• 160,000 tracks

    Set 17 2013, 3:00

    I recently hit 160,000 tracks. For nostalgic reasons, I'll write down what my Last.fm profile is like right now, so I can see how my music tastes change in the next few months, as I reach 175k/200k. I can already compare it to 110,000 tracks, 150,000 tracks and others.

    Track #160,000: Kennedy

    Top 20 Artists
    1. Nine Inch Nails - 15,092
    2. Matt Uelmen - 9,899
    3. Foo Fighters - 8,528
    4. Jerry Martin - 6,389 - +1
    5. Red Hot Chili Peppers - 5,939 - -1
    6. Deftones - 4,440
    7. Queens of the Stone Age - 4,066
    8. System of a Down - 3,288
    9. Tool - 2,850
    10. Radiohead - 2,735
    11. Shihad - 2,651
    12. Opeth - 2,252
    13. NOFX - 2,159 - +2
    14. David Rippy & Stephen Rippy - 2,063 - -1
    15. Pink Floyd - 1,976 - -1
    16. Alexander Brandon - 1,891 - +1
    17. Marilyn Manson - 1,848 - -1
    18. Muse - 1,770
    19. Jamiroquai - 1,749 - NEW
    20. Converge - 1,666 - NEW

    Kicked off since 150,000: No Doubt

    Top 10 Tracks
    1. Rogue - 535
    2. Sisters - 531
    3. Wilderness - 530
    4. Spider - 506
    5. Jungle - 486
    6. Zakarum - 466
    7. Desert - 461
    8. Toru - 449
    9. Crypt - 426 - +1
    9. Sanctuary - 426

    Top 10 Tracks that Aren't Game Music
    1. My Hero - 302
    2. Everlong - 282
    3. The Day the World Went Away - 270 - +1
    4. If You Have to Ask - 269 - -1
    5. The Becoming - 237 - +1
    6. Mellowship Slinky in B Major - 234 - -1
    6. Monkey Wrench - 234 - -1
    8. See You - 223
    8. All the Love in the World - 223 - NEW
    10. The Fragile - 221 - NEW

    Kicked off since 150,000: Sir Psycho Sexy, My Lovely Man
  • 150,000 tracks

    Mar 20 2013, 3:52

    I recently hit 150,000 tracks. For nostalgic reasons, I'll write down what my Last.fm profile is like right now, so I can see how my music tastes change in the next few months, when I reach 175k/200k. I can already compare it to 80,000 tracks, 90,000 tracks, 110,000 tracks and others.

    Track #150,000: When It Rains

    Top 20 Artists
    1. Nine Inch Nails - 14,573
    2. Matt Uelmen - 8,739 - +1
    3. Foo Fighters - 8,482 - -1
    4. Red Hot Chili Peppers - 5,925
    5. Jerry Martin - 4,482 - +1
    6. Deftones - 4,306 - -1
    7. Queens of the Stone Age - 3,885 - +1
    8. System of a Down - 3,282 - -1
    9. Tool - 2,780
    10. Radiohead - 2,613
    11. Shihad - 2,443 - +6
    12. Opeth - 2,073 - +2
    13. David Rippy & Stephen Rippy - 1,973 - +3
    14. Pink Floyd - 1,936 - -3
    15. NOFX - 1,909 - -3
    16. Marilyn Manson - 1,840 - -3
    17. Alexander Brandon - 1,808 - +1
    18. Muse - 1,749 - +1
    19. Jamiroquai - 1,719 - NEW
    20. No Doubt - 1,592 - NEW

    Kicked off since 110,000: SimCity 4 (now Jerry Martin), Age of Empires (now David Rippy & Stephen Rippy), Rage Against the Machine

    Top 10 Tracks
    1. Rogue - 481
    2. Sisters - 477
    3. Wilderness - 476
    4. Spider - 456
    5. Jungle - 438
    6. Zakarum - 418 - -1
    7. Desert - 414 - +1
    8. Toru - 401
    9. Sanctuary - 382
    10. Crypt - 376

