So What Is Crunk Metal?


Feb 19 2008, 4:55

That's a good question, my fellow listener. While there are no Crunk Metal radio stations (yet), the genre is picking up steam every day. Very simply, crunk metal is a wide-ranging super-genre that encapsulates many of the elements of music that we all love so dearly.
If you're anythink like the typical CM listener, you really appreciate rock and metal, bands like Linkin Park, Atreyu, and Avenged Sevenfold. However, deep inside of you, there is a part of you that has guilty pleasures, real genuine shit like Kelly Clarkson or Miley Cyrus and her inescapable hit See You Again. We appreciate that, and our genre incorporates that. It isn't time to hide away the fact that we like Justin Timberlake--come out of the closet and enjoy your guilty pleasures.
Also, there is some music so bad that we can enjoy laughing at it. Crank That from Souljah Boy comes to mind. We appreciate that too, especially if it has a good beat and is "danceable."
Finally, the epitome of crunk metal is music that is both crunk and metal. An example is Mike Jones's mega hit Mr. Jones or Party Like a Rockstar. These songs feel the beat of the street while slamming back some serious metallic chops.
I invite you to join our group, enlarge the conversation, and appreciate our crowning jewel, the Crunk Metal tag radio've never heard radio like it before. And feel free to join in and tag your own crunk metal... thanks for joining the experience.


  • jfj're serious? Wow.

    Feb 19 2008, 14:36
  • Jordan1124

    is crunk metal. worst shit ever.

    Feb 20 2008, 17:40
  • jaguarsfan77

    @Jordan1124 Thanks for the recommendation...I'll have to check it out.

    Feb 21 2008, 1:42
  • Justd1e

    The hell is that...

    Feb 21 2008, 10:56
  • Necr0phili0

    yes, this is just the thing that metal needs! thank you so much for spreading the word!

    Feb 21 2008, 11:20
  • VidarL

    @ Jordan1124 NEVER FUCK WITH MY WHEAT. SHREDDEDEDED WHEEEEAAAT (For those of you not yet getting the point, listen to Chased Through The Woods By A Rapist ^_^

    Feb 21 2008, 22:00
  • Jordan1124

    that was the only good thing that has come from that band. The youtube videos making fun of them.

    Feb 22 2008, 21:13
  • VidarL

    tr00 dat

    Feb 28 2008, 12:09
  • Vast_Void


    Mar 5 2008, 23:56
  • special_user


    Mar 9 2008, 22:29
  • hammer_82

    Some other combinations that don't work: emo metal, hard pop, classical punk, crunk country, and heavy jazz!

    Nov 14 2009, 8:18
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