• Bitrates of the Caribbean

    Mar 25 2008, 20:44

    The Menu's great great grandfather used to be a cook on the Flying Dutchman, and recepies were passed on from generation to generation. So for Bokal's 4th, The Menu presents four Pirate inspired dishes.

    As a starter, we suggest a Kraken Soup. According to predominantly unsubstantiated stories this huge, multi-armed creature could reach as high as the top of your head, wrap it's arms around your skull and keelhaul your soul !! Eventually you would drown into a sea of sound !!

    As a main dish we serve Tuna Steak and for desert there's some scrumptious LeChuck's Pie, which is basically pie made of evil-undead-zombie-demon-ghost-pirate-monkeys.. Mmmmm - that does taste delicious, but still we need to flush it all down with some home-made Pirate Grog. Even though grog is essentially a watered-down version of rum, this release ain't no watered-down version of what house and techno is all about. You'll get drunk just by listening to it !! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrr !!!
  • Potions & Poisons

    Mar 25 2008, 20:00

    It took us a while to deliver our fifth installment, but then again, this time The Menu is not serving your typical main course.

    We are talking magic here, and all good things in life quite simply are worth waiting for!

    His musical kitchenery has been tasted approvingly by artists such as Raresh, TomBoy and Franco Bianco, who provides us with a remix on this EP. As usual all 5 trax balance in that grey zone somewhere in between house, techno and electronica, spiced up
    with a healthy dose of humor.

    We need to warn you however to handle these trax with extreme caution, as strange side-effects may occur. That is, of course, except for the Magic Double Mist Aperitif - you can never have enough of that!