    Top 10 Tracks that Aren't Game Music
    1. My Hero - 300
    2. Everlong - 280
    3. If You Have to Ask - 269
    4. The Day the World Went Away - 259
    5. Mellowship Slinky in B Major - 234
    6. The Becoming - 232
    7. Monkey Wrench - 231
    8. See You - 221
    9. Sir Psycho Sexy - 217
    10. My Lovely Man - 216
  • 110,000 tracks

    Feb 22 2011, 3:26

    I recently hit 110,000 tracks. I haven't yet written an entry for 100,000 tracks (I was planning something special) but I'll keep the tradition going :)

    For nostalgic reasons, I'll write down what my Last.fm profile is like right now, so I can see how my music tastes change in the next few months, when I reach 120k. I can already compare it to 60,000 tracks, 70,000 tracks, 80,000 tracks, 90,000 tracks and others.

    Track #110,000: the emergence

    Top 20 Artists
    1. Nine Inch Nails - 11,480
    2. Foo Fighters - 6,842
    3. Matt Uelmen - 5,893 - +1
    4. Red Hot Chili Peppers - 5,061 - -1
    5. Deftones - 2,789 - +6
    6. Jerry Martin - 2,762 - +2
    7. System of a Down - 2,662 - -1
    8. Queens of the Stone Age - 2,650 - -3
    9. Tool - 2,390 - -2
    10. Radiohead - 2,018 - +4
    11. Pink Floyd - 1,920 - -1
    12. NOFX - 1,832 - -3
    13. Marilyn Manson - 1,619 - -1
    14. Opeth - 1,548 - +3
    15. SimCity 4 - 1,514 - -2
    16. Age of Empires - 1,444 - NEW
    17. Shihad - 1,410 - NEW
    18. Alexander Brandon - 1,395 - NEW
    19. Muse - 1,385
    20. Rage Against the Machine - 1,380 - -5

    Lots of new artists on this list! Kicks off Korn, Nirvana, The Dresden Dolls

    Top 10 Tracks
    1. Rogue - 358 - +2
    2. Sisters - 355 - +2
    3. Wilderness - 351 - +2
    4. Spider - 334 - +2
    5. Jungle - 318 - +4
    6. Desert - 303 - NEW
    6. Zakarum - 303 - NEW
    8. Toru - 296 - NEW
    9. Sanctuary - 283 - NEW
    10. Crypt - 270 - NEW

    This is just a big Matt Uelmen fest. Tracks kicked off since the last top 10: My Hero, Everlong, The Day the World Went Away, If You Have to Ask and The Becoming :(
  • Campus A Low Hum 2011

    Feb 17 2011, 11:15

    Fri 11 Feb – Campus A Low Hum 2011

    This is a really quick review of CALH.

    Firstly, CALH was amazing. It was unbelievable. The quality and diversity of the music was seriously outstanding. I am still on a massive high from the weekend, which is only occasionally punctuated with thoughts of how it's no longer happening.

    In the end I think I saw about 67 bands. I missed five from the actual lineup, but saw three new ones in the renegade room. There's no way I can do a detailed review of every band, but I will talk about the ones that really stood out.

    I took a few photos on Day 2 and Day 3, and they are posted on my Flickr account as well. The #calh hashtags on Twitter have been a lot of fun to read as well :)

    Day 1

    The Ocean Floor - I loved so much. The music is kinda acoustic/ballad with a good selection of string/wind instruments, and no drums. The singer has a really beautiful voice and the songs are really lovely.

    Scul Hazzards - CALH needs at least a single metal-ish band. Last year it was Ouch My Face, and this year it was Scul Hazzards. The music was brutal but precise, and the bass player really dominated her bass!

    Secret Knives - Unexpectedly awesome - this music is quite epic post-rock, but with singing and more rhythm than Jakob.

    Pond - Absolutely totally unexpected. This Perth band played a really tight set of funk/rock, with an amazing singer. And flutes! And goggles!

    cTrix - I usually don't enjoy 8-bit electro music (especially DJd by a single person), but I totally enjoyed his set. One song appeared to be run from a Nintendo :D

    Notable mention: Sharpie Crows. Full of hate and anger but amazing and fantastic. Hard to describe. Cigars.

    Notable mention: Captain Ahab. What the hell. haha!

