Lollapalooza 2008 - Day 3


Set 4 2008, 22:32

Fri 1 Aug – Lollapalooza 2008

Saturday August 3 - Day 3 at Lollapalooza

The Blakes:
I have listened to this band a couple of times and they are pretty good. The show was one of the more typical morning bands with some energy and some stage presence but not too much. I liked the music and they sounded pretty good. Not much more to say but a decent show.

The Whigs:
After missing these guys twice, I was really excited to finally see them. They were rocking on stage and keep the crowd entertained through out the show. They sounded good live and put on the typical good rock show. There was some talking to the crowd but for the most part just good old rocking. Overall I was very pleased with these guys and I am excited to see these guys again soon.

Nicole Atkins and the Sea:
I sat in the shade for this one for the most part and as I did not know too much. The music sounded good and Nicole interacted with the crowd very well. She knew exactly what to say. Her music was perfect for the time slot she was given, as it was nice relaxing music but she kept the crowd there with here stories in between songs. I am excited to see what she brings to the table as her career continues. I only expect her to get better.

Black Kids:
I was very excited for this band after buying their cd a week before the festival. I got up pretty close and waited patiently. The show started with one of their more upbeat songs and people around me and including me started to dance a little. Black Kids played every song off their album (I think) which was nice that they did not cut the show short even though they had more songs. Black Kids were very energetic on stage and sounded just like the cd. The lead singer did have some problems with the mic since he had to pretty much sing right into the mic to be heard. This was disappointing when it happened but did not impact the show. As the concert went along more and more people started to dance and it looked like everybody was having fun. Black Kids also interacted with the crowd well, making them laugh on multiple occasions. Overall, a very fun time had by all.

Flogging Molly:
Terrible, only music that should be played in pubs and on March 17th (St. Patrick's Day).

The National:
I have fallen in love with The National's last two albums and was very excited for this concert. I was able to get pretty close. They started with Start a War which got everyone going. They pretty much just sang their songs which was fine with me because I wanted as much as I could get. When they did decide to interact with the crowd its was decent. The songs sounded great live and was almost the perfect ending to a great weekend of music. Right before they played their last song Matt Berninger said something about John McCain although it was not in support of him as was obvious because of their recent t-shirts with a picture of Obama with the title 'Mr. November". Of course after making his statement they ended with Mr. November which is one of my favorite songs. This song allowed Berninger to rock out a little more and he embodied the song perfectly. This was a great end to the concert and left my floating on high.

Kanye West:
After just seeing The National which seemed liked the perfect ending concert the only one that probably could top it was Kanye. After making the bad decision to leave Kanye a little early two years ago, I was excited to see him again. Kanye came out (without shudder shades :( ) and started with the perfect song Good Morning if it were the morning but of course that did not matter. Kanye played hit after hit and he worked the stage like he owned it. He put on a great show, showing off his ego but in a good way. The show had a really good vibe and Kayne's witty lyrics make his music some of the best hip-hop ever. This concert was very good and I am glad that I got to see him again.

Day 3 Overview:
This was probably my least favorite day overall. Here is the order of my favorite bands for the day:
1. The National
2. Kanye West
3. Black Kids
4. The Whigs
5. The Blakes
6. Nicole Atkins and the Sea
not worthy of list: Flogging Molly


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