goin up the country.......


Giu 10 2008, 2:14

on friday the 13th we will be leaving for a week and a half's vacation. going to freeport maine to see some of my wife's family.my mother-in-law will be reconnecting with her half brother whom she has not seen in 30 years. we need this. see ya.


  • MathiasPage

    Friday the 13th? :O That means bad luck! Keep your eyes open for black cats crossing the road, stay away from mirrors and ladders and don't open a umbrella inside. Have a nice trip! :)

    Giu 10 2008, 13:20
  • jcjohnson63

    the funny thing is my wife and i had our first date on a friday the 13th.and we have been happily married ever since.so i ain't superstitious.see willie dixon covered by jeff beck group-truth album.lol.

    Giu 10 2008, 17:46
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