Dappled Cities - Zounds


Nov 25 2009, 7:02

Dappled Cities - Zounds

Following 2006’s sophomore effort, Granddance, which saw the five-piece focus more on a shot at success in the States, the long-gestating Zounds is similarly like able yet unwieldy. Walking a fine line between 21st century alternative pop and silly pretentiousness, Tim Derricault and Dave Rennick, who share role as front man, manage to execute. Not that I compare, but similarly that fine line treads between The Flaming Lips, and more likely The Killers, in what is experimental, but slightly ridiculous.

Zounds is a massive achievement for the Dappled boys. They’ve delivered on all fronts, with new recruit Allan Kumpulainen replacing exiting founding member Hugh Boyce. New shifty, streaming drum work commands as much attention as the album was talked up to be. Opening martial drums of “Hold Your Back” to the haunting coda “Stepshadows”, and “The Price” don’t stop up until you’re well into the second half of the record, with four or five tracks easily repeatable.

The expletive Zounds is an appropriate title for a band who is dedicated to oratorical gestures and flourished high-pitched vocals, and a cheap synth keyboard. At core, Dappled Cities get the basics right, allying finely tuned pop sensibilities to a tongue-in-cheek sense of humour. The don’t take themselves too seriously. Even if you don’t believe this is purposeful, at least you’re guaranteed to hear a very dance-worthy indie band make good on their third record.


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