Nov 30 2006, 5:25

If anyone's been watching my profile lately, you would know I've been listening to a lot of Origin.

Well, I thought it'd be nice to write a good ol' review for it. Amy Lee herself thought it was crap. I beg to differ. I thought it was better than Fallen and The Open Door. Some may think I'm smoking some weed by saying that, but hey, it's my opinion.

I got Origin via BitTorrent. Yes, you'd think it's illegal, but Amy Lee said herself to go download it if I didn't have it. So I took her advice, and got it. So there.

So, since Amy Lee didn't like the album too much herself, how does it stack up to Fallen?

Unfortunately, there are tracks on Origin that appear on Fallen, such as My Immortal, Whisper, and Imaginary. I hate to make comparisons, but...

Imaginary: In my opinion, Origin holds the upper hand here.

Whisper: Fallen gets the upper hand here. Just sounds more well-done than it did on Origin.

My Immortal: Comparing the two, I think they sound almost exactly the same. (I'm not going to compare Origin's My Immortal to the alternate version on Fallen, which has guitars instead of pianos.)

With those out of the way, let's look at what unique offerings Origin has.

Origin: Intro for the album. Leads right into Whisper, if your player supports Gapless playback.

Where Will You Go: Even though Origin was a demo to convince record companies to sign a label for Evanescence, I thought this could easily pass as a full-blown song, that is already complete. I loved the song. I loved the lyrics: "You can't escape / You don't want to escape". Overall, I liked the lyrics, and definitely loved the beat of the music.

Field of Innocence: Lovely track. Beautiful instrumentals to compliment the very nice lyrics. I loved the vocals in this track lots, as well.

Even in Death: This one introduced me to Origin, and as such, I loved this track, especially when it got towards the end, with the guitar instrumental. In my opinion, that's when this one begins to actually take off. Until then, this track sounds like a slouch to me.

Anywhere: Sounds to me like a low-key track, very calm, and very much like Even in Death, it slowly builds up to become energetic towards the end. I like this one, but it's really there for easy listening, not for work, or activity.

Lies: From the outset, this becomes the rock genre. Pretty good if you like newer rock, avoid if you don't. It was a "Meh" for me. Didn't hate it, didn't like it.

Away From Me: This was a ...strange song. I've no idea what it really talks about, I do like the beat to it, very upbeat, very active, and it maintains a steady rate of energy throughout the song, taking a slight dip towards the middle.

Eternal: This is a completely instrumental track just there to bridge the gap between Away From Me and Listen to The Rain. All I can really say is I like the rain sound effects, and the piano.

Listen to the Rain: This DOES NOT sound like an Evanescence song, nor does it feel at home on this album. Doesn't mean I don't like it. It sounds like a Choir is singing the song, and damn, does it sound beautiful. Very calming, and very relaxing, which is why I said it doesn't feel at home on this album.

Last is Demise, which is just instrumental, and ends the album.

Overall: I loved Origin, far better than Fallen or The Open Door. Some may beg to differ, but that's my opinion.


  • itoilet9

    I'll have to look into the EPs. And speaking of Origin, a few of my friends who like Evanescence, of course, called me a crack head for thinking Origin > The Open Door. Origin just sounded better, though it wasn't done in a real studio. I guess the homebrew quality appeases me. ;)

    Dic 4 2006, 6:02
  • PuppetGirl

    I so agree with you. I love origin and i find it better than fallen and the open door too! field of innocence is pure brilliance!

    Mar 2 2007, 22:29
  • bowdowntomono

    I've just started to listened to loads of old Evanescence stuff too. I wouldn't say it's better than Fallen, and I haven't heard the Open Door in its entirety, but it's definitely as good as Fallen. The quality of the recordings is as good, and Anywhere's become one of my favourite songs. Thank you Amy Lee for telling us to download this for free.

    Mag 17 2008, 13:13
  • unnami

    I love Orgin, tracks like Anywhre or Lies are amazing. And I love all of their tracks befor Fallen and The Open Door. You should find and listen tracks like "Forgive Me', "You', "Understanding' or 'Solitude. I have all Evanescence's tracks and I think those before Fallen anf TOD are the best. And My Immortal has over 5 versions... Others song also.

    Ago 5 2009, 19:15
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