    Day 2

    Freddy Fudd Pucker - As this was the first band of the day, and they were playing in the sun, their set was quiet and acoustic. But it was lovely. It was kind of a rock set with good modern lyrics. Hard to explain.

    The Tantrums - Industrial music, mixed with some post rock, mixed with a good drummer. Om nom nom.

    Heart Attack Alley - also in the sun, with a semi-acoustic set - but they were amazing. They played a mix of blues and rock. An amazing female singer with great soul, a fantastic guy with harmonica, and a pretty rock-n-roll female guitarist.

    Megalex - A freestyling rapper, who gets his topics on the fly from the audience. A lot of fun to watch! It would be difficult not to enjoy this.

    Old Loaves - A really good hardcore band with an excellent drummer.

    Drab Doo-Riffs - Part of Supergroove, they were very tight and a lot of fun. The music was kinda a mix of rock and funk. Everyone was dancing and grooving out, which was especially magical as the sun was setting.

    Notable mention: Alphabethead. What an amazing turntablist. The music got a little bit repetitive, but it was an absolute pleasure to watch him play.

    Day 3

    Hold Dear - This is the only band at CALH that actually made me feel like tearing up a little inside, as they played their acoustic/love songs. Their music was beautiful, their stage presence was electric, and their songs really touched me. Hurry up and release an EP, please!!

    Thundercub - Sadly I didn't write any notes down for these guys, but they were really good.

    Caribou - I can't actually remember much of their music, heh. By this point I was pretty far gone, and satisfied with the selection of bands I had already found. So I was definitely not sober at this stage, along with most of the rest of camp. Nevertheless this music was extremely special :D

    CALH 2011 was very, very special. Thank you so sooo much Blink for organising it and hosting it and to everyone that helped. <3 <3

  • 90,000 tracks

    Feb 14 2010, 23:18

    Unexpectedly, a 90,000 tracks appeared!

    I have been listening to a lot of Deftones and Opeth, and it shows. I have also replaced the mistagged SimCity 4 with Jerry Martin -- the actual composer. It would be nice if Last.fm would let me mass-rename all of my Simcity 4 tracks - it would jump up to #4!

    For nostalgic reasons, I'll write down what my Last.fm profile is like right now, so I can see how my music tastes change in the next few months, when I reach the extremely significant 100k. I can already compare it to 50,000 tracks, 60,000 tracks, 70,000 tracks, 80,000 tracks and others.

    Track #90,000: Area 52

    Top 20 Artists
    1. Nine Inch Nails - 9,476
    2. Foo Fighters - 6,133
    3. Red Hot Chili Peppers - 4,350
    4. Matt Uelmen - 3,145
    5. Queens of the Stone Age - 2,428 - +1
    6. System of a Down - 2,406 - -1
    7. Tool - 2,081 - +1
    8. Jerry Martin - 2,058 - +5
    9. NOFX - 1,831 - -2
    10. Pink Floyd - 1,673 - -1
    11. Deftones - 1,650 - +4
    12. Marilyn Manson - 1,557 - -1
    13. SimCity 4 - 1,514 (this will never increase...) - -3
    14. Radiohead - 1,384 - +5
    15. Rage Against the Machine - 1,375 - -3
    16. Korn - 1,332 - -2
    17. Opeth - 1,300 - +1
    18. Nirvana - 1,203 - -2
    19. Muse - 1,148 - +1
    20. The Dresden Dolls - 1,109 - -3

    For the first time ever, no artists are new to this list :)

    Top 10 Tracks
    1. My Hero - 241
    2. Everlong - 236
    3. Rogue - 216
    4. Sisters - 215
    5. Wilderness - 210
    6. Spider - 202
    7. The Day the World Went Away - 196 - NEW (kinda)
    8. If You Have to Ask - 193
    9. Jungle - 191 - +1
    10. The Becoming - 196 - NEW (kinda)

    Tracks kicked off since the last top 10: Sir Psycho Sexy and Mellowship Slinky in B Major :(
  • Big Day Out 2010 in Auckland

    Gen 17 2010, 13:05

    On Friday 15 Jan I attended Big Day Out 2010 in Auckland.

