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Mr.kittyFather Ieri 07:35
Mr.kittyAmnesia Ieri 07:31
Mr.kittyEscape Ieri 07:26
Mr.kittyYears Ieri 07:23
Mr.kittyChoke Ieri 07:19
Mr.kittyDearlove Ieri 07:14
Mr.kittyLondon Ieri 07:10
Mr.kittyDrown Ieri 06:46
Mr.kittyScars Ieri 06:41
Mr.kittyLabyrinth Ieri 06:37
Mr.kittyHoly Death Ieri 06:34
Mr.kittySacrifice Ieri 06:28
Mr.kittyUnstable Ieri 06:24
Mr.kittyHeaven Ieri 06:20
Mr.kittyInsects Ieri 06:15
Mr.kittyModern Romance Ieri 06:10
Mr.kittyBreath Control Ieri 06:06
Mr.kittyDetach Ieri 06:02
Mr.kittyA New Hour download gratuito Ieri 05:56
Mr.kittyCarnations Ieri 05:52
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  • prynkess4000

    ^___^ Thanks!

    2 Giu 23:15 Rispondi
  • walk-with-evil

    we just posted Aesthetic Perfection photos on our site at www.facebook.com/VisualMassacre feel free to check them out also please ""like"" our page thanks.

    1 Giu 6:10 Rispondi
  • WaddleDoo777

    Thanks for the add! ;) Greets from France!

    16 Lug 2013 Rispondi
  • drbrutality

    Hi! how are you? Thanks for accept! Great Knowledge and Taste Greetings!

    14 Ago 2012 Rispondi
  • yesiu

    Thanks for your recommendations!

    29 Giu 2012 Rispondi
  • yesiu

    Hi, can you recommend me something similar to Aesthetic Perfection? I checked out few aggrotech/EBM projects, but they didn't satisfy me. I'm looking for something melodic, "easy to sing" (like "A Violent Emotion" album"). I also like my friend's project Broken Backbone (http://www.lastfm.pl/music/Broken+Backbone). Do you now something similar? BTW, nice avatar ;).

    27 Giu 2012 Rispondi
  • nneth

    Hey, thanks for the friend add! I will definitely look for you. I'm coming straight from a job interview, and didn't have time to change, so am wearing black pants, a white shirt, and black jacket. I may or may not be wearing glasses.

    13 Giu 2012 Rispondi
  • nneth

    Just saw you're going to DarkDriveClinic. I'll be there with my friend from here, Havokmedavey. John Fryer invited us to come say hi after the show!

    12 Giu 2012 Rispondi
  • kaiserzeitgeist

    I'm glad you don't hate me and aren't dead. :^) And are feeling better. :^) I'm pretty sick too. tag-buddies AND sick-buddies!! Standeg's Ultraviolet is nice, subdued stuff. It's really grown on me, but yeah samples are there too. Yeah, God Module, I've given them another chance, but I have a pretty notorious shout on their page after getting fed up with the aggrotech clichés. Good to hear from you, I may write at further length to describe things in the near future. Be well. :^)

    24 Ott 2011 Rispondi
  • kaiserzeitgeist

    Yeah, Standeg, other part of Haujobb. /insert monkey sounds/

    17 Ott 2011 Rispondi
  • kaiserzeitgeist

    Are you a big Haujobb fan? I'm a pretty big Standeg fan, but all the voice-overs/samples and stuff, they really turn me off. Typically I can't listen to a track that has a voice over sample, from a movie, or whatever. I just can't stand it. Haujobb has an awful lot of these. I'll relisten to the G&W record and get back to you with citations. Part of it I think is the kind of impersonal type of speech used, it's descriptively accurate, but emotionally inappropriate, like being seduced by a medical student using the jargon of her profession. Well I guess the thing is that Ned sounds like he's from Brixton, UK, but he ain't been dere. Bothers some, but I've gotten over it. Agreed, new Kern. There's a new track on Dependence 2011, Sub-Librarian, but my first impression was unsatisfying. Funker Vogt, so funny. :^)

    17 Ott 2011 Rispondi
  • kaiserzeitgeist

    Sorry to be such a shoutbox slut, but, "Frankfest," "Frankapallooza," triple-header with SB, EoD and G&W ;^).

    15 Ott 2011 Rispondi
  • kaiserzeitgeist

    PPPS, how have you been able to deal with Stromkern's affected accent? Initially it was a pretty heavy turn-off for me, and I think it remains that way for others. But you know, now I just don't care. Stromkern's greatest tracks are unique and they really rock and so I just try not to think about it. Whatchatink?

    15 Ott 2011 Rispondi
  • kaiserzeitgeist

    Frank touring with all his side-projects, eh? Then he really WOULD be a scary tycoon wouldn't he? As for G&W, yeah, there are a number of tracks on that record I really like, but for a few tracks the lyrics just really don't work for me, I'll have to revisit and document them. They're just crass and pedestrian. I'm thinking it's an error in customary usage and the language barrier, but they just really turn me off. Tracks like the Hitman mixes, the Nightshift mixes and others though are classic, keeper Frank. :^) PS, I can't handle when Frank gets explicit, like on EoD's Elegance, "full-frontal" etc. I can't listen to that track because of that. Also the Iris mix of Minerve's In Love with an Open End, "Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah." I'm sorry but Frank's overly-explicit breathy voice-overs just ruin a track for me. I'd hate to imagine what they do for you. ;^)

    15 Ott 2011 Rispondi
  • kaiserzeitgeist

    No, I missed him too. I'm not a big clubber myself, but they were really just a few cities away from me. It was painful to see them come and go, so close. Oh well. :^) Who knows. Frank seems to have fun coming to America, consider the live album from San Francisco. I'm sure he'll be back again. Yeah, it's fun all Frank's guest appearances. Although it's not uncommonly inventive, I like his duet cover with the Azoic for the 80s one hit wonder of "Obsession." Seems like a lot of these bands could be saying to Frank, "You're my obsession." ;^)

    13 Ott 2011 Rispondi
  • kaiserzeitgeist

    :^) buddie-buddie. Yeah, Frank just does so many guest appearances with other bands and puts 'em on record, it just seemed like a good way to keep track of him. So, by these appearances and just cuz, everybody DOES love Frank. I know I do. :^) Have you ever seen him live?

    12 Ott 2011 Rispondi
  • kaiserzeitgeist

    Fun! We're tag buddies. :^)

    10 Ott 2011 Rispondi
  • kaiserzeitgeist

    Love the tag: “has that one really obvious mispronunciation that i will never ever be able to overlook.” I love these Germans. Another good one is Underwater Pilots - "Welcome to the World." "Our eyes look back, through a veil of ashes..." Where "veil" is pronounced as "veal."

    10 Ott 2011 Rispondi
  • Benvenidos

    Thank You for adding me, have a great New Year :) You have excellent taste in music :)

    27 Dic 2010 Rispondi
  • G_O_T

    Love the profile picture!

    25 Ott 2010 Rispondi
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