Oxide Radio Indie set: Radio Clash Playlist 3rd week


Mag 6 2008, 11:40

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Radio Clash II: The Han Solo Edition
3rd week: Cinco de Mayo/Historical edition

1. Bostich and FussibleTijuana Sound Machine – Nortec Collective
Norteno sound, techno sound, good stuff.
People who have known me since high school may remember that I once wrote a super-long poem about Robert Falcon Scott’s final, failed mission. I have literally no idea what happened to that poem, it seems to be completely lost somewhere in the mists of time, but let’s just say that I have a total obsession with all things Antarctic and so do these guys. This song is about the Terra Nova Expedition, named for the ship that Scott and his men sailed to Antarctica. As we all know, after Amundsen beat Scott to the Pole, he and his five men died, only a few miles from rescue. It’s an epic tale and if you don’t know about it, then look it up. Or, better yet, listen to this song while watching its totally insane video. Seriously, watch this video. These guys are from Leeds and all of their songs are weird, obscure, historic stuff. And all of their videos are awesome.
3. ElbowGrounds for DivorceThe Seldom Seen Kid
These guys are from Bury, Lancashire. This song shares a title with Wolf Parade, making it doubly awesome.
4. The Mae ShiLamb And The LionHLLYH
Man this song rules. What is it about? I have no idea. Just sing along. LA band.
5. …En la orilla de la Utopiaarchaeopteryx suplica – ??
From Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. Could not find out anything else about them. Means “On the edge/shore of Utopia”, while the song title means “Archaeopteryx plea” which is totally sweet. Forced onto myspace to see them.
6. The Broken WestDown in the ValleyI Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On
Band from LA. Apparently this song appeared on Gray’s Anatomy, which I have never watched.
7. Nada SurfSee These BonesLucky
Such an awesome band. They are from New York and were originally only known for their 1996 song “Popular” which was introduced to me by Devin way way way back in the day (like, high school). At any rate, given my total love of bands that should just be one hit wonders, I adore these guys. They are one of my favourite bands of all time. This song is from their newest album, released earlier this year. Also, if you look them up on Wikipedia, you learn that somebody wrote their doctoral dissertation on their lyrics. Whoa.
8. Ian BrownIllegal AttacksThe World Is Yours
Formerly the lead singer of the Stone Roses, from the height of Manchester Britpop, he now releases solo stuff. This is one of my favourite political songs of the past few years, released in 2007 and inspired by the war on terror.
9. Wolf ParadeCall It a RitualAt Mount Zoomer
One of my favourite bands, these Canadian dudes once new the awesomeness of Clea. I listened to their first album, Apologies to the Queen Mary, on repeat for most of the summer of 2006 (yes, I realize that it came out before then, but I was really into it that summer). This is from their new album, which has not actually come out yet but which has definitely been leaked onto the internet. This is the first single.
10. Grand ArchivesA Setting SunGrand Archives
This band comes out of the Seattle scene, with members from Carissa’s Weird and Band of Horses. They formed in 2007 and released this album in 2008. Good song for summer.
11. Neutral Milk HotelHolland, 1945In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Off of basically the most popular obscure indie record known to man, which happens to be a concept album about Jeff Mangum’s love affair with Anne Frank.
12. Grand Ole PartyLook Out Young SonHumanimals
Trio from San Diego who have opened for Rilo Kiley. I adore this song. Will be playing June 7 in Denver with The Fiery Furnaces, too bad I will miss them.
13. Colin MeloyBarbara AllenColin Meloy Sings Shirley Collins
This is from the tour-only EP when Colin covered six songs by folk singer Shirley Collins. The song itself is actually an English folk tradition, first recorded in Samuel Pepys’ diary of 1666 and not written down until 1780.
14. BumblebeezDr LovePrince Umberto And The Sister Of Ill
Australian hip-hop/rock band. This song is from their 2007 album, “Prince Umberto and the Sister of Ill” which is an awesome title. The video for this song is hilarious, check it out.
15. Marnie SternEvery Single Line Means SomethingIn Advance Of The Broken Arm
More Kill Rock Stars label people… from New York. This album came out early last year. Also has a song called “Plato’s Effed up a Cave” which is a GREAT title.
16. Black MountainStormy HighIn the Future
Canadian rock band who were SUPER mentioned on that website that Nathan says I cannot mention, cough, pitchforkmedia cough. This song is pretty much awesome though. OF COURSE THEY’RE CANADIAN. Epic sound, very Led Zeppelin. Second album, from early this year. The album artwork is basically MC Escher in a post-apocalyptic desert, kind of reminds me of A Canticle for Leibowitz, one of my favourite books ever.
17. The HoosiersCops and RobbersThe Trick To Life
From Reading, Berkshire, and Sweden. Whenever I think of Reading, I think of Jasper Fforde. Hey, read those novels! They are awesome! Anyway, back to the Hoosiers – this is a single from their debut album, which came out October 2007.
18. Chikita ViolentaWarThe Stars and Suns Sessions
Mexican indie rock band from Mexico City. They released their first album at the beginning of 2007, and were produced by – who else – the Canadians! This is the NAFTA super highway that Ron Paul warned us about! Produced by the guy from Broken Social Scene. Enjoy! Happy Cinco de Mayo!
19 Jesca HoopMoneyKismet
Don’t know anything about her. Great song though.
20. FlobotsStand UpFight With Tools
From Denver! Sent to me by Adam! Super politically active, have agreements with a bunch of Colorado political groups. Some weirdos on last.fm think that they sound like Cake, which is like, wrong. Whatever.
21. Murder By DeathFuego!Red Of Tooth And Claw
These guys are from Indiana and are probably too busy being courted by a Democrat to play any music right now. It is hard to hear, but their lyrics are very epic – their last album was based upon Dante’s Inferno, and this one is “as singer/guitarist Adam Turla puts it, a "Homer's Odyssey of revenge, only without the honorable character at the center."
22. Bostich and FussibleShake it up – Tijuana Sound Machine
More Cinco de Mayo yay!
23. Wolf ParadeCalifornia DreamerAt Mount Zoomer
Bonus new WP track! YAY!!!


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