    This is only my second BDO ever, and this time I went armed with knowledge from my last one:
    - Food lines are terrible, so this time I brought along my own lunch and dinner. This saved at least an hour of my day.
    - Toilet lines are average, but usually there is one part of the stadium which is under-utilized (this time, it was the ones under the east stand).
    - If there is a huge line for one service somewhere else, it's likely there isn't somewhere else.
    - By default, I was very likely to stay seated in the same place for at least the last two sets of the night. I forced myself into the crowd instead this year.

    The day overall went really well. The whole day progressed very smoothly, there were no big gaps of boring nobody artists, nor extreme peaks of amazingness. The weather was beautiful all day, although a little too hot and humid for some of it. I saw far too many bands - 28!!! - so this review is going to be huge.

    Deja Voodoo started the day, these guys are funny.

    Off to the boiler room, I caught a few songs of Cairo Knife Fight - very cool. They played an interesting progressive rock mix (from memory). I am excited that they were recently announced to support Them Crooked Vultures in New Zealand.

    I then saw a bit of The Drab Doo Riffs - nothing particularly special about this band.

    Back to the main stages, I realised that The Checks haven't really changed much - they still play the same type of rock music, which isn't quite my thing (too simplistic and boring).

    Then off back to the local stages. A lot of my friends had raved about The Temper Trap. I can see why they are so popular, but their live show just didn't seem to work well in an open venue. As an indie band they would probably be better in smaller, cosy venues. I also find it hard to enjoy male-fronted indie music with soft vocals.

    However, at the same time I found O'LOVELY on the homegrown stage. Not many people were watching, however I enjoyed them! They were a kind of female-fronted indie band with touches of Bang! Bang! Eche!. They aren't very tight yet, but this band has big potential I think.

    At 1pm, I went off to see my first must-see band of the day - Farmer Pimp. I got there just in time to enjoy their introduction, and I really enjoyed their short set. The weather was absolutely brutal and I got pretty sunburnt, but my memories of them playing awesome trip hop were accurate. They seem to be a NZ version of Sneaker Pimps - I wonder if the name is any reference.

    Once they finished their set, I went to see my second must-see band of the day - Dimmer. I went hoping they would play another crazy, dreamy set of beautiful music, but instead they played rock music. And they are pretty average rockers.

    So, I went to check out the metal band Mastodon and hide from the heat in the open shade of the stands. It might have been that I was very far away from their stage, as they sounded pretty bad. But they got quite a lot of moshing and even a couple of circles going, although nothing seemed to particularly stand out.

    After they finished their set, Midnight Youth came on. Nothing particularly memorable about these rockers, but once again, it might have been due to the poor sound where I was seated.

    I went to check out Concord Dawn (DJ set) briefly. I saw them first ages ago back when they were only one person, and I don't think they have changed at all (in fact, aren't they separated now?). But the boiler room really enjoyed them, and they did play their DJ electronica well.

    After cooling down, I went back into the boiler room to see my third must-see - Minuit. They were excellent, with lead singer Ruth being really gorgeous and sexy. Their last song was particularly memorable (it seemed to be about New Zealand?), and I must get a copy of their latest album. No wonder they are world famous in Europe.

    I stayed for the entire set of Minuit, onto Girl Talk, which I had also heard many good things about. This was also a lot of fun and the crowd really enjoyed them! They took random people from the crowd and got them to dance on-stage during their set. I can totally imagine them going off in small venues, but I was getting restless (not to mention drenched) so I went to soak in the misting tent for a bit.

    We all needed a bit of a seated break, so we got some really excellent seats in the west stand to see KORA. I got to eat cheese sandwiches while watching Kora! These guys are still as good as they were the first time I saw them at Homegrown. As expected, the crowd went absolutely crazy towards the end of their set.

    We went back to the boiler room so I could watch Peaches. What a crazy, interesting woman she is! For her introduction, she was covered in seaweed (or something similar). Removing this, she then revealed a suit of body armor for her next song. I won't go into the rest of the show, but it was extremely amusing and a little disconcerting. I lasted five songs, but had a really good time at the same time.

    We then went to get some drinks, and caught a few songs of Powderfinger. The easiest way to describe this band is that they are an Australian clone of The Feelers - so they were good live! But not the kind of music I'd listen to by myself.

