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Giu 12 2009, 23:33

Fri 12 Jun – Deerhunter, Beaches, Songs

Was a fantastic show! Songs, although with a pretty ordinary mix, had some charming melodies and upbeatness...good support as it happens. Beaches, although having a lovely sense of humor, were excessively noisy (read: not good...I like Sonic Youth, don't get me wrong) but the mix was muddy. It was upbeat, angry, but overly repetitive, but not in a good 'liars' or Velvet Underground way....just brash and boring. Maybe if I was further back the mix would've been better.

As for Deerhunter, their live show is really something. Approximately three or four songs without a gap, and noise sections that really proved as great interludes - oh, and no setlists either. Really clued up. Highlights include Hazel St. and the closer Strange Lights (in which I may have contributed getting played - I asked Josh via mobile phone screen), as well as Lake Somerset, which was driving loud and crazy. It seemed a little devoid of structure, but I struggled with hearing the vocals so maybe it was just me. Also, "I only speak English" was an amusing Bradfordism. New stuff like Vox Celeste really went across really well too.

All in all, a fantastic show, a little healing, a little cathartic, alot of loud.



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