LoveLikeFire, please don't ever play in Denton again.


Ott 14 2007, 16:14

Fri 12 Oct – LoveLikeFire

Secret Headquarters was really hard to find. There are no signs, and the entrance is behind the building. We got there around 8:30 (doors opened at 8) an there was a band doing a sound check. No one else was really there. The venue was basically a 20x20 ft. room with no stage. We asked someone when LoveLikeFire was going to play, and we were told that the opening band would start around 9:00 and LLF would play at 10:00. So we hung around downtown Denton for an hour and then went back. No one was playing, and as best as we could tell, there were maybe 6 other people (besides the bands) there to hear the show. Pretty weird. We asked what was happening, and were told that since there were only 2 bands, they decided to start 10, and that LLF would play around 11. Well, at this point we were tired of waiting around and left.

It's kinda sad that the whole thing was so loosely organized and that LLF didn't have a bigger turnout. I really wanted to stay, but I was just tired of waiting. Besides, the whole vibe was just really odd. Pretty disappointing night, I have to say, since I was really looking forward to it. I'm frankly shocked that a band that sounds as good as LLF would end up in a place like Secret Headquarters.

LLF: Please do come back to DWF, but try to get booked in Deep Ellum/Lower Greenville area. You'll get a much better crowd. And you deserve it!


  • thrashingtonXIV

    ... keep small venues alive.

    Dic 4 2007, 20:52
  • jaredigital

    I guess.

    Dic 17 2007, 0:34
  • lovelikefire

    heya jared, it's ann from llf, i just saw this post, months later! but yes, you are totally right, we booked that show sorta last minute and the guy basically told us at the show that if he had known we were gonna be so good, he would have promoted. (like what the hell??!!) it's always tough trying to self book an extended tour so sometimes wierd things like this happen. we drove 16 hours to get there straight from denver and to find out the show was a total bust! anyhow, i will look into deep ellum for the next time. if you know of any cool venues, let me know, we want to come back to the area soon. :) xo ann

    Mag 7 2008, 2:03
  • jaredigital

    Hi Ann, Sounds like it was a surreal and weird night for everyone involved. To be fair, Denton is historically a live music kinda town (what with the colleges and all) -- but I'm not sure if it's got that reputation anymore. There are probably some good venues there, I just don't know about them. Deep Ellum has a great split venue called the Gypsy Tea Room/Gypsy Ballroom. The Tea Room is basically a bar with a tiny stage. I saw Metric play there, and they seemed depressed about the tinyness. :) The Ballroom is much larger, and it's the venue I've enjoyed the most. There are probably a number of other venues as well. Tom from The Polyphonic Spree has a store down there called Good Records, and he regularly has bands come play sets in-store. Hope that gives you some options. I really like your music and hope you end up in North Texas again someday!

    Mag 7 2008, 15:02
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