    We finished the Powderfinger set and then watched the introduction of Dizzee Rascal. Sadly we were all the way in the back of the stands, but I could tell that the entire stadium were enjoying themselves immensely. The surge of people that entered just before he started was impressive. I had only ever heard one of his songs before, but he's a pretty awesome rapper with good hooks.

    I didn't stay for the whole set, as I went to check out The Decemberists, an indie band that I had enjoyed a few years ago. They had a very loyal group of fans supporting them, but I think they would be better suited in a smaller closed venue as well. decesses2's journal entry discusses it well :)

    I checked out Lord of Tigers briefly, and for the one or two songs I caught, they were alright.

    I then checked out Devendra Banhart, but was not impressed at all.

    I went back to the boiler tent, and checked out the start of Calvin Harris, as I had heard good things about him as well, but had never heard of him until the day before BDO. Very interesting - sort of a mix between a DJ and a male-fronted rock set with female support. I think I also need to hear more of his stuff.

    Went back to the homegrown stage and saw Kidz In Space. These guys were pretty cool, a NZ rap duo with a third person acting as DJ. They had a good attitude and good stage presence, and had some pretty cool songs. I think they have very good potential as well, and I need to find a copy of their EP.

    Went back to the Green Stage to check out Rise Against. These guys were good, but I thought the sound was pretty poor - it was far too quiet for a punk band. (I was pretty close as well!) They had a huge reception though, and I think I need to listen to more of their stuff as well.

    I then checked out the second half of Lily Allen. I didn't like her before I went to BDO even though I knew nothing about her, but that attitude quickly changed after just a few songs. I didn't realise she was such an alcoholic :P. The entire crowd sung along for so many songs, and had a great time! At this stage, I was looking for a place to sit down for Muse, but the West Stage was pretty much packed. So I decided to try and get close to the front (but carrying a bag meant I couldn't get into the D ring).

    The Mars Volta then came on. I really enjoyed their entire set, though I am a big fan of progressive technical rock or metal. As I was in the Muse side of the stadium, I could feel the crowd getting agitated at the length of the Mars Volta songs, and also their craziness. Muahaha :D

    Finally, the build-up for headliner Muse could begin. I was stuck in the middle of a fairly large crowd waiting for the show to begin.

    Muse were, once again, excellent live. Being down on the floor was a very pleasant experience, and I wasn't crushed by any waves of inconsiderate people (except for one). They had a wicked light show, complete with awesome & powerful lasers and gas canisters at the end of the encore. They had three LCD panels behind themselves, and they used these as digital projectors to great effect. At three points during their set, the light show was so crazy and the music so powerful, that I felt a powerful sense of amazement wash over me.

    After Muse, I battled the exit crowds to try and catch half of the Fear Factory set. I didn't really know what to expect, because I don't really like their recorded stuff - the synthy effects on the vocals aren't really my thing. But holy crap, these guys are brutal live! The sound was absolutely excellent and everybody there was having an awesome time. I saw so many happy metallers just moshing out. There were half a dozen cops watching the crowd, probably because they're not used to how metal works :P

    The last band I wanted to see at BDO, I tried to catch 30 minutes of Groove Armada. I only managed to catch one song of Groove Armada, Superstylin'. Playing live, they had at least a bass player, a drummer, a horn, a singer and a DJ. It seemed they finished 20 minutes early for some reason - perhaps because the boiler room was absolutely BOILING. But of the one song that I did see, it was an amazing experience. I was right at the back of the room, and the lasers and lights were awesome. I can only imagine how awesome it might be if I hadn't been sober!

    So I went back to see the end of Fear Factory. The most excellent way to possibly end a huge day of music. The $10 bus ride home was pleasant, and boy I was happy to have a shower.

    Highlights of the Day
    Farmer Pimp were absolutely awesome (to me, at least - I seem to have a soft spot for trip hop).
    Minuit played some really good music, and Ruth was so sexy!
    O'LOVELY was the best band that I had never heard of before BDO.
    Fear Factory was the perfect end to the evening.

    I was disappointed about the set that Dimmer had played.
    I was also sad that I couldn't catch any of Head Like a Hole. I promise I will see you guys sometime! :(
    I also found out at the end of BDO that Karnivool are apparently awesome, and I missed them. Oh well, I always manage to miss at least two good artists at every festival.

