• New IK album out in February 2007

    Set 4 2006, 12:07

    Hey Last.fm folk,

    Automated machinery is (as we speak) busy pressing copies of our new album "More of What We've Heard Before Than We've Ever Heard Before" in an air-conditioned, sterile environment.

    Once the machinery has finished its fine work of crushing the spirits of the poor bastards who have to monitor the incessant clack-clack of their progress we will have a new CD that will hopefully not spend an eternity in a landfill somewhere on the outskirts of Campbellfield, but rather grace the shelves of astute consumers of contemporary popular guitar based music.

    The album will be released through the fine Sensory Projects http://www.sensoryprojects.com label.

    International Karate are: Callan Fox, Aaron Pepper, Andrew Polydorou and Mark Mascia. Super special guests on the album are Daniel Brownrigg (of Light Says Solo) and Laura Jean (of Laura Jean).

    Go to www.internationalkarate.net for further useless information.

    International Karate