Boston and Styx 2008


Lug 24 2008, 7:23

Wed 23 Jul – Boston, Styx
Overall, the show was amazing. Both bands were incredible. It was also very nice that I had second row seats in the middle. Now on to review of each band.

I missed the first song due to poor parking for the venue which pissed me off. When I got to my seat Styx were already rocking out. They played hit after hit which the crowd seemed to sing along to every one. The best thing about the show was Styx's stage performance. Every single member of the band minus the drummer were rocking the stage. They were playing to every part of the crowd and giving free stuff away galore. Styx just owned the stage in every way possible and made it really hard for Boston to top it.

Boston started off very strong with multiple hits in a row. Towards the middle it slowed down a little with some of their lesser known songs. Part way through the set they played a tribute to Delp which was very moving. After that they picked it back up finishing off stronger than they started and rightly so. Unlike Styx, Boston was more stationary other than Sweet who was all over the stage. This was more likely as Boston has a new lead signer who has not fully grown to his new lifestyle and the other three are less energetic on stage.

Overall, I would say Styx put on a better stage show and were probably my favorite of the night but Boston only feel short in one category which was the stage show. I would highly recommend seeing these band as they put on great live shows.


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