    Next time I need to not bring in a bag, and put on sunscreen!

  • 80,000 tracks

    Ago 7 2009, 2:54

    Yay, I hit 80k! It looks like this 10k has been mostly dominated by game music and Deftones (which I've gotten into in a big way).

    For nostalgic reasons, I'll write down what my last.fm profile is like right now, so I can see how my music tastes change in the next few months, when I reach the terrifying 90k. I can already compare it to 40,000 tracks, 50,000 tracks, 60,000 tracks, 70,000 tracks and others.

    Track #80,000: Leoric

    Top 20 Artists
    1. Nine Inch Nails - 7,837
    2. Foo Fighters - 5,732
    3. Red Hot Chili Peppers - 3,796
    4. Matt Uelmen - 2,769 - +1
    5. System of a Down - 2,338 - -1
    6. Queens of the Stone Age - 2,162 - +1
    7. NOFX - 1,828 - -1
    8. Tool - 1,742 - +2
    9. Pink Floyd - 1,575 - -1
    10. SimCity 4 - 1,514 - -1
    11. Marilyn Manson - 1,470 - +1
    12. Rage Against the Machine - 1,361 - -1
    13. Jerry Martin - 1,338 - NEW
    14. Korn - 1,310 - -1
    15. Deftones - 1,251 - NEW
    16. Nirvana - 1,152 - -2
    17. The Dresden Dolls - 1,093 - -2
    18. Opeth - 1,080 - -1
    19. Radiohead - 1,050
    20. Muse - 1,043 - -4

    Artist kicked off since 70,000: Linkin Park and No Doubt

    Top 10 Tracks
    1. My Hero - 227
    2. Everlong - 219
    3. Rogue - 187 - +4
    4. Sisters - 186 - +5
    5. Wilderness - 182 - NEW
    6. Spider - 176 - NEW
    7. Sir Psycho Sexy - 174 - -4
    8. If You Have to Ask - 170 - NEW
    9. Mellowship Slinky in B Major - 166 - +1
    10. Jungle - 176 - NEW

    Tracks kicked off since the last top 10: The Becoming, See You, The Righteous & The Wicked, The Day the World Went Away.

    It seems a bit silly to continue to compare my tracks to my overall charts, because now it will take a thousand plays of any new artist to get into the top 20... haha.
  • Homegrown 09 in Wellington

    Mar 15 2009, 11:25

    Last night was Homegrown 09 in Wellington, and it was a really wicked day! Not as good as Homegrown 08 but still freaking cool.

    Bang! Bang! Eche! - really awesome! so much fun, awesome dance pop stuff. with heaps of energy and the band members swap around on instruments a lot :)
    Fur Patrol - Julia is so gorgeous and the music was mesmerising and exactly as I imagined it. difficult to dance to but amazing, I would LOVE to see them again.
    Tim Phin - a DJ.
    Sunshine Sound System - MC's rapping over existing songs.
    The Checks - cool, remind me very much of The Strokes.
    Dimmer - awesome. the crowd wasn't very big and was mostly adults, but still had a really good time. the songs were epic long jam pieces. I think Dimmer is enhanced a lot by drugs and/or alcohol -- pity I was sober lol.
    KORA - holy crap, this went off like crazy! the entire tent was PACKED and I could barely see them. I prefered them in the rock stage in 08 but everybody here knew every song so well :) we bailed pretty early, the sound was poor and we couldn't see a thing.

    at this point in the night I was totally keen to see Weta and Head Like a Hole... but noo, I decided to see Supergroove instead, it was getting cold and the idea of sitting down was getting more tempting.

    Blindspott - dull. I can't understand why so many people are into them. they're not rock, not metal and not pop - they are just empty?? there is WAY better NZ metal than these guys.
    Supergroove - cool. they didn't quite fill the stage out and they appeared to be a little tired, but the show was entertaining and they played some new stuff! towards the end they got Elemeno P to give them a hand with a few of their songs, which was just chaos - would hate to have been the sound engineer for that, lol.

    my highlights from the day would have been Bang! Bang! Eche!, Fur Patrol and Dimmer :D
  • Soundwave 09 in Melbourne

    Feb 28 2009, 5:58

    Yesterday was Soundwave 09 in Melbourne, and it was wicked! Although the heat really pummeled my energy for most of the day. For a few hours I could barely stand for long periods of time, let alone get into crowds and enjoy the music :(. But I saw heaps of bands.

