• Big Bad Voodoo Daddy puts a swing in Melbourne's step

    Apr 13 2009, 0:59

    Sun 12 Apr – Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Frankie Wants Out

    The ultimate swing band just hit Melbourne! Big Bad Voodoo Daddy came and dazzled us with an 8-piece line-up that projected a massive wall of sound my ears are still whining from. Every single player there was a master of their art and showed it off... regularly...

    Karl Hunter on saxophone with his signature sound on the Go Daddy-O intro, the amazing Joshua Levy on piano, Kurt Sodegren with his pounding toms, Dirk Shumaker with his spinning bass, Andy Rowley with his barking baritone, Tony and Glen and their wailing trumpets, Alex Henderson the trombone legend, and of course Mr. Pinstripe Suit Scotty Morris; they were all there and doing their thing, just as I remembered it when I first heard their self-titled album all those years ago.

    Just to see these guys doing their thing live and in the flesh was a dream come true and just a BIT of a mind trip as I finally got to witness the masters at work. Absolutely flawless balance, incredibly thoughtful solos, really really tight grooves, and fantastic showmanship really put these guys on a level which few bands achieve.

    From the zoot suits to the farewell song (with just a hint of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' thrown in) to the crazy originals and the New Orleans sound, BBVD delivered a night that I will long remember. The packed Corner Hotel clamoured for more and they got it!

    Do not miss Big Bad Voodoo Daddy next time...
  • Sharon Jones gives Melbourne some soul

    Gen 3 2009, 1:35

    Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings visited Melbourne shortly after the Falls Festival to give those of unlucky enough to either to get to Falls or get lost in the attempt a chance to hear them live.

    And hear them we did. Absolutely brilliant original music, a funky soul sound straight out of the 70s, and a live stage presence bigger than the room courtesy of Miss Jones got the crowd moving and responding wildly.

    I loved the way she interacted with the crowd, asking people up on stage and dancing with the guys and girls, including them in the song and commenting between lyrics on everything from the New Year to certain dance styles... even several improv and very funny dance moves which she exhibited to us.

    If you missed Sharon this time around I'm sure she'll be back. Just don't miss that one!
  • Brandi Carlile debuts in Melbourne

    Mar 31 2008, 7:02

    Sun 30 Mar – Maroon 5, OneRepublic, Brandi Carlile, Ry Cuming

    Despite the other two bands, Maroon 5 and OneRepublic, not being my cup of tea exactly (though when the first Maroon 5 CD came out I remember I really liked one song) - I decided I would go to this gig purely to see Brandi Carlile on her first performance in Melbourne.

    I missed her signing though! After she finished playing she said she's be signing stuff after the performance but I thought she meant after the entire concert, not after that slot... I have a t-shirt from the merch stand now however :D
    Still, I'm extremely disappointed I didn't get the shirt signed :(

    Brandi's performance was huge - she has an amazing voice and it was really kicking the crowd out of their seats... Even two guys behind me who were obviously not there for the music were entranced when she sang 'Creep' by Radiohead (speaking of which, they wouldn't shut up the entire concert and I felt like swatting their heads off their necks, but I digress).

    She sang all the tracks that I loved listening to, Creep, the Story, and a few others. Her slot went by way too fast and I was extremely disappointed to see her and her talented band members disappear.

    There was a point in her show where they did a song I've never heard before (in fact I think there were two such), and the cellist began to play in a bit of a 'metallica meets orchestra' manner. Still, very cool.

    I'm really happy I got to see her first performance in Melbourne and I hope this is the beginning of her rise to fame in Aussie at least!
  • The Melodics

    Gen 27 2008, 7:08

    Got to go see The Melodics live on Friday night in Melbourne! Excellent show, with some great players.

    It was a five-piece band with a bass player, drummer, saxophonist, pianist, and vocalist, with a guest rapper/singer.

    The music styles ranged from hip-hop to reggae to funk and each were handled expertly. The sax player especially had some real talent and improvised through a great deal of the set, as did the pianist and bass player. I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure there was also a fair bit of free-form rap in there. The lead was pretty good, reminded me a bit of the Cat Empire. The drummer also had some really nice moves.

    All in all, a great night out.
  • Mnozil Brass - Awesome Bohemian Rhapsody

    Giu 5 2007, 3:27

    Grrr, if only I could play like that...

    Bohemian Rhapsody
    Mnozil Brass
  • DMB got my funk motor running... ;-)

    Mag 2 2007, 3:37

    Tue 1 May – Dave Matthews Band, Xavier Rudd

    Opening first with Xavier Rudd, who is an *extremely* accomplished musician, the gig got off to a great start with some very sedate moshers swaying to his beat. I've never seen him live before though I've often heard how good he is, but I wasn't quite prepared for his awesome ability to keep track of several different musical threads in real time (i.e. bass drum, didge, and guitar).

    He played through a lot of the old favourites as well as some of the songs from his new album, which, shockingly, involves another drummer! One of them was a very groovy type track which I really liked the sound of.

