other countries. Just leaving a short note here tonight. Been finding out more things about life, and well more stories to save for another time. One thing I can say, there are many things to look forward to.
  • Starr & Eternity

    Mag 29 2008, 1:23

    This past week I sought out a few things I needed to do. First was to run some errands, plus pickup music that I have wanted to get for so long. Turns out things worked out just fine.

    So I bought Fluffy Starr's album "Come On". Followed by DJ HeavyGrinder's "Eternity". Both of these women are insanely talented, just listening to any of their tunes; and you become instantly addicted.

    Something I picked up two influential female producers works. I am very humbled by both of them, and wish them all the best.

    Fluffy Starr's official site
    DJ HeavyGrinder's HQ
  • What's ahead this week?

    Mar 4 2008, 14:12

    Not much going on today being Tuesday. But Wednesday I will be attending a local jobfair here in Tacoma, WA.
    *I've been unemployed for a few months. Plus finding something I really wanna stick by hasn't been an easy search.

    Recently I've been indulged with Devil May Cry 4 (via GameFly) I'm happy there's no late fees, or worries on return. Wish I could keep it.. but hey I can pick it up again later. Overall I've achieved over 80+ hours! ^^:

    In other notes, more to share next time.
  • Groovy

    Mar 10 2007, 7:47

    This track "Electric Tooth Brush" has gotta be, by far one of the best tracks featured in Jet Set Radio. Although its on the playlist, it stands alone. With its funked out beats, and deep rhythm. Definitely check this out.