• 2010

    Set 2 2013, 6:03

    Summer - Flaming Lips/Dead Weather/Explosions In The Sky Sandstone Amp. (Kansas City)
    Dead Weather - Congress Theater (Chicago)
  • 2008

    Lug 2 2009, 2:25

    Ratdog 3/24/08
    Pointfest 5/18/08
    Kansas/Michael Stanley/Mama's Pride Oct 08
  • Recent Concerts

    Dic 15 2007, 3:29

    Sept 30, 2007 - Pointfest 29, "Riverport Ampetheatre" Maryland Heights, MO
    Oct 12, 2007 - Widespread Panic, Fox Theatre, St Louis, MO
    Nov 18 - Neil Young, Fox Theatre, St Louis, MO
  • You would think . . .

    Gen 16 2007, 9:34

    You would think that there could at least be a short delay in the subscriber profile like there is in the music charts.

    It didn't waste any time updating my age, dammit! :-P

    And TECHNICALLY, it's incorrect . . . until 1:45 PM cst, so there! :-P
  • Concerts : through 2006

    Gen 14 2007, 10:44

    December, 2006 - Zappa Plays Zappa
  • Concerts : The 90's (the rest of 'em)

    Gen 12 2007, 5:21

    The one-two combination of the death of Jerry Garcia and the arrival of the former L.A. Rams NFL franchise to St Louis kinda changed my direction for several years.

    I had stopped playing gigs in the Fall of '94 . . . and just didn't have the same zest for music in general, THEN Jerry died. :-(

    I discovered a similar "big event" atmosphere, albeit completely different from a concert type of culture, at that first Rams home game, and that kinda scratched the itch, not to mention, was very expensive! ($1000 per seat for the right to buy season tickets and $350 per season (until they won that Superbowl (YAY!)then it got REAL expensive) The only concerts I think I went to was in '97 (Styx w/ Pat Benetar . . . in the rain at a venue I HATE . . . I SO didn't wanna go, but, I was sweet on this girl and all . . . and in '98 saw The Other Ones and although it was amusing the see Phil Lesh singing "Mississippi Halfstep", I was very underwhelmed, even in combination with my very last attempt at enjoying that funny small printed perforated paper square . . . didn't work that way . . . haven't done THAT since . . . or several years before then, come to think of it.

    But lets face it. No Jerry? No Dead. It disgusted me to no end when some members of the Grateful Dead masqueraded as The Dead with Joan Osborne (whom I really like, but . . .) singing the Jerry Songs. Hell, I'm still pissed about that! (I didn't realize how much until I was typing this)

    My life in general was going in a direction that didn't support any real musical involvement, mine or anyone else's. I wasn't healthy - was in complete denial about it . . . and was more interested in just going to the tavern and getting drunk and forgetting everything, if but for a short while.

    So that was the end of the "Musical Era" of my life, if I even pondered it at all then.(I did). I didn't even own an instrument from '95-2001. Little did I know what was around the corner!

    Oh yeah! I saw Garth Brooks in the late in '96 (I was the only one a buddy of mine could find with a car and money for beer!) Had a great time too . . . I've never been into country music, but, Garth puts on a fantastic show! The encore, much to my amazement was Cat Steven's "Wild World" and *gasp* THE song that awakened me musically, at 5, "American Pie".
  • Concerts : The 90s ('90-'94)

    Gen 5 2007, 8:29

    1990 - Grateful Dead :

    July 4 - Sandstone Ametheatre - Bonner Springs, KS
    July 6 - Cardinal Stadium - Louisville, KY
    July 18 - Deer Creek Ampetheatre - Noblesville, IN
    Dec 13 - McNichols Sports Arena - Denver, CO
    Dec 14 - McNichols Sports Arena - Denver, CO

    Fall '90 - Allman Brothers w/George Thorogood
    Fox Theatre, St Louis, MO

    1991 - Allman Brothers w/Little Feat
    Muny Opera, St Louis, MO

    1992 - Grateful Dead

    March 23 - The Palace - Auburn Hills, MI
    March 24 - The Palace - Auburn Hills, MI
    July 1 - Buckeye Lake Music Center - Hebron, OH

    Early '92 - Merl Saunders - Mississippi Nights,
    St Louis, MO

    1993 - Aug 25 Grateful Dead - Shoreline Amphitheatre - Mountain View, CA
    Aug 26 Grateful Dead - Shoreline Amphitheatre - Mountain View, CA
    Aug 27 Grateful Dead - Shoreline Amphitheatre - Mountain View, CA

    1994 - Grateful Dead

    July 26 - Riverport Ampetheatre - Maryland Heights, MO
    July 27 - Riverport Ampetheatre - Maryland Heights, MO
    Sept 16 - Shoreline Amphitheatre - Mountain View, CA
    Sept 17 - Shoreline Amphitheatre - Mountain View, CA
    Sept 18 - Shoreline Amphitheatre - Mountain View, CA
  • Concerts : The 70s revised

    Gen 3 2007, 0:50

    How could I forget? (easily, it seems, these days :-P )

    Summer 1978 - Missouri (Six Flags over Mid America, St Louis)

    Summer 1977 - KC & The Sunshine Band (Yeah, I'm laughing too . . . gimme a break! I was TWELVE for Gods sake!)
  • Concerts : The 80s revised

    Gen 2 2007, 8:02

    How could I forget The Rolling Stones at Busch (W/ Living Colour) Sept 1989???

    Also, Neil Young at The Muny Opera in the summer of '87 and Chicago, either in '87 or '88 at The Muny.
  • Concerts : The 80s

    Gen 2 2007, 7:49

    I suppose since I started this concert thing, I should at least try to finish it.

    1980 - Superjam '80 - Busch Stadium (Sammy Hagar, Journey, Judas Priest, 2 others . . cant believe i forgot) Was well over 100 degrees that day . . the people I went to the concert with made a white on red banner that said "Sammy's Best Fuck The Rest" and at one point they got it to the stage and sammy held it up for all to see . . . Journey was particularly irritating. Watching steve perry prance around the stage like a pickle smoocher in the heat was dissappointing along with NO music from the "pre-infinity" era.

    (speaking of Busch Stadium (The Old One) while surfing for more info about who played at SJ'80, I came accross this . . . those from the "where did ya go to highschool?" town will get a kick out of this, I'm sure :


    1981 - Shooting Star (Kiel Opera House)
    - Van Halen (Arena)
    - ELO (Arena)

    1982 - no concerts, but, in '82 I played my first bar! "The Filling Station" on the south side somewhere. I was 17 and got SERVED as well as played! Heh.

    1983 - Neil Young (Solo) (Keil Auditorium)
    - Eric Clapton (w/ Ry Cooder) (Keil Auditorium)
    1984 - Yes (I think it was at The Arena)
    1985 - Steppinwolf & The Guess Who (San Antonio arena where the NBA Spurs play . . . was very dfisappointed in The Guess Who, as there was no Burton Cummings or Randy Bachman)

    1987 - Pink Floyd (The Arena - St Louis)

    1988 - Grateful Dead (4 shows at Alpine Valley, E Troy, WI)(June)
    - Grateful Dead (Buckeye Lake, Hebron OH)(July)
    - Grateful Dead (4 shows Capital Center, Landover, MD)(Sept)
    - Grateful Dead (Reunion Arena, Dallas TX)
    1989 - no concerts that year, however I played at a very small one, "Woodstock Fast Forward" at Keiner Plaza in downtown St Louis in August. The promoter printed up Tshirts for the event . . . I've actually seen my name on a 'concert shirt'! *it was misspelled! lmao*

    There's more, I'm sure. I'll add as I remember.