• Rush Live In Cleveland

    Apr 16 2011, 3:36

    A way too long drive from Fort Wayne, bullshit automated tolltakers on the Ohio Turnpike, blustery weather on arrival, and an overpriced so-so dinner at the Metro; all these headaches passed away once Rush took the stage at the Quicken arena here in Cleveland tonight. This is the fourth show I have been privileged to see on this leg of the tour in the last two weeks, but it was the best without question. The band recorded this stop for a future DVD release given their long history of fan appreciation in Cleveland. The performance reflected the band's recognition of a great fan base. Alex was spot on tonight. His solos were perfection. Most clever fan sign: "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-Rush=Unrest In The Forest." How true, the idiot who apparently has sworn to block Rush's recognition in the Hall renders his building a worthless site. He will never see a penny from me.
    The centerpiece of the show, the straight through performance of the album "Moving Pictures" was impressive. Getting to hear "Camera Eye" live alone is worth the hassles mentioned above. The set list is nearly flawless. "Freewill" will never fail to impress and might only be topped by the first encore, "La Villa Strangiato." I am so fortunate to count this show as the 25th one for me, as it really did stand out. I wish time could stand still.
  • Jamming but,

    Lug 28 2009, 14:04

    First off, I love Tool, and they rocked as always. I would pay to hear nothing more than "46&2" and "Flood". Those just kicked ass. But I went hopeful that we might hear them try out some new material, and that was not to be. Interesting how Maynard handled the technical problems on "Vicarious" when he vocalized the missing guitar parts. Was a little surprised that he vacated the stage so quickly though. All in all, a great show, but I am selfish for new material. I wonder when that may happen, given the Puscifer flyers being distributed at the merch table anticipate a tour in that format this Fall. Hum.
  • Awesome Claypool Show

    Lug 12 2009, 20:08

    Very impressive. He opened with a reworked version of "Thela Hun Ginjeet" that just blew me away. That song alone was worth the ticket.