• Drivin'

    Giu 18 2013, 10:06

    I wish Last.FM/Audioscrobbler took notes on my listening habits in the car. It's weird being told it's the "first time" I've listened to a track that's been my commute soundtrack for months. Jake pointed out that this nearly invalidates scrobbling for him because there is some music he ONLY listens to in the car.

    I also had a scrobbless period recently because my work machine rejected the Audioscrobbler plugin for WMP. I hate incomplete statistics!
  • Last Week While Cooking

    Dic 4 2006, 4:04

    I was making some vegetarian enchiladas for me and the girlfriend last week and, I can tell you, Martinibomb was right there, ready to be my best friend. Cooking while listening to Martinibomb is like a party but with utensils and food.
  • My Life: The Movie - The Soundtrack

    Nov 9 2006, 1:28

    My friend Louley posted a meme where you put your media player on random and take each song that comes up as the soundtrack for a particular portion of the movie of your life (in order). Hers is here. Mine is below.

    Opening Credits:
    Last Rites - A little odd to begin on an instrumental funeral song but I'll take it.

    Waking Up:
    Round Here - Freakishly perfect.

    First Day at School:
    Twistin' - Actually from the album Live!! New York City 1994.

    Falling In Love:
    At This Moment - Just great. My love life opens with a sappy love song from the eighties. That's a bad omen.

    Fight Song:
    Hateful - Okay, this song kicks ass. It wouldn't have been my first choice but, now that I hear it in this context, it's easy to see.

    Breaking Up:
    Preservation - "Girl you just replaced an abyss and it's a bitch." The tone is right but the lyrics are all over the place.

    Feather Pluckn - Life is definitely feather plucking insane.

    Mental Breakdown:
    Venus De Milo - An instrumental is nice now and again.

    World Shut Your Mouth - Fucking brilliant. Best selection so far. This could be on every road mix from now to the end of driving.

    Susan - There are no stand out Susans in my past but it's a nice song.

    Getting Back Together:
    Mission Bells - I like the reggae-ish chorus.

    Playboys - More lyrics that don't bode well for the outcome. "I survived despite you."

    Birth of Child:
    The Ghost At Number One - A live version from Fan Club.

    Final Battle:
    Crazy World - Not as good as the earlier track from The Farm. This is a better night driving song but it could fit.

    Death Scene:
    Fucker - This is going to be a heartbreaking death scene. Blood creeping slowly across the floor. Eyes furiously fighting with the past and the lack of a future.

    Funeral Song:
    Hush Little Baby... - I'd like to thank Winamp for outing my mini obsession with all things The Crow. Though I do think it's nice to end the song on a similar note as it opened. Based on the music so far, this film isn't a Comedy nor is it very comedic.

    End Credits:
    I Believe - Donnie Darko proved it was still hip to have Tears for Fears tracks in your film, so I have no shame in Roland Orzabal singing us out.
  • Testing, testing?

    Gen 6 2006, 18:24

    A friend has introduced me to Pandora and I'm torn between its ease of use and the investment I have in Last.FM (oh, my precious statistics).

    The Pandora interface is simple and makes it easy to get started, plus their matching logic is even more detailed than at this site here. However, because of their need to analyze every song in their database, they are missing a lot of stuff. How can you accurately track my tastes without Pianosaurus or American Life In The Summertime?

    Naturally, there's only one way to handle this: with SCIENCE!

    I've created a Pandora station using the top fifty artists and songs from my Audioscrobbler listening. I will then listen to an hour of Pandora and an hour of "Neighbour Radio" here. I'll count the number of loved, skipped, and hated tracks against the total.

    Has anyone else tested this or made a firm selection between the two? Reasons? Suggestions?
  • Am I not growing as a person?

    Dic 22 2005, 7:38

    I keep checking my neighbours to see if there's anyone new but it's always Jakefish, simwis72, liz156, and erjho right there at the top. Maybe I need to buy some new CDs or something. I feel the need to shake it up.

    I wonder if I actually listened to my Last/Audioscrobbler recommendations if it would change my neighbours. In theory, it would make the connection even tighter.

    Well, whatever...
  • It's missing

    Set 19 2005, 5:00

    Alright, I've bought the soundtrack to Ghostbusters three times now; once on cassette and twice on CD. Where the hell does it disappear to? Is someone messing with my head by stealing this one album from me again and again? If so, stop it.

    I'm going to buy it one...more...time.
  • Test Drive

    Ago 11 2005, 1:49

    Hello, Last.fm, my name is Matthew.

    You're a lot prettier than the last time I saw you. Did you get your haircut? You're also a little slower but I suppose it takes time to learn to walk in high-heeled shoes.