Surf into Summer with The Raveonettes


Mag 29 2008, 16:53

When I was in High School, the band that always signified summer for me was The Jesus and Mary Chain. With songs like Kill Surf City or Taste Of Cindy, with the fat distorted guitars, gun-fire drum machine, and laconic vocals all drowning in excessive reverb, it seemed perfect for a lazy, sunny day that was still somehow filled with high school urban punk rock angst. Of course, there was always the classic Kill Surf City And while J&MC recently enjoyed a bit of a comeback, in part thanks to Just Like Honey appearing on the Lost in Translation soundtrack, I don't want to rehash High School summers. I want something new. Something relevant. Something that might have a whiff of nostalgia, but doesn't actually reek of it.

I think I've found it with The Raveonettes. They've got the sound I loved so much, but with more than the endless three chords progress that J&MC leaned on so heavily. They also have some female vocals (the one J&MC duet with Hope Sandoval doesn't count), and a bit more dynamic. Listen to Dead Sound, You Want the Candy, or Love In A Trashcan and tell me you don't feel a Summer evening breeze sliding in through the window.


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