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During Nas' sophomore album, he started mafioso rap. Because of the success Raekwon had with Wu-Gambinos, Nas started his own Escobar alter ego similar to how 2Pac started callin himself Makaveli. Nas' track "I gave you power" influenced 2Pac to record "Me and My Girlfriend" both rapping from the perspective of a gun. 2Pac took offense to Nas because of Nas' "Fake Thug/No Love/you get the slugs" line from "The Message" and the lyrics sounded too much like what happened to 2Pac in 1995 with him getting shot and checking out the hospital.

There are conflicting stories regarding whether or not Nas and 2Pac squashed their beef at NY central park 2 days before 'Pac got shot (the 2nd time) but 2Pac Got Goals Accomplished before he died
Outlaws confirmed the story at the 4-minute mark:

More Evidence:
@1:14 and @4:03: there WAS a recording of Pac "when I seen this nigga Nas, I swear to god, 'I was like yo, wassup Nas, yo this east coast-west coast thang, yo it's not about you - don't get caught up in it I swear to god yo, we got nothing but love for you'" and the recording is off the 2Pac Duets mixtape...after Biggie Duets dropped. another recording on it was of Nas "I can remember Howard-Homecoming, runnin into 2Pac - handing him a bottle of hennessey and him turning it upside down and that magic has never left my mind - so for me to make a song called 'i gave you power' about me being a gun and then 2Pac put out 'me and my girlfriend' - that was amazing to me. I saw my influence on them because they influenced me - Greatly!"

Nas Talks About Tupac and sqaushing the beef:

Nas stopped his concert when 2Pac died (Sept 13, 96):

...and I didn't know Nas was supposed to be on Tha Dogg Pound's "Dogg Food" album before Suge intervened and started the east-west 'beef'

Similar with Wu-Tang, Nas created his own super group with The Firm (w/ Foxy Brown, AZ, Cormega, and Nature), Group Therapy (w/ B-Real, KRS-One, RBX), Queen's Finest (almost every rapper from Queens at the time), and Bravehearts (w/ Jungle, Nashawn, Wiz, Horse).

In my opinion, Nas should have been better off alone because true talent needs no gimmicks and he often had to ghostwrite for people like Foxy Brown not to mention Will Smith, Dr. Dre, Diddy, etc...

It Was Written (1996)

1 "Album Intro" AZ
Nas & Trackmasters

2 "The Message"

3 "Street Dreams"

4 "I Gave You Power"
DJ Premier

5 "Watch Dem Niggas" Foxy Brown

6 "Take It in Blood"
Live Squad, Lo Ground & Top General Sounds

7 "Nas Is Coming" Dr. Dre
Dr. Dre

8 "Affirmative Action" AZ, Cormega, Foxy Brown, (The Firm)
Dave Atkinson, Trackmasters

9 "The Set Up" Havoc

10 "Black Girl Lost" Joel "Jo-Jo" Hailey
L.E.S., Trackmasters

11 "Suspect"

12 "Shootouts"

13 "Live Nigga Rap" Mobb Deep

14 "If I Ruled the World (Imagine That)" Lauryn Hill
Trackmasters & Rashad Smith

15 "Silent Murder"
Live Squad, Lo Ground & Top General Sounds

16 "Affirmative Action St-Denis-Style Remix" AZ, Foxy Brown & NTM (Joey Starr & Kool Shen)
Dave Atkinson, Trackmasters

Firm: The Album (1997)

2 "Firm Fiasco" (AZ, Foxy Brown, Nas)
Dr. Dre, Chris "The Glove" Taylor

4 "Phone Tap" (AZ, Nas, Nature)
Dr. Dre, Chris "The Glove" Taylor

5 "Executive Decision" (AZ, Nas, Nature)
Curt Gowdy, Trackmasters

10 "Hardcore" (Foxy Brown, Nas)

15 "Desparados" (Nas, Foxy Brown, AZ, Nature) (featuring Canibus)
Curt Gowdy, Trackmasters

16 "Firm Biz" Feat Foxy Brown, Az, Nature Dawn Robinson

From Illmatic to Stillmatic: The Remixes (2002)

4 "Street Dreams (Remix)" R. Kelly
Poke and Tone

5 "Affirmative Action (Remix Edited Version)" AZ, Foxy Brown
Dave Atkinson

Related Tracks
On the Ave (?) (Prod. Large Professor)
...confirmed by Large Professor

Detroit's 98 FM Freestyle (1996-7)
...The transcribed verse is here, but no audio

"Look at these clowns that be coming at me
Pac showed 'em how it was done in Makaveli
Exactly . . .
who wanna attack me?
When y'all done with the dumb ish, we could break bread
I show you young black brothers how to get ahead
You think I'm not Mr. Entrepreneur
But every time I step out a car, it's from a Bentley door
And that's been happening since '94
And y'all don't see me talking crack and raw
I hang with gangstas, the kind you never seen before
Or on Lear jets with Webber, no discussions of rap
We talk about American lives that were lost in Iraq
Talk about American lives that were lost in the hood
Al Green ballads and how shit'd never be like it was
Pop bottles for my brothers in prison
Pop bottles for my girls who . . ."

