My Top 5 Artists (Week Ending 2009-10-18)


Ott 20 2009, 14:09

1. The Years
2. Sabrina Malheiros
3. N'Dambi
4. Me'Shell Ndegéocello
5. Little Dragon

I'm still rockin' this. And okay, so got the Vosotros situation twisted last week. vosotros is the label/production team; their collaboration project with Sam Barsh is The Years; and the album is vosotros presents: The Years (not to be confused with their similarly-named Mixtape). Got it? Good. You did get it, right?

One of my favorite genres is something I call nu brazila; bossa/samba with flecks of electronic, soul, etc. Sabrina Malheiros handles the job beautifully on the re-issued New Morning (I have the Deluxe version). Her soothing vocals elevate the jazz for a romantic combination. Fans of Bebel Gilberto or Céu should embrace this easily.

N'Dambi has been on the low for awhile. But she's back with a new album, Pink Elephant. I'm not in love with the entire album. But about half of it get me to rewind including, L.I.E., Nobody Jones, The Wold Is A Beat, and delicious, lead single, Can't Hardly Wait.

Me'Shell NdegéOcello's odd live performance behavior these past few years have cooled me on her latest offerings. Sadly, Devil's Halo isn't doing much to win me back. It's is a collection of ... well, I'm not sure. Firstly, I don't like the way it was produced. Most songs are less than three minutes long which isn't necessarily a bad thing. But they feel unfinished. Genre-wise, Devil's Halo is all over the place; rock, meditative, funk, folk, soul. It just feels like a half-realized demo to me. I do like Lola (which is too short), White Girl and her cover of Ready For The World's Love You Down.

I wrote about Little Dragon last week.
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