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  • thorieforest93

    Thank you for accepting my request! :x And yes, it is Harel Skaat, he is my dream man :"> Milim is an excellent song and was one of my favorites of Eurovision 2010. Oh, and it's great that you listen to Marie Klåpbakken and The Common Linnets, too. ;-)

    27 Feb 10:30 Rispondi
  • Mjuzik_zg

    I know what you mean.. I still did not check out most of Tamia's music, I think I only know just a few songs and I have 1 or 2 of her albums as a physical copy and I remember them being more mature than this. But I can't lie.. I love "Sandwich and a soda", the beat is hot!

    25 Feb 18:06 Rispondi
  • Mjuzik_zg

    Sandwich and a Soda

    24 Feb 13:53 Rispondi
  • Turkishunicorn2

    Ohh cool

    17 Feb 19:40 Rispondi
  • Turkishunicorn2


    17 Feb 5:05 Rispondi
  • Turkishunicorn2

    Yes :D

    13 Feb 13:20 Rispondi
  • Turkishunicorn2

    Almost 9,000 :3

    13 Feb 4:14 Rispondi
  • Chicago79

    Yes Jazmine is back an i'm loving it. I also love your charts bro!

    6 Feb 23:42 Rispondi
  • Drationi

    Thanks!) So many good songs from Eurovision and national finals in your library!)

    6 Feb 20:28 Rispondi
  • Turkishunicorn2

    Thanks love^^

    4 Feb 0:50 Rispondi
  • B3RTO

    Because I looooove Eurovision!! :)

    1 Feb 23:42 Rispondi
  • sweetcenter

    No problem! Thanks for accepting :D Lovely charts.

    8 Gen 15:40 Rispondi
  • RainyWoods

    Sadly i'm massively disappointed with this years Festivali i kenges results. I think I practically would have chosen any other song over Elhaida's. I think it's very sad that a country that has been so brave and unusual prior years has gone for something so safe and what is essentially a vessel just to show off her voice. I don't like this style of song, I find it really empty. I think I too was rooting for Rezarta come the end. I was wowed by Lindita but I truly love Rezarta's song. 7th for the 3rd year in a row!!!? Must be annoying. I thought she had this. I also loved Enver Petrovci, Estela Brahimllari and Altin Goci. I was as well puzzled by Bojken Lako's high placing.. not that I hated the song, just thought his performance of it wasn't great and that Altin had a much better rock song. This is the first year since i've followed the contest that I most probably won't be supporting the Albanian entry. From 2009 they have either been my favourite (3 occasions) or in my top 10.

    31 Dic 2014 Rispondi
  • RainyWoods

    Aww, I was thinking and hoping you'd like Lindita. I was honestly so impressed by her. It's not usually a style of voice and song that i'd appreciate, but I was truly blown away by it and her stage presence. Rezarta Smaja's song is very good and I like her a lot. Wasn't keen on her second entry but "Ti?" was my favourite at the time. This new song is quite epic. I have a feeling she'll win tonight, especially as the song is partly composed (or written) by the late Dr. Flori. I think the jury will pick it in his memory. Any other year i'd be happy with a song like Rezarta's but I like Lindita's song and performance so much that i'm going to be really upset tonight for a fair while if she doesn't win. I'm actually impressed by so many songs at FiK this year. When I can be bothered, i'll have to start downloading more of the ones I enjoyed. Yeah, the Belorussian song is pretty nice and has a Eurovision feel to it. Nothing extraordinary but I like the prominence of the violin throughout.

    28 Dic 2014 Rispondi
  • RainyWoods

    I saw the "Brod Sto Tone" video a few days ago. It was clever but the beauty of the song lies in it's simplicity. A video only camps the song up. I adore her live performance of it. One of the most breathtaking backdrops i've ever seen, with that sea swallowing her at the end of the song, as her body fades to a black silhouette. I think i'd be able to add many songs to your Evil Diva playlist. I'm unsure if they'd be ones you would enjoy though. I have a Facebook account but I don't use it much or update it, in fact I don't even go by my real name on it (cause I don't want people to find me). I'll add you though. I only use it for the chat box function to keep in touch with a couple of my online friends :-)

    27 Dic 2014 Rispondi
  • RainyWoods

    I was just coming to ask if you watched Festivali i kenges last night but from your scrobbles, I take it you did? My hype levels are going into overdrive for Lindita Halimi. I literally can't believe it's real. Insane song and performance. I cannot breathe whilst watching it. Without even hearing tonights songs, I just know it will be a crime if Albania don't go with it. The only sad thing will be that I selfishly wanted Rona to hold the countries best result forever haha! "S’të fal" could win Eurovision! I see you've scrobbled her as "Linda Halimi". Scrobbling Eurovision stuff can be so annoying. I just went for the name she's competing by at the contest, but I see she also goes by just the name "Lindita". What do you think of the Belorussian song? I think it's ok. I like it a lot more than Macedonia and a bit more than The Netherlands (which i'm still uncertain about). I'm glad Milki didn't win. BeatreeS were doomed the moment I saw their hair. I say it was hair sabotage!

    27 Dic 2014 Rispondi
  • Dlartrisky

    Merry Christmas jeffreeh!

    24 Dic 2014 Rispondi
  • RainyWoods

    I hope you have a splendid holiday season my friend and a great new year. Let's hope that Eurovision 2015 is a good one. With luck i'll get over my Tamara/Sasha Bognibov heartache sometime soon haha! That's a wonderful new profile picture you've uploaded as well :-)

    23 Dic 2014 Rispondi
  • RainyWoods

    Hey Jeffreeh. Thank you very much for showing me Nina Sublatti. She seems promising. Some of my most favourite artists ever have a dark style such as Nico, Soap&Skin, Perfume Genius & Lisa Morgenstern (who I recently discovered). I love a really deep, rich voice with this kind of stuff though. Nina's voice didn't really hit me, it seemed powerful but also a bit thin. I couldn't really dive into it. There wasn't much dissonance either (something I long for with this kind of music). I look forward to hearing her song though & will listen to some others of hers now. Gosh, i've just realised how picky I am haha!! I noticed also that I haven't replied to your previous messages here, sorry about that. Moldova are a great Eurovision country and they do send some amazing women. Nelly was one of my favourites (I know you're not keen on her song) and I loved Aliona, plus enjoy all their crazy folk/rock entries. How dare you not like Elitsa & Stoyan hahaha!!!! They are one of my all time faves!!

    23 Dic 2014 Rispondi
  • heinzes

    Moldova overall isn't really good, but they have some good entries, Switzerland is poor, but Hungary has excellent songs (even though I'm disappointed from Kati Wolf's new song).

    22 Dic 2014 Rispondi
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