• Saving on seventieth trimester abortion.

    Apr 29 2007, 22:57

    Nobody needs to be reminded about the advantages of abortion. And by nobody, I literally mean no one (that has brains and some common sense). So I'll skip the obvious part and get straight to the point. I'd like to say I wholeheartedly endorse late trimester abortions. And not just the second or third trimester ones. These are pretty much the same as a perfectly understandable first trimester pro-choice action. I mean, come on. Save me your pity for unborn fetuses, people. It's the other abortions that I would like to propose.

    Just think about it. You have a 16-year-old emo kid. It cuts its veins, pours some salt and runs around screaming how much its life sucks. Well, it damn should, you just poured sodium chloride in your circulatory system, retard. Then this fucked up kid decides to put on some make up. Regardless of its sex, it looks like a fucking weeping willow. It does other equally stupid things on a daily basis, you just want to kill it. And judging by the things the kid says, it wants to be killed, too. This is exactly the kind of situation where late abortion should come in.

    Of course this is not the only place where this would come in handy. Probably millions of parents, who should know better, are ashamed of their children. They become lowlifes, rednecks, French, blacks, racists, midgets, gothic metal listeners... You name it. Parents should be able to get rid of their children for the sake of humanity. As in the previous example, abortion could also be combined with euthanasia, with everyone's good in mind. Why waste the work of good Chinese children when the same shirts could be worn and the same toys can be played with by normal people, or by people judged normal by their parents? Your parents are always right, respect that. The only exception for this is when they don't agree with me.

    And here's my part. I would be the ultimate judge for whether a kid should be aborted. One might ask why. This one probably should get killed as well. Of course, there would be so many applications from concerned parents that I would just stamp "yes" or "no" on replies randomly. Kind of like natural selection. Who needs life when you've got no luck? You'd die and I'd spare you the misery of flunking or getting buttraped by Denver Nuggets' supporters.

    Unfortunately, I did not cover the whole topic. If you would like to comment, or add something, direct your thoughts to the nearest wall behind you.

    So, vote Obama.

    War and hate, jacky88.
  • Saving on atheism.

    Nov 19 2006, 11:36

    Why is atheism better than christianity? There are many obvious reasons, but I'd like to point out the one that's being frequently omitted. Money. And Time. But time is money, so I guess I'm not making any sense. Let's get to the point.

    Let's say you're an average christian, go to church every Sunday, donate some money, leave and pray every day before sleep. Here's what you waste:

    1) an average mass (and getting to it) takes about an hour and a half; if you go to church for 60 years straight, you lose 52*1,5*60 = 4680 hours. That's more than half a year you could spend banging chicks in Hawaii or beating up midgets in some third world country.

    2) an average prayer takes five minutes; again, if you do that for 60 years, you lose 365*5*60/60 = 1825 hours. This is more than two months you could use to shoot hundreds of ferrets for fur. Or just for fun, it doesn't really make any difference.

    3) at an average mass one leaves about $1,50 (that's a rough guess, but whatever); the calculations are therefore the same as in point one and you practically throw away 4680 dollars' worth of money. Don't even get me started on what you might do with that.

    I might have pointed out some more advantages, but I don't want to. Bye.