2012... what excites me in list format. Order is not important.


Feb 29 2012, 22:32

1) Aries - my new Bengal kitten that will be delivered on March 10. My other kitten Comet passed away from FIP nearly 2 weeks ago and I've taken it pretty hard. He was the coolest kitten ever.

2) New record from Hot Water Music and possibly a tour. In my top 5 punk bands so any new material or tour dates sit high on my list.

3) Starting my MBA at St Mary's College of California in Moraga. Looks like the Post 9-11 G.I. Bill will pick up most of the costs. So that's great in intself, I start on April 12.

4) Belvedere Reunion 2012! I'm flying to Calgary, Canada for their hometown reunion show. They've been one of my top 5'er punk bands since 2004. I never got a chance to see them... here it is.

5) Just like the Belvedere show, I'm going to all 3 days of the Revelation Records 25th Anniversary shows in Pomona. I get to see some of my favorite hardcore bands such as Gorilla Biscuits and Shai Hulud. I've been kicking myself in the but for missing the 2006 Gorilla Biscuits show in S.F. at the Pound and redemption is here. I was too hungover! Get that.

6) I've submitted an idea for patent and the process has gone smoothly thus far. The company I'm working with has my porfolio ready and we're ready to get into a proto-type test product for potential suppliers.

7) I had a bad break-up with my ex... I'm hoping 2012 brings some good luck in the ladies department. Yes, I have my own place and furniture. I also have a job and etc etc.

8) I'm hoping for another Descendents show as the one in January was not enough. I had an such a greeat time seeing two of my favorite bands on the same bill. The other being Hot Water Music. If the Descendents don't play any more shows that I can go to this year, I would love to see ALL. I love that band too and they're pretty much the Descendents anyways. Plus I've never seen ALL.

9) I was approved for a VA home loan a short time ago, so the prospect of getting into a home at a stellar interest rate is on the horizon. Although a couple of determining factors have not worked in my favor, I still have hope that this will be my last year as a renter.

10) More music stuff.... but new records from Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Sebadoh and Dinosaur Jr. are on the horizon. Plenty of 80's/90's greatness to look forward to.

However, what I really want in addition to this list are new records from these bands. Maybe you'll agree... maybe not.

- Descendents
- Pixies
- Shai Hulud
- Refused
- Gorilla Biscuits
- Faith No More
- Tool

These are wishes and I know that most of them will not come true in 2012... likely ever but it's what I want.

11) Traveling - I promised some friends I would make some road trips and plane trips to come visit. Namely, my friend Mike who lives in Portland, Oregon. He's the most die-hard Weezer fan ever. Just awesome. The other is a friend named Thomas who lives in Berlin, Germany. We've been talking about putting an Oktoberfest trip together as the timing coincides with one of my school breaks in the fall. I met Thomas at the 2nd 30th Anniverasary Metallica show in San Francisco last December. We had such a great time.... I will never forget those shows. Simply spectacular.

12) A possible promotion - I know a raise and a bonus is coming this July, however, I'd like to think some kind of promotion is in the works for my efforts at Sybase. I like my job, and my co-workers like me... respect me and my ability to get the job done. I currrently work as Operations Manager in Corporate Procurement at Sybase in Dublin, California. That's about 20 minutes from Oakland, Berkeley and San Francisco. Especially the way I drive.... thank you German car.

So that's my list... drop a comment if you want. Later!! By the way, this was a special leap year note. I had to do something cool on this day.


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  • 3lement247

    Belvedere is but two months away! If I recall, you never got to see This is a Standoff which is pretty unfortunate but seeing the hometown Belvedere reunion show should more than make up for it. Calgary and the surrounding area are really nice - how long are you gonna be staying?

    Mar 12 2012, 20:07
  • jbrownvr6

    I will be flying in on the 11th and leaving on the 13th. I'm super stoked about this! I never got to see This is a Standoff so this will more than make up for that. Lets hope for some new material at the shows.

    Mar 12 2012, 20:17
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