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Mag 18 2006, 3:15

Throw Down Your Arms

I'm definitely feelin' the latest from Sinead O'Connor. Once again, thanks to rochester92.

I was really surprised to hear her do covers of some of the greatest songs ever sung. I felt the strongest tracks on the album are her versions of the following:

Downpressor Man
Y Mas Gan
Untold Stories

She definitely puts her own touch and style on the songs. Pretty sweet that it was recorded at Tuff Gong studios in Jamaica, produced by the legendary Sly & Robbie. I haven't listened to her music in many years, but she's got my attention now.


  • mjcrbt

    Sinead is an amazing singer. I'm glad to know about that new album. Thanks !

    Mag 18 2006, 7:37
  • bgod

    need to get my hands on the dub versions too.

    Giu 23 2006, 21:08
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