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Mag 3 2006, 13:58

The week I closed out the “A-C” moving box and moved on to the D box. At this pace, I’ll survey my CD collection about, oh, the Next Millennium. In recognition of this landmark, however, I also upped for a short-term subscription to this addiction. See how that goes. Anyways, on to the charts!

Johnny Cash shows up solely on album strength. I haven’t rip’d any tracks onto my PC yet. Otherwise the charts would be completely Man in Black 24/7. Trolling thru the “C” section of my moving box I plucked a couple discs for fair representation. I’m thinking I may have to rip a single track off each CD, tho, just for quality of life purposes.

Good news from the Cash archives. New unreleased material! July 4: American V from the last American recording sessions. Also, John Carter Cash has pulled some 1970s tapes out of his father’s estate, which will be released in June looks like. More info in the Johnny Cash group.

Rodney Crowell was Johnny Cash’s son-in-law for awhile, and certainly an heir to his spirit. I really connected with The Houston Kid when it came out. Just the right sonic mix. I like Fate's Right Hand, too, and the newer one. Just not the same as the first time.

Cross Canadian Ragweed would have been in the Top 10, if I woulda noticed that the blankety-blank CDDB had ‘em tagged without the Ragweed. I know, I know, I should use that open source tagger trumpets. I can’t figure the clunker out for nothing. Oh, well. I go hot & cold on these Okies since before they signed with Universal South. Kinda like Pat Green and that whole Texas Music scene that seems as much Frat Rock as It’s good tunes for a good time, but it could be a lot more.

I went on a bit of a rock snit this weekend when servers went walkabout. Pulled out some old 80s & 90s soundtracks, Queensryche and Pearl Jam. I don’t pretend to keep up with it, can’t debate the finer points of metal-this or metal-that, and am sorely ashamed of the remaining hair-metal bands in my collection I now blame on my Mrs. My 20-year high school reunion is coming up and this (even the Jam) is blatantly reminiscent of those DAYS IN HELL. To those of you going thru the public school system, just know there is hope at the end of this state-imposed tunnel of horrors. A better day is to come.

My journal on the new issue of No Depression got me hankering for some Uncle Tupelo so I uncovered the last moving box and cherry picked a disc for a play thru on a rainy day. Elvis Costello made a return appearance while I was writing him up last week. I also spun thru The Delivery Man on Smo’s comments on that journal. I want to like the album, to shout its merits from the mountain top of Americana music. I don’t get it. I guess it was supposed to be a Southern roots music concept album, Elvis goes down the Holler and comes up with some sweet tunes. It’s a Nice album, but I just don’t get it. Oh, well.

Cris Cuddy is an eclectic artist out of Toronto, leader of Canadian indie roots-rockers Max Mouse and the Gorillas. He’s got some folk connection with Mickey Newbury, too, but I forget. His solo debut Come Along Carmelita is great / folk-rock. Nowhere Town was produced by Tom Russell’s sideman, Andrew Hardin. Google his website—neat weird stuff shows up there randomly.

Tom Russell shows up on general depth in the random collection, along with The Be Good Tanyas and Kate Campbell. It’s nice when old friends come to visit.

David Rodriguez is spinning in search of my review, while the Dalhart Imperials popped up from the D-box. Great Denver country that's too country for country.

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The Brotherhood


  • Geracka

    Don't be ashamed of hair metal.

    Mag 3 2006, 15:28
  • Tritake

    !!You Can Take That To The Bank!!

    Mag 3 2006, 15:42
  • jcshepard

    I am ashamed of Hair Metal. How could so many go so bad? I just can't believe how I was led astray from the alter of Led Zepp. A dabbling in AC/DC & Van Halen, then Def Lep and MTV's original Headbanger's Ball led to throwing away good time & cash on such drek as Cinderella and Poison. Now, Lita Ford was obvious lust factor, but the rest, I just shake my head and cringe. The sins of our youth.

    Mag 4 2006, 17:05
  • Geracka

    I'll pretend I didn't read that. Give in and listen to your Cinderella.. They moved past hair metal anyway so maybe have more credibility. I fear the day I grow out of hair metal.

    Mag 4 2006, 18:20
  • jcshepard

    Cross Canadian Ragweed is playing the 10th Annual KNBT Americana Music Jam at Gruene Hall, a benefit for Texas charity. Also on the roots rock bill: Robert Earl Keen, Buddy Miller, Charlie Robison, Marty Stuart and his Fabulous Superlatives, Radney Foster, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Cory Morrow (acoustic), Hayes Carll, Micky and the Motorcars, Joe Ely (acoustic), Walt Wilkins, Tom Gillam and Tractor Pull, and Houston Marchman.

    Mag 4 2006, 21:43
  • jcshepard

    This metal-this and metal-that thing got me thinking and I went reading up on the last 20 years of genre-zation of hard rock misfits. It is kinda fun to see that diversion from hard rock to metal one way, while other guitar-driven rock went down some other route. Whatever. I didn't realize that metal-head and grunge was the big divide, with Queensryche and some of the ilk stradling the fence. I just remember listening to the music way back in the day. I followed loud rock into college and by the time I came out these guys seemed more about image that chops. Maybe they did get victimized by the media--ok, yes, they got trounced by the preppy press. It's as much interesting to see just who has survived the wrath of time. I'll take Yngwie or Rhodes any day against a one of the indie media darlings.

    Mag 4 2006, 21:53
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