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Lug 28 2006, 19:17

So, for those who know me (Or at least know of me), you know how large my musical collection is...probably one of the largest collections around for someone who has never worked in the musical industry. Currently, I own 659 purchased CDs.

But I also get my music digitally. And I recently hit the 600-song mark for stuff downloaded from iTunes. I take full advantage of iTunes free downloads, from the singles of the weeks and discovery downloads to free downloads of television shows that I'm interested in (Example: I am loving USA's new show, Psych, and the pilot episode is available as a free download). But I've also purchased a lot of music off of iTunes. Mostly singles and stuff, but some full albums as well. So, I decided I'd reminisce on some of the downloads I've made from iTunes over the past two years or however long I've been downloading from iTunes...

Download #1: Megalomaniac by Incubus...first track I ever decided to spend money on...this was when I was mildly interested in Incubus, and I enjoyed the track. I don't know if I'd download it again, but it's a decent track anyway.

Download #100: One More Day by Keith Ward...yep, one of the free tracks available way back when. I certainly would not have spent my own money on it, but I guess it is representative of the fact that, as I said, I take advantage of the free downloads.

Download #151: Collision: Lost Season 2...The first video I downloaded, because I missed that week of Lost and nobody taped it...

Download #200: Replace Me by Family Force 5...Awww yeah! know what I just realized? I've downloaded well over 400 items from iTunes just in the past eight or nine months...that's crazines! This was a very worthwhile download. First single and first track that got me into one of my favorite discs this year.

Download #300: Miss Murder by AFI...Now the numbers get even more crazy...300 plus downloads since this one? I only got it three or four months ago, if that...Solid track. Still haven't bought the CD, but I enjoy this track (Even though the lead singer completely looks like a chick).

Download #400: Moussaoui & Sex Offenders by Ron White...Gotta love the Blue Collar Comedy tour...

Download #500: Way To Go: CSI Season 6...season finale of a great show that, like 24 and Numb3rs and many others, I am happy to see on iTunes available for purchase.

Download #600: You Can't Fix Stupid by Ron White...I just thought this was such an appropriate 600th really can't fix stupid.

So there you have it. 600 downloads (Actually, 608) in a very brief retrospect. I'm very interested to see what download #1000 will be...


  • kalsonberry

    I watched Psych when I was on my trip, and it was awesome! It's too bad I don't have cable at home though. :(

    Lug 29 2006, 3:11
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