i had a last.fm dream


Dic 10 2005, 13:55

i know other people have done so as well, as there was a thread about it in the forums that i'm too lazy to dig up. i dreamt that someone had started an anti-rugburns/steve poltz group, and i found it to be a silly group to start. the end.


  • lbf

    I don't know them, but I'll dream about joining it soon.

    Dic 19 2005, 17:05
  • joffeman

    i'll have to dream about calling you a punk bitch then :( and i love you!

    Dic 19 2005, 17:18
  • eheadache

    Whoa, i reckon when u start dreaming about it, u need to stop it. I regually have dreams about work, Next day. Quit.

    Feb 5 2006, 16:35
  • jonnie5

    I have nightmares about my job. They usually end in me kicking some little kids ass and then being declared King of the world.

    Ago 18 2006, 15:52
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