• 002 // Michael Jackson

    Giu 26 2009, 0:30

    Holy shit.

    This is like my childhood dying, seriously (no pun intended). I know he was fucked up mentally, but damn :( As a kid I LOVED him. He's probably the only artist in history when at some point in time, EVERYONE was a fan of his. No matter what genre you listened to, at some point in your life you were a Michael Jackson fan. Don't even lie and said you weren't. (OK, if you weren't a fan, you definitely knew his music). I recently started listening to his music pre-Dangerous and remember how great he once was. They don't make artists (or Quincy Jones) like him anymore.
  • 001 // yes, my taste in music ~sucks~ zommggg

    Feb 24 2008, 22:38

    Why do people spend so much time caring about what other people listen to?

    I was going to delete this account and register a new name, but I like this one too much. Since I don't listen to the majority of what I listened to back when I first made this, I decided it is time to start over.

    I always get the feeling that people here "cheat" with this thing. They turn the scrobbling off when they listen to shit they think they'll get joked on. From here on out, I'm embracing everything that I listen to, no matter how embarrassing it might be. It is impossible to listen to ~philosophical, intellectual~ shit 24/7. I am more than aware that some people on my overall artists won't become legends, and that's cool.

    This site doesn't represent everything people listen to. It only reflects what gets played on their computers. Elitists - sit the fuck down. Thanks.