• polysics myspace tour

    Nov 7 2007, 14:17

    Okay I'm going to describe the show, it was pretty awesome. But polysics got screwed. I went to their live in orlando florida at the hard rock cafe.

    Okay first off this was my first concert ever. It was so cool, except having to sit thru the other two bands while getting my stuff signed.But the wait was so long, I got there like at 4:30 and the show was at 7. Luckily I got front row. So while we were waiting for the polysics show to start so nice people befriended me (I went alone) and they were laughing and clapping everytime polysics were shown on the tvs (all of the bands were shown in rotation on the tv, before the concert started). I noticed on one of the stage speakers (the ones for the band to hear facing them)their set list. I could only see half because of the way it was on, but I pointed that out and we talked about that as well. Well like 40 minutes later he show started. They are so awesome...They ran out and started their "coming out on stage" bit, with hiro having the whistle and doing the toisu motion.

    The actual concert was a blur, it was like 7-8 songs of pure energy. I was supposed to be looking at fumi-sama the whole time, but I ended up looking at hiro the most and jumping and shaking my head. So I never really looked at fumi-sama that much. I could not really hear kayo playing the keyboard or her synth voice that much at all. It was weird, it was all so loud. I heard fumi's bass loud and clear (I was standing in front of her). Yano's drums were loud of course. Hiro's guitar, I could hear it mostly, but he plays erratic at times, so it hard to just concentrate on what he was playing. Everything they say about polysics live is true. Hiro was wet from beginning to end. You could see his spit and sweat everywhere. But fumi-sama was moving around a lot. Hiro actually lost one of his shoes, fumi-sama kicked it out of the way. So by the end of the concert hiro took off his glasses and his shoes, lol. Well it was strange, I heard someone else on the net comment on this and it was true. After the performance polysics just stopped and started breaking down their own equipment! WTF, they are far too popular to break down their own equipment, they were much more popular than the other groups on the tour...I was upset, weren't even mentioned on the marquis, had to open the concert like they were scrubs. I wanted to just apologize to them for the way they were treated. Anyways at the end of the concert hiro threw away his pick and gave the set list to one of the people that befriended me, they were dressed up in polysics outfits.

    Well after wards, they actually came out and ran their own merch shop. We had to wait a while for kayo to come out. They would not sell anything till she got out there. I had to listen to that horrid music the other bands were playing until kayo came out. Kayo was in some regular clothes, she looked very very cute, with her sexy glasses on. I was kinda at the back of the line. So it took a while to get to the front, like when the line got to where there was 3 people in front of me, hiro slipped right past me, I was like WTF, he was in regular clothes so I didn't realize it was him at first. But I actually bought my cd (for 10 dollars, what a steal), that came with a free poster, from hiro. I asked him were they selling any dvds, he said no, but there was a dvd inside of the cd. I wanted another dvd, not that one, but oh well. After everyone bought stuff, the band started signing stuff, so we lined up again. I got my cd booklet signed by hiro and kayo. Then after a while I went and asked kayo were fumi-sama and yano coming here, she said yea. So I waited. The group that befriended me were chilling with me by now, we were waiting for them to come. The band was so cool, this one dude came up and said he never could find the poster they had up in their merch booth amnd they fuggin gave it to him. They ripped it down tore the tape off and gave it to him. The girl in the group I was chillin with asked hiro would he trade wristbands (they were selling them at the booth) with her. He said later, and he actually switched with her later, they were so cool. Then yano comes to the booth next and kayo leaves. By this time everyone bought their stuff already, so yano was just signing stuff. I forgot to say they were taking pictures with the fans, too. After I got my booklet signed by yano, I asked hiro a question. I asked him who was the person posing in their new video rocket? He could not understand me, so he asked me to write it down, so I wrote my question in japanese. He understood, but he did not know the man's name, but he said he was a very famous dancer in japan. Does anyone here know the guy in the rocket video, posing with fumi-sama? Anyways fumi-sama comes out last ans switches with hiro. She signs like 7 things and leaves. So out of the whole concert, only like 7 people got their stuff signed by all 4 members.

    Well I could write a whole other paragraph on fummi-sama, but I won't...In short the concert was so good. I got to see polysics.

    P.s. I just checked the people who befriended me were in the bottom picture on hiro's blog named "orlando or die" http://blog.excite.co.jp/polysicsblog/7364515/ The girl in the top picture is cos-playing strong machine 2, just in case you were wondering, she actually did the dance in front of hiro, he gave her a free shirt, lol.