The Big 1-0-0-0-0


Mar 13 2006, 7:22

I hit 10000 plays the other day. So i thought Id be cool and write about it.

10000th play: Chunky Chunky Air Guitar

A few thoughts about my top ten so far

1 The White Stripes 781
A friend got me onto The White Stripes last year, and i then went and got all of their albums. Catchy songs and some really cool bluesy songs. nice. Favourite Tracks:
Offend in Every Way
Air Near My Fingers

2 Sufjan Stevens 689
I found Sufjan through a recommendation on a website ( and i havent looked back. I got Illinoise and Seven Swans. They both have some really beautiful songs.
Favourite Tracks:
Seven Swans
All the Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands

3 Nirvana 440
Great band, im not going to try and name what i like about them, to try and convince others, either you love them or you dont.
Favourite Tracks:
Oh Me
Milk It <-- My friends loathe that song

4 Super Furry Animals 383
My friend and I came up with a fairly conclusive description of SFA: Psychedelic groove welsh rock. They are probably my favourite artist currently
Favourite Tracks:
Slow Life
Hermann Loves Pauline
The International Language Of Screaming

5 Tool 358
Tool are great. They are pretty much the only metal band I will listen to. Even the earlier heavy stuffsounds damn good. Its just something about them that is amazing
Favourite Tracks
Forty-Six & 2
Third Eye

6 A Perfect Circle 314
I got into APC through Tool. APC are a great rock band, complex, yet simple at the same time. Maynards voice is fantastic.
Favourite Tracks:
The Hollow
The Outsider

7 Tom Vek 288
I found this great guy during a late night Rage stake-out where i heard his song C-C (You Set The Fire In Me) and was hyponotised instantly. Sorely awaiting a new release.
Favourite Tracks:
C-C (You Set The Fire In Me)
The Lower The Sun

8 Red Hot Chili Peppers 265
What can I say about these guys that hasnt been said before? The answer being not much. As with Nirvana, you all know them, and you like them or you dont
Favourite Tracks:
Mellowship Slinky in B Major
Yertle the Turtle

9 The Dandy Warhols 208
I bought their 13 tales of Urban Bohemia album based on the fact that Bohemian Like You was on it, and I loved that whole album. Not a single bad track. Im going to get Welcome To The Monkey House next, i havent heard many good things about the new one.
Favourite Tracks:
Bohemian Like You
Big Indian
Cool Scene

10 The Black Keys 205
Almost done. The Black Keys is what The White Stripes would be like if Jack White was homeless. (and Meg could drum better) Very blues driven, with great guitarwork.
Favourite Tracks:
She Said, She Said
All Hands Against His Own

Well there you have it. I got a bit bored towards the end. Comment, if you will.


  • Brewha

    for a 14 year old im pretty impressed by your musical choices here. i havent listened do some of these bands but im gonna give them a try right now im in the process of aquiring the super furry animals

    Mar 13 2006, 7:46
  • stygianlulliloo

    Some good stuff here. Welcome to the Monkey House, is in my opinion, the best Dandy album. I wasn't gonna say it because I remember how I felt demeaned when somebody judged me in a certain way becuase I was young but you do have quite excellent music taste for somebody your age.

    Mar 13 2006, 10:13
  • rakkaboomcha

    oooo muso.

    Apr 3 2006, 6:07
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