    House vs. Hurricane - wicked metal. so good.
    Bayside - new york-based rock, although the levels started out a bit too high (the guitar was quite piercing).
    All That Remains - metal.
    Goldfinger - unexpectedly better than their single 99 red balloons suggests they are. they are quite a fun punk band.
    The Subways - really unexpectedly wicked, rock pop music.
    Jaguar Love - bizarre and unexpected. a two-piece of guitar and vocals/keyboard, played along to a backing track of electronic drums and basslines. promising, I need to get some :)
    Underoath - metal.
    Poison the Well - metal.
    Dillinger Escape Plan - quite different to what I heard of them last. they are full of energy and weird riffs and ideas. I heard they were wicked up close.
    Every Time I Die - metal. unfortunately by this time the heat had taken hold and I was becoming less focused on the music.
    Hellogoodbye - I didn't actually see them, only heard them - the singer was whining at the time. shudder >_<
    36 Crazyfists - metal, full of energy and crowd participation.
    The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - pop metal, not quite my thing.
    Lacuna Coil - awesome, though would have been better with a longer set and later at night! they only played one song I knew though, because I know Lacuna Coil from back in their earlier days.
    DevilDriver - awesome, awesome power metal. I would have liked to be up front for the whole set.
    Bloodhound Gang - exactly as expected; an amusing show with lots of croud interaction :D
    Alice in Chains - wicked!! what wicked songs and wicked guitar solos. wish I could have been there the whole time (or known more of their songs lol)
    Nine Inch Nails - possibly the best show I have ever been to. I was right close up to the front and they played SO many good songs, it was amazing. the crowd was wicked.

    I must say the highlights from my day were The Subways, Bloodhound Gang, Lacuna Coil, House vs. Hurricane, Alice in Chains and definitely Nine Inch Nails. :D
  • 70,000 tracks

    Feb 18 2009, 22:55

    Yeah yeah, 70k! These 10k have been dominated with game music, Muse, Opeth and Radiohead (all really excellent bands). I guess I have been becoming a little more progressive.

    For nostalgic reasons, I'll write down what my last.fm profile is like right now, so I can see how my music tastes change in the next few months, when I reach 80k. I can already compare it to 20,000 tracks, 30,000 tracks, 40,000 tracks, 50,000 tracks and 60,000 tracks.

    Track #70,000: Charlie

    Top 20 Artists
    1. Nine Inch Nails - 6,848
    2. Foo Fighters - 5,350
    3. Red Hot Chili Peppers - 3,349
    4. System of a Down - 2,192
    5. Matt Uelmen - 2,148 - +1
    6. NOFX - 1,800 - -1
    7. Queens of the Stone Age - 1,748
    8. Pink Floyd - 1,519
    9. SimCity 4 - 1,514 - -4
    10. Tool - 1,361
    11. Rage Against the Machine - 1,302 - -2
    12. Marilyn Manson - 1,301
    13. Korn - 1,220 - -2
    14. Nirvana - 1,067
    15. The Dresden Dolls - 1,008
    16. Muse - 967 - +1
    17. Opeth - 960 - NEW
    18. Linkin Park - 898 - -2
    19. Radiohead - 861 - NEW
    20. No Doubt - 858 - -2

    Artist kicked off since 60,000: Placebo and Evanescence

    Top 10 Tracks
    1. My Hero - 220
    2. Everlong - 213
    3. Sir Psycho Sexy - 162 - NEW
    4. The Becoming - 155 - NEW
    5. See You - 153
    6. The Righteous & The Wicked - 152 - NEW
    7. Rogue - 152 - NEW
    8. The Day the World Went Away - 152 - NEW
    9. Sisters - 152 - NEW
    10. Mellowship Slinky in B Major - 151 - NEW

    Tracks kicked off since the last top 5: Killing in the Name, Times Like These