Steal these songs! Some mixes and tracks that should be on your hard drive


Gen 20 2011, 14:48

Just sharing some tracks from my site, Groove Loves Melody, that I think are worth grabbing while they are still available to be freely downloaded. And please pass the links on to friends here at and Twitter. I received these freely, so freely I share.

For fans of J*DaVeY and The Foreign Exchange (pop/R&B/electro):

For fans of Usher, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown (r&b/club/hip-hop), this is Dallas artist, Suede Royale. He's with Maybach Music (Rick Ross & co.):
in that same musical vein, here's kFrank from Houston:

For fans of vogueing and the ballroom scene (the queer kids know), grab these B. Ames remix tracks:

And for now, my last link is for a Dallas artist, who brings rock/pop with a touch of funk. Here's Autotelic:

Again, freely share any link you enjoy!



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