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Mag 19 2012, 14:13

I already went to two concerts of Anneke van Giersbergen this year, one at Tivoli de Helling in Utrecht on the 17th of February and one at P60 in Amstelveen on the 22nd of March. Both concerts were part of her Dutch club tour, to promote her new album Everything Is Changing. Both concerts were really great but the one in Utrecht was absolutely fantastic. I think it was sold out, or at least almost sold out, which means there were (almost) 450 people in the audience. Her increasing popularity is probably due to her appearances in the Dutch television show 'De wereld draait door' (Literally: The world keeps on turning). But this also had a funny side effect: a lot of people in the audience obviously didn't know anything of her past with The Gathering and were totally unprepared for heavy rock music. I think they were expecting something a lot more soft, poppy or maybe acoustic. The "old fans" on the other hand really enjoyed the heavy rock sound. It was kind of funny to see. She performed all songs of her new album in the same order as on the album, and it was surprising how many people could sing along with the songs, although the album was released only a month ago. Highlight of the evening was Saturnine though, in my opinion. This is such a great song and I was so glad she decided to add it to the setlist. During this song you really saw the difference between the 'new fans' who clearly didn't know the song at all, and the old fans who were singing along and really enjoying every second of it. The evening ended with some other more heavy Agua de Annique songs and the Devin Townsend cover Hyperdrive. It was such a great evening that we decided to visit her again about a month later in P60 in Amstelveen. This concert was great as well, but a bit less compared to the other one. The place had space for 650 persons but was only half full I think, or maybe even less. The audience was not very enthusiastic and was talking a lot, also during the songs, which was really very annoying. Anneke seemed to be not at her best either and she had some technical problems with the sound of her monitor. And maybe she was annoyed as well by the people talking in the back. The setlist contained almost the same songs as the one of the first concert, but the songs were kind of randomized, which didn't work out very well, at least not for me. She added a cover of a band/artist called Chocolate Genius, which I never heard of, but the song sounded really great and very beautiful. Despite the few disadvantages, the concert was still great. Anneke's voice sounded fantastic and she really rocked! I hope to see her again this year in November when she comes to The Hague. It will be a great evening for sure!

Anneke van Giersbergen at Tivoli de Helling on 17 February 2012


1. Feel Alive (Everything Is Changing)

2. You Want To Be Free (Everything Is Changing)

3. Everything Is Changing (Everything Is Changing)

4. Take Me Home (Everything Is Changing)

5. I Wake Up (Everything Is Changing)

6. Circles (Everything Is Changing)

7. My Boy (Everything Is Changing)

8. Stay (Everything Is Changing)

9. Hope, Pray, Dance, Play (Everything Is Changing)

10. Slow Me Down (Everything Is Changing)

11. Too Late (Everything Is Changing)

12. 1000 Miles Away From You (Everything Is Changing)

13. Saturnine (The Gathering: If_then_else)

14. Fury (Live In Europe)

15. Beautiful One (Air)

16. Hyperdrive (Devin Townsend cover)

17. Witnesses (Air)

Anneke van Giersbergen at P60 on 22 March 2012


1. Feel Alive (Everything Is Changing)

2. My Boy (Everything Is Changing)

3. Take Me Home (Everything Is Changing)

4. Beautiful One (Air)

5. Fury (Live In Europe)

6. You Want To Be Free (Everything Is Changing)

7. Circles (Everything Is Changing)

8. Down so Low (Chocolate Genius cover)

9. Saturnine (The Gathering: If_then_else)

10. Stay (Everything Is Changing)

11. Slow Me Down (Everything Is Changing)

12. Too Late (Everything Is Changing)

13. 1000 Miles Away From You (Everything Is Changing)

14. Everything Is Changing (Everything Is Changing)

15. Hope, Pray, Dance, Play (Everything Is Changing)

16. Hyperdrive (Devin Townsend cover)

17. Witnesses (Air)

Not all of the videos have very good sound quality, though still thanks to the people who made them and put them online.
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  • MustBeDreaming1

    It's such a funny thing about the old and new fans.. I'm really curious about the way it will be on Russian shows. As far as I could get, the biggest part of the audience on the Annie&Danny show consisted of fans of old Gathering: Leaves was met with outstanding applause, and there were some shouts requesting Strange Machines or Saturnine :-) It's especially cool to read journals like this when you know that pretty soon you will attend the same concert :-) Ahh, I'm so impatient about the November show!

    Lug 15 2012, 6:54
  • irisvanhoorn

    It's strange and kind of sad but The Gathering has always been more popular in other countries compared to their 'home country'. Though I still hope they will go on tour again with Silje (at the moment they are touring with 1992 line-up, but I think those albums before Mandylion are just awful, so I'm not going to see them). But I'm looking forward to the Anneke show in November and it's great indeed that we will see about the same show! It will not be happening too often I think! :-)

    Ago 1 2012, 19:42
  • MustBeDreaming1

    Ha-ha, I'm really going to get into their earlier stuff (sometimes I feel pretty good to doom and growling and all that dark stuff), but I have to be in a right mood... I wasn't there for a couple of years :D

    Ago 1 2012, 21:10
  • irisvanhoorn

    Hmm... well I doubt if it's the same for me. I listened to Always... and Almost a Dance once (I deleted them from my library though :-)). But I was skipping almost every song, because of the awful sound. The male vocals on Almost a Dance were really bad, this guy just can't sing imo. I couldn't believe it was the same band. Though I'm glad there are people who like it! :-D

    Ago 2 2012, 12:57
  • MustBeDreaming1

    I listened to some of those songs from earlier albums... haven't got any emotions from them: neither good, nor bad. But that's my common reaction to doom metal songs, I just can't get into them quickly :-)

    Ago 2 2012, 18:21
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