• Pretty Addicted

    Giu 23 2013, 2:14

    Every once in awhile theres an artist that comes out which just has all the perfect elements. My core interests stem between Industrial/Techno/Trance/Electropunk, and Pretty Addicted has it all.

    Take 1 part hard rave techno, 1 part obnoxious punkish/indust vocals, throw on addictively catchy synth melodies, and you have : Pretty Addicted!! It is truly...pretty fucking addicting.

    Vicious Precious vocals explore topics of social disgust, androgeny, offensive and obnoxious sexual references with a whole lot of 'fuck you'. It's energetic in your face trashy techno industrial. This is the best act I've found in years :)

  • Cybo

    Ago 25 2011, 13:48

    It's been several years now since I've known of this ambient/experimental goddess and with her recent release "Echoespond", she's really recaptured my interest.

    Her music is a kind of chill out electro/ambient ethereal.. hybrid. Minimal downtempo beats meshing with sweeping textures of noise and soothing soundscapes. The best part is her mesmerizing vocals often just presented as background ambience.

    Echoespond is a great new release, but if you are new to Cybo, I'd recommend grabbing "Rendered Senseless" first as it is the most incredible to me. She has to be one of the greatest newer artists to happen to the ambient/experimental underworld. I cannot even believe she is still mostly unknown, and 100% self produced. <33

    Support Cybo!!! :)
  • Third Realm

    Giu 17 2010, 22:37

    Finally!! A newer industrial band with a different sound!! Wow I am really into these guys.

    The vocals have such variation that it never gets old. The sleek dismal singing voice fuses into both raw and distorted screams in this kind of synthetic perfection... but it all depends on the song. Musically the albums are just dark and inspiring and every single track has a unique sound with unique vocals.

    Occasionally theres even a hint of light and euphoria in the synthlines but vocalist Nathan Reiner always brings it back to this intense dismal vibe. The intelligent lyrics painfully express the inners horrors which plague us all, but there is a unique perspective. I've found much to think about from these lyrics. This song has been my current addiction, and sustenance for the past few days. Destiny <3

    There is just something really cool in the sound here and Third Realm remind me in a very good way, of Razed In Black.

    Both of these cds are exquisite pieces of modern audio technology. :D
  • Tying TIffany

    Mag 23 2010, 12:35

    this chick pwns !!!!!! mmk

    seriously am in love with a suicide girl xDDD

    i mean cmon this sexy trashy suicide girl chic makes awesome electropunk shit. it rocks <33 lol :):) www.myspace.com/tyingtiffany
  • Mind.In.A.Box - R.E.T.R.O

    Mar 12 2010, 0:10

    every once in awhile theres a cd that comes out which is so good that you can just sit down and listen to it all the way through without getting bored. R.E.T.R.O is one of these cds. I am new to MIAB, but I cannot believe i didn't discover them sooner! The melodies in the songs are simplistic (and retroey) but with a processed modern feel. Its definitely some kind of future-retro music. The often vocoder treated vocals add a really nice robotic touch throughout the cd as well. The music emerses you and it really makes u feel like ur living out some synthetic dream in some distant future synthopolis ;)
  • Suicide Commando - Implements Of Hell

    Feb 3 2010, 9:13

    To start off, i have to say i've never really been all that big on Suicide Commando.

    The first SC i remember hearing was from the Mindstrip era, with all those played to death clubhits like Hellraiser and Love Breeds Suicide, etc. While i liked those songs alright, something about them always threw me off, perhaps the lyrical content and vocals. