About some of my top tracks


Giu 7 2007, 3:31

1 The MetersJust Kissed My Baby
This pretty much is my favourite song, I have to admit. I love it to bits - in fact I have pulled the whole thing to bits in my head a million times and I do love every bit of it. I've heard it sampled a few times, I guess most famously on Public Enemy's Yo! Bum Rush the Show, but I think nothing beats the original.

2 Computer Soup – [Untitled]
Ha, this is actually an entire CD, completely unmarked with no tracklisting. I tagged all the tracks with the same title, cos I wasn't sure what else to do. It's not a very good album, and I don't listen to it much.

3 My Bloody ValentineDon't Ask Why
Great song off the fantastic Glider Ep, which preceded Loveless. I first heard this on a Creation Records sampler called something like Staring at the Sun, and was blown away. I love the melody, the mood, the way it switches up to what could be a rock out and then holds back heeeeaps short of exploding. Coolness. At the time I remember the sound of the guitars being utterly alien as well, which was definitely part of the fun.

4 Nuno Canavarro – [Untitled]
A fair chunk of this Portuguese composer's Plux Quba is untitled, so this is actually the total of listening to 5 or 6 different tracks. As with Computer Soup, it's not something I really listen to much.

5 AutechreC/pach
6 AutechreEutow
I still love Tri Repetae after ... 12 years is it? As must be obvious, I often listen to these tracks in tandem - love the Detroit vibes of Eutow and the weird reversed synth outro that suddenly cuts dead with the arrival of the next track. Shit. I think it's about as good as "" (hate the term, but it's the most useful one we've got) ever got.

6 TrickyPoems (full length)
I should get rid of that "(full length)" bit from the tag - it's off the single, which has an edit of the same track. Anyway, this is not a "Tricky" song, but last.fm conflates the artist Nearly God with Tricky. Fair enough, actually. ;)
This single stands head and shoulders above the other Nearly God tracks and I still adore it many years after selling off the album. Features Terry Hall from The Specials and so on, and his tender (but lyrically absolutely cold) vocal is such an awesome complement to Tricky and Martine's parts.

8 PlastikmanCorten
This one's on James Holden's At The Controls mix CD. I was never a big fan of Plastikman (or that much techno in general, frankly) but have been thrashing this mix and this particular track shows up on it twice...

8 Jamie LidellA Little Bit More
I really loved Multiply, even if it is by far the most straight music Mr. Lidell's ever released. His group Super Collider's relatively munged up Raw Digits is about as successful as techno nerds have got in finding some balance between soul songs and demented electronica. This solo tune is basically a straight up minimal R&B cut in the spirit of Lumidee's Never Leave You or Snoop & Pharell's Drop It Like It's Hot, and it's fantastic.

10 Hood//-
This is the title given to 3 interludes on The Cycle of Days and Seasons. It is a great album, and I do listen to it a fair amount, but obviously this track shouldn't really be here. Ah well.


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