    After he finished Dmb came on stage, and they were everything I imagined, and then some! They did a Neil Young cover which really got us wild, a lot of their steamier -driven tracks such as Crash and When The World Ends, and a lot of their old standards: Too Much, Jimi Thing, etc.

    They 'finished' with Ants Marching, the track I'd been waiting all night to hear, and it blew us away. So much so that Melbourne refused to let them go, chanting and clapping until Dave came back on stage and did a new song called 'Sister', and then with the rest of the band a few more solid items (I think one was Stay).

    Interesting tidbits:

    The guy who plays trumpet also played a bass trumpet and something that might have been a flugel horn. He had some seriously good chops and was really holding his own in the solos he had with the sax player. I was surprised how much of a role he had to play in the band - though I do listen almost exclusively to their The Central Park Concert CDs so probably missed hearing him properly in the other ones which I do have.

    He also is the one who sings with Dave in Stay (Wasting Time).

    I thought I'd traveled pretty far to hear them, but there was someone next to me from Cairns, of all places.

    Xavier Rudd uses pre-recorded sound in live gigs! If this isn't cause for the type of out-cry that landed Holly Valance in hot water I don't know what is ;)
  • GCB National Champions

    Apr 28 2007, 1:37

    If you want to hear the music we played at the nationals go here: http://nfomation.com/archives/459.

    Plus, you can hear me clearly in the fourth piece at about 5:40 and and 13:29.... :D

    Doesn't sound that impressive as it would if you were there, but anyway.

    Also, I'm going to see DMB soon! More here later.
  • Reel Big Fish

    Apr 1 2007, 16:02

    The Reel Big Fish came and rocked Melbourne tonight! Along with guests Guttermouth and Bagster, they played at the Billboard, a nightclub in Little Burke.

    - Bagster was OK - a few problems with intonation and since I'm a trombone player, the guy on trombone was under heavy criticism for being a little poor with his technique. Balance overall was pretty poor, and the songs sounded all the same with very little differentiation...

    - Guttermouth was tons better, but again mostly a blast-fest with a noisy feel overall, though sometimes you could hear enough rhythm to groove to.

    Finally the Big Fish... man they were every bit as good as I hoped and expected. Tight band, great balance, and excellent crowd manipulation. We made sure they came back and did three songs as an encore!
  • Are you Mainstream?

    Mar 30 2007, 0:51

    I think this is a reasonable score...

    Last.fm-Mainstream-O-Meter result
    • 1 - Paul Simon: 112,510 listeners
    • 2 - Dave Matthews Band: 186,754 listeners
    • 3 - The Beatles: 599,618 listeners
    • 4 - Led Zeppelin: 415,870 listeners
    • 5 - Reel Big Fish: 118,132 listeners
    • 6 - Pearl Jam: 291,568 listeners
    • 7 - Ben Harper: 145,102 listeners
    • 8 - Thirsty Merc: 4,028 listeners
    • 9 - Rammstein: 292,575 listeners
    • 10 - Brandi Carlile: 11,870 listeners
    • 11 - Aretha Franklin: 131,215 listeners
    • 12 - Red Hot Chili Peppers: 609,411 listeners
    • 13 - Jamie Cullum: 89,920 listeners
    • 14 - "Weird Al" Yankovic: 120,135 listeners
    • 15 - Stevie Wonder: 170,833 listeners
    • 16 - Billy Joel: 169,154 listeners
    • 17 - Daly Wilson Big Band: 18 listeners
    • 18 - R.E.M.: 388,440 listeners
    • 19 - Bob Marley & The Wailers: 147,552 listeners
    • 20 - Royal Crown Revue: 5,250 listeners
    • 21 - Cat Stevens: 128,552 listeners
    • 22 - The Offspring: 318,607 listeners
    • 23 - Tripod: 2,514 listeners
    • 24 - Jack Johnson: 305,501 listeners
    • 25 - Powderfinger: 19,461 listeners
    • 26 - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy: 13,316 listeners
    • 27 - Cherry Poppin' Daddies: 15,494 listeners
    • 28 - Cold Chisel: 3,826 listeners
    • 29 - Dave Matthews: 35,961 listeners
    • 30 - AC/DC: 293,765 listeners

    isaacrtree is 38.97 % mainstream

  • Last.fm here I come!

    Set 21 2006, 11:19

    I actually signed up here ages ago, but didn't actually do anything with it until today... too much to explain.

    Anyway, I like to think of myself not so much as a musical snob as someone who enjoys music that not many people these days seem to (apart from the great people on this site). Bjork, Dave Matthews Band, Paul Simon, the Daly Wilson Big Band, the Beatles, they're all good. Sadly, most people near where I live would seem to like nothing more than to listen to the crap on the local radio station (though we DO have Triple J available also so it's all good).

    Anybody hear heard of Camille, a French artist?

    Lastly, this guy is an awesome accoustic guitar player with an interesting technique: