• Scene - Bioluminescence

    Dic 24 2007, 0:52

    My head is totally smashed by the Long Stones Shelter. I've just bought a new Scene album and I'm understanding at the moment that I found something very perspective, interesting and outstanding!

    As a scientist I'm very proud of myself.
  • Not just a weekend ...

    Nov 26 2007, 16:14

    I spent my weekend out of town with my friends. One of them invited me to his bath-house to get our bones properly warmed. I brought my old stereo system with me. Just for fun. I could hardly imagine that we all would be dancing to Infected Mushroom and Electro Sun tunes. But we did so!

    The most powerful remembering is about being sweat out upon Heavyweight. I bet I would never forget this.

    Then we went to my country house to drink some tequila. Listening to Colma and some other ambient stuff. We were talking and laughing. And I suppose that this weekend is another evidence that happiness is here, with us! :)

    P.s. Now I'm looking forward to another evidence: Tip World Party in Moscow next Friday. See you there ;)
  • Music news: Digitalis.

    Nov 14 2007, 17:00

    I first came across the art of Digitalis while listening to new album of remixes on Circuit Breaker. The 10th track (
    Deer Park (Digitalis' Back in The Day Rmx)) was absolutely great. With a lot of soft smooth melodies by Tripswitch and some interesting electronic rhythms by these talented guys. This track seems to be my best on the whole album.

    Actually listening to their old Matsuri Productions release. And this is The Third State. It was rather hard to find it on the net but the searching worths it. Very nice psychedelic work. Especially the Figments of Reality (Funkopath Remix) and Mutagen tracks. Again some strange electronic sounds and voice samples. A very good discovery!

    I hope they're really back! ;)
  • Dj Parade @ St. Peterburg, SP Ubilejniy, 14.10.2006

    Ott 28 2006, 8:28

    Now I want to write about my visitation of Dj Parade, which was held on October 14 this year.

    My friend Nat and I had a VIP ticket, so we have been lucky not to wait in a long queue to the main entrance. So, we entered the Sport Palace Ubilejniy about eleven o'clock in the evening. A girl on the entrance put some strange bangles on our hands. The building is quite large and there hadn't been a lot of people on the VIP dance floor when we came, so we could easily find our friends including Kicha! Oh, she was looking glorious in her Twisted t-shirt. She told me about the line up and we went to the main dance floor to look what Dousk is like. It was about 3 hours till Simon Posford.

    On our way to the main dance floor, we passed two guardians and realized what our pink bangles are needed for. They are showing that we had been a VIP :)

    Dousk was OK. His music was quite light and minimalistic. With some funny and attractive samples. We danced upon his set for some minutes and then returned to our VIP sector. DJ Natasha Pritz was playing there. And she burned our minds with some tasty acid sounds. We decided not to leave this dance floor for some time. After her DJ-set, we drunk some tekilla, and went to the main floor again. And there were some unknown russian DJs. Nataly and I took a look on the other dance floors. Of D&B Techno and of house. All of them were crowded with some inadequate people. So I returned to the VIP sector again.

    There were DJ Cosinus & DJ Sladkiy playing. It was a nice psychedelic set. I called Kicha by SMS and we danced till 2.30. It was the time when Simon had been expected to start his Hallucinogen set.

    Another glass of tekilla and we were on the main dance floor. Waiting for Simon to start. And finally, he started!

    For the first time I was standing so close to the stage and seeing all that was happening on it. Simon started his live Hallucinogen set with some tracks which are unknown to me. And later he played hits. Shamanix, Gamma Goblins. Unfortunately, there were no my favourite Jiggle of the Sphinx. But anyway, we were dancing, taking photos of Mr. Simon and looking on his nice and funny grimaces.

    He he. In my hand I had a pocket flashlight with white semi-conductor diodes. I was using it to make some interesting optical disc effects during my dance. One or two times Simon waved his hand in our direction. I do not know was it connected somehow with the fact that I was flashing with my mini-light into the Simon but it was absolutely great. Kicha was perfectly happy after those waves. And me too, of course.

    Some people were coming near the stage to show some texts written on large pieces of paper to Simon. He read and smiled. And it was nice to see that people really adore and respect this great man.

    Simon was very funny, genius and sometimes very serious. Anyway, he seemed to be just happy. And a lot of people near me seemed so too.

    Then time for a Shpongle set approached. Simon changed his disposition and came upon the upper dj stand. Soon the first sounds of Outer Shpongolia could be heard. Yeah. Again and even more exciting than in April. A very calm and simultaneously uptaking atmosphere. You know, I never listen to Outer Shpongolia just as a track. It is a prelude to Levitation Nation. “Oh!!! Meu Brasil! Overdose de amor nos traz. Se espelha na famэlia Beija-flor. Lutando eternamente pela Paz!” – Kicha sang. And we were totally glad to sing these words all together. And then were Dorset Perception (Lo-Steps Balearic Breaks Re-edit). This variant of Dorset Perception is more danceable. So Simon was right to play exactly this re-edit of his wonderful track.

    So, of course I can write about all the tracks that were played by Simon but it obviously will not give the whole information about the atmosphere of his magical Shpongle set. BTW: there were some new tracks ;)

    The final track was played after Simon had embraced the next DJ. (It was a man from Hybrid, if I’m not mistaken.) This track of course was Vapour Rumours. This by some reasons is called DMT. Anyway, it was great, mystic and fabulous. A great final of a great performance by the greatest man.

    After Simons set, we had been flat-out. We could not dance anymore, so we went to the VIP sector to sit down & wait while the subway would open. The party was over. However, it is not the last party, right?
  • Svet Vokrug @ Moscow, Danilinskaya Manufactory, 07.10.2006

    Ott 8 2006, 17:55

    This Saturday I visited the “Svet Vokrug” festival, which took place in Moscow club called “Danilinskaya Manufactory”. Line up of this event contained several foreign collectives including Banco De Gaia (UK), Nightmares on Wax (UK), President Bongo (Gus Gus) (Iceland) and a lot of russian DJ’s. The whole day I was enjoying the fact, that in the night I’ll be dancing upon live set of Banco De Gaia! In addition, I was wondering if there are any interesting projects but Toby. I’ve been already known with one of them, Nightmares on Wax, but I wasn’t a great fun of them. After the party situation didn’t changed significantly. :)

    So, my friends and I were on the “Yellow” dance floor at ten o’clock in the evening. It was calm there. Some russian DJ’s were playing reggae & hip-hop music. Not very breathtaking atmosphere, but it was OK, and it was only the beginning. Telling the truth, there were little drastic changes on this dance floor even in the end of the whole party. But “Yellow” is not the last colour of this night ;)

    When the “Blue” dance floor had opened, Martin Landers started his deep electronic set. And this was better than hip-hop. It was practically interesting. Practically, but not! The next DJ was dj Sanches, whose set was accompanied by some nice singer. Than we could hear some trip-hop sounds of Nightmares on Wax. But again and again, I came to belief that this night will be held upon “Waiting for Toby”. Then were new DJ’s (I don’t even know their names), then were President Bongo. And after this finally I’ve seen HIM!

    Toby, with all his English punctuality (BTW, It’s an English language word, if I not mistaken) set his electronic equipment including large white screens for video stream one hour before his performance. All this hour I was standing near the scene, looking on Bongo and waiting. Again “Waiting for Toby”. The hour ended and the first magical sounds of Banco De Gaia came upon my ears. This was Waking Up In Waco from You Are Here. “It’s fabulous! I’ve never express anything like this in my life!” No no, this is not the text from this track. It’s from I Love Baby Cheesy, which was a bit later this night. But, this was the very thought in my head, split by sounds of Toby Marks. Last Train To Lhasa whirled me away from this club to the wonderful land of dancing, into the lovely atmosphere of Banco De Gaia music. Touching The Void, Kara Kum and more… The music was accompanied by the video on two large screens. It was great! It was worth waiting all night long. Having played Chingiz, Toby ended the set with a short head bow confirming his English punctuality once more.

    Now, sitting at home and remembering the party, I can confidently declare. There are at least two genius guys on this planet! Toby & Simon Posford. (BTW, they know each other). Hope seeing the second of them on octouber the 14th in St. Petersburg.