VNV Nation @ Toad's Place


Mar 26 2010, 15:01

Thu 25 Mar – VNV Nation
VNV Nation is one of the few bands that I'll travel any distance to see. From talking to a few people in the crowd, there were a few other folks who made a 2+ hour drive coming as far as Albany, NY and Boston, MA. The weary travelers were not disappointed, despite the show not getting underway until just after 9:30.

Ayria was a pretty good opening act. I had unfortunately missed them when I they opened for VNV Nation on the Part 1 of the tour. Jenn came out after the show and talked with a number of us, and she's quite a cool character. I plan to add their CDs to my collection in the coming month or two.

VNV followed, and with it came two more hours of awesomeness. Pro Victoria started off the festivities. I was especially pleased to hear both Homeward and Honour 2003, two which I missed on the first leg of the tour.

The full set list was the following:
Pro Victoria
Tomorrow Never Comes
The Great Divide
The Farthest Star
Encore 1:
Honour 2003

The set kicked ass, but while the memories are fresh, I'd like to reiterate just how awesome Ronan is with the crowd. The three standout moments with the audience could be titled "Drunk in Public", "DMV Nation", and "Hello Ian".

For those of us who stuck around to get autographs, Toad's actually closed and everyone had to shuffle out after we got our stuff signed.


  • Snerdly

    Hey you (putting two and two together here) grabbed the setlist off the stage right after the show, my buddy's girlfriend failed to snag Anyways could you post it? Would much appreciate :)

    Mar 26 2010, 20:16
  • iunderwood

    Done. :)

    Mar 26 2010, 22:04
  • Musik-Heart

    wonderful songs. illusion is my favorit song

    Ott 8 2011, 8:39
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