• something that enchants me

    Giu 7 2008, 0:50

    something that enchants me about the music of the past is it's simplicity. sometimes it's sad, sometimes it's get out of your seat knee slappingly fun, sometimes it's a little harsh, but whatever it is, it doesn't try to be something that it's not.

    you listen, and you feel a man living his life, and expressing natural joys and sorrows. a woman singing her story in the park.

    Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
    Cesária Évora
  • Ancient Music - My Confession

    Feb 23 2008, 13:14

    About four or five years ago, I was driving my car through a huge parking lot in South Florida - feeling utterly disconnected from nature, from history, from anything that came before they leveled a bunch of trees and poured concrete all over. At that moment a song played on the satelite radio. It was the Mummers Dance by Loreena McKennitt and it was my first time hearing it.

    Loreena's voice struck me at sea. (like Robert Smith once said) I was lost in a an endless ocean of commercial nothingness, surrounded by perfectly manicured palm trees, minivans and shopping carts. I felt so alone. I was longing for something, anything other than what i was seeing. I knew there was a world out there, but it was hidden, out of sight, far far away.

    That feeling was completely and utterly transformed into a wild flight of fantasy just from hearing a few vibrations of Loreena's voice. My imagination and my memory had been set on fire and intertwined in a wild serenade. I remembered glimpses of childhood. The smells of Akacia trees. The moonlit view of the stars from a mountain top in Greece. Deserts, Melodies, drums, instruments, mountain plains, the taste of Kim Chi (of all the things in the world - don't ask why Kim Chi).

    The place I was seeking was not a geographic location. It was a way of being. A way of living.

    It was probably at that moment that I had fully realized just to what degree music is our connection to the world, to the past, and to each other. You can read a book and get a similar feeling, but hearing Loreena at that moment was something else - it was a living moment that gave me sustenance, and only in a fragment of a second too. It was like all the words of some beautiful book came flooding into my heart at the same time.

    I created the Ancient Music group as a sort of starting point for those looking to dig deeper into the past. For me, this sense that there must be something out there came and went for many years, and will probably continue to do so, yet whenever I remember - and take the time to let these ancient sounds seep straight into my heart, I experience a sort of depth, sadness, joy, and lightness - all at the same time.

    If you feel strongly drawn to some music that inspires a connection with the past, then please feel free to come and share it over at the group.

    Recently hearing Ross Daly was a similar sort of parking lot experience for me. ( Thanks to devojche for the introduction! :) If any of this sounds familiar to you, please take the time to listen to his music. It's beyond explanation.

    The Ancient Music group does not confine itself to any strict definition of "ancient music". This is done intentionally to leave the room for both the seekers of antique sounds, and those who may have caught a glimpse of it in some more modern interpretation. What it takes to reach the heart may be different from person to person, yet once the connection is made, the thread connects that person to others who are also living, without concern for race, gender, belief, or age.

    I would like to welcome any and all - particularly those who are longing for something they cannot define.


    I thank my parents, and all of my wonderful friends who have encouraged me and helped me to explore and discover this connection with music throughout the years.

    Ross Daly
    Loreena McKennitt
    Kulin Ban
    The Cure
    Ravi Shankar
  • Inn3rFlow - New DnB Tracks Released 11/11/2007

    Nov 13 2007, 0:37

    Check out the following NEW DnB tracks released by Inn3rFlow on Saturday, November 11th:

    First Light (free MP3)
    Song of the Mountain (free MP3)
  • DeepSpace - Contemplations on Ambient Music

    Nov 13 2007, 0:09

    a note to Deepspace

    i've been following your stuff since i discovered last fm. i did not previously consider myself to be a fan of ambient or drone, but listening to you has caused some sort of a shift to happen. i've been exposed to what i would consider to be more atmospheric stuff (like The Future Sound of London) since the early 90's, but never quite liberated myself entirely from an obsession with beats. i feel like there is some rhythmic energy in me that yearns to be fully released before i can move on in my expression to what i would consider to be pure music.

    when i write music, it is often to free myself from the looping insanity of repeating mental patterns and a sensory-overloaded world saturated with information, and rarely with purpose. in my music the element of purity typically manifests itself in the form of pads, strings, or samples of female vocals, however the underlying platform is always rhythm. it is that raw energy (the masculine) that moves thru the world in a brute, unrefined condition, until it burns out and eventually emerges itself in the form of gentle, elongated, and softer beauty (the feminine).

    for me, (and from your biography it seems that you may feel this way too) experiencing music is a process of simultaneous self-discovery and renewal.

    i first felt this quite intensely as a child when i heard Debussy for the first time, and one other piece - a Prelude by Scriabin (who was also quite an interesting man with an interesting mission...)

    at these particular times, i felt music acting directly on my soul, unlike the rhythmic sequences produced by Mozart and other composers, which up until then, had only acted only on my body.

    (btw, to experience music acting on your body, just listen to a track with a heavy bass kick at 130bpm, and your foot will tap at about twice the normal heart rhythm. increase the bpm, and watch what happens to your heart beat. )

    in general, slower, elongated sounds soothe and relax ... literally inducing a cleansing effect , while higher reaching vibrations lift us higher. meanwhile lower and slower vibrations ground us in our environment.

    in this sense, ambient music is exactly the way you envision it... a journey into one's deepest sanctuary, while rhythmic music for me is a shaker that allows one to shake off stress, and perhaps over time, reach a more receptive condition where one is finally prepared to dive into the depths that ambient music uncovers.

    what attracted me to your music was this aspect of a complete and utter plunge into a continuous fabric. when one submerges into the Barometric Sea, gravity departs, released of its obligations, allowing the listener to float, free from the confines of logic.

    i also enjoy elements of such regenerative music in some traditional folk music. if you think about it, most musical instruments appeared in shapes and forms which imitated the human voice, the human experience. and of course, the first instrument was the voice iself.
    our voice, when freed from the confines of language, is in fact a sort of ambient drone.

    we can convey our joy, pain, and even exaltation with mere vibrations. try it sometime, just make some sounds... it's great fun!

    continuous vibration is really the most direct experience of a person's vital presence, which after all is the same force that drives one to sit down at the keyboard in the first place... propelled forward by neither rhyme nor reason.

    anyways.. i hope to find more time to listen to your music and wish you all the best.

    -daniel inn3rflow
  • New DnB Releases Available Here

    Nov 11 2007, 0:26

    Thanks you all for your continued support. Just wanted to announce two new tracks...

    First Light and Song of the Mountain

  • Free MP3 Tracks Released 10/28/2007

    Ott 28 2007, 6:57

    "A Long Journey Begins" off of "Still tryin'..." and "Halo" from the album "98" have both been released as free downloads.