2009 absurdly fantastic amazing avail richmond punk awesome song awesometronica band needed for when the revolution strikes up bandswhonamethemselveswithalloneword bass bicycling through the city on a cool summer night c-c-c-c-c-controversial cerealcore checked out and liked chill chillwave christofer drew is not scene st00pid faggot fucks circles in my mind cool as fuck and even better country hot chicks different from their usual dismemberment plan like dla 12 latek kochajacych sie w panach z telewizji drum electro psyche electronic emotionally fueled epic epicsongisepic experimental favorites female vocalist freaky and awesome fucking awesome funniest stand up comedian future future new rave future-rap glittering raspberry dancefloors good in a way i cant even believe half hour happy teenage track team music hell yeah maaaaaaaaaad hilarious hip hop 8 bit bullshit hot-damn quirky as hell how can a person call another person wack how could the devil turn the blue sky black hypocrytical i am a party girl here is my soundtrack i am not wack i believe oh i refuse to be guilty about this pleasure i think this is my favorite say anything song i was listening to this artist waaaaay before you because i try out new music before indie instrumental like a drug for your ears makes the cool kids move multicoloured rain drops music that makes me happy to be alive my girly thinking songs need more of this artist need to download asap neverpressspacebar normal falsetto normal falsetto normal falsetto normal falsetto not tagged not wack pacman is on crack passion pit pop punk possibly changed my life prince vocals punk rock r and bindie reminds me of eminem seen live skeletal lamping influenced slick beat songs about unicorns songs i agree with lyrically songs i am embarassed of but love them anyway sounds like fire zuave sounds like my nintendo exploded stoner charm superdepuper sweetflohipstershit the best pixies song the best the cure song the brilliance of this song is not even correlative to the number of whiskey sips i… the only country song i like thegoodstuff they are horses things that make me want to live this wins trippy trippy and fucking awesome underrated unknown weird shit wiscansin