..."According to a legendary story, Nas was once such a potent freestyler that after spitting for some time in the company of Biggie, Biggie just had to shrug and say, "there's no way I can follow that." Blunted by time though, nowadays you'd hardly suspect that was ever true of Nas. As an example, during a recent visit to Detroit's 98 FM, the rapper quickly stumbled on a pre-written verse. Now, a dope freestyler hardly ever equals a dope overall rapper, but it would still be nice to see signs of what once had B.I.G. so shook."

? Untitled ft. Method Man and D'Angelo (1996)
...Escobar Season Begins and distributed it to media outlets and mixtapes. Apparently, Method Man never showed up and Nature ended on the making of "Shootouts"...the alternate verse of shootouts was later released

It Was A Lady Cop Sucking A Thug’s Dick, It Was Some Thug Shit, Some Bug Shit (1996)
...samples Brethren's Inside Love - confirmed by L.E.S.

Verbal Intercourse Pt 2 (1995)
...Nas dropped 4 verses before choosing "through the lights camera glamor glitters and gold" verse as the final...RZA might have recorded the other Nas' verses on a separate beat - confirmed by Chef a.k.a. Raekwon

In case you didn't already know: For Will Smith, Nas co-wrote "Get Jiggy Wit It," "Yes Yes Y'All," "Chasing Forever," "Just Cruisin'" off the "Men In Black" soundtrack. "women used to tease me / give it to me now nice and easy / since I moved up like George and Weezy." "Miami" follows the same template of "Jiggy," with a couple double rhymes and a bizarre shoutout to Sly Stallone being especially Nas-like, so maybe it counts as as ghostwriting as well. Full article:

Blood Money Pt. 4 (DJ Premier Remix) Capone Noreaga

queens finest
verse from fast life, beat from I'ma hustla remix

the set up (remix) havoc
verse from the set up, not sure where beat came from

if this world was mines ft ghostface killah Tammy Terrell lauryn hill Adeen
verse from if I ruled the world, beat from dear summer, ghostface's verse from holla

Love Is All We Need (Alternate Nas Verse) Mary J. Blige

The Firm - La Familia (version w/Cormega vs version w/Nature)
The original had cormega instead of Nature even tho Foxy still shout outs to Cormega in her final verse...Nas wrote all of Foxy's verses during this time so listen to Foxy and pretend it's Nas. In case you forgot, Cormega had a beef with Nas because the contract 'Mega was going to sign to do the "Firm Album" gypped him so he left and then in came Nature - the incohesiveness of the group caused the "fiasco to flop"

east coast killer
verse from east coast west coast killas, beat from deep cover, south bronx, nuthin but a g thang, keep their heads ringing, ain't no fun

Nas & Bigge Freestyle (rare)
I can't make out all the lyrics, but it's definitely a verse I haven't heard before

"obey your thirst/wild style - double trouble" AZ

shootouts 2005 ft Maino
Nas verse is EXCLUSIVE, beat is from oh no...Maino did a joint w/Rakim, he needs to get respected

I made it like that I & II
verse from take it in blood, beat from we gonna make it and ambitionz az a ridah

Firm All Stars Feat The Firm & Pretty Boy

Fast Life (Unreleased Buckwild and Kool G Rap

Nas & De La Soul 1996 Freestyle

Sinful Living Remix ft J grand?
same Nas verse, some dude just jumped on the (street dreams remix) beat later

Watch Dem Niggas (alternate 3rd verse)

Street Dreams (alternate 3rd verse)

black girl lost 2005 f papoose tre williams
beat from slow down, papoose and nas verse exclusive

Black girl lost 2005 f Papoose

Freestyle '96/Jackin Beats/escobar season '96

Firm Biz (Remix) Welcome to the Firm/World Famous/Disciple ft AZ, Foxy Brown, Half A Mil, Mary J. Blige, Nature, DJ Clue

Desperados (Unreleased Original Version) Feat. Nature & Foxy Brown The Firm

Shootouts Freestyle Feat. Nature

Take It In Blood Part 2

The Fast Life (Feat. Kool G. Rap & Clipse)
Original verse from Kool G Rap's Fast Life
(original beat from Mannie fresh on Rich Boy's D-Boy Wayne took it..then Young Chris from Gunnaz rhymed on it)

Street Dreams Madlib Remix

"John Blaze (Original Nas verse) ft., Jadakiss, Raekwon & Fat Joe" Big Pun Big Punisher

Goodfellas "Cormega"

"Three Messages" 2Pac & Obie Trice
prizefighter remixes are the shit...2Pac's verse from "who do you believe in?" Nas verse from "If I ruled the world" Obie Trice verse from "Shit hits the fan"

This article was initially written for a Nas group the author created. To revert back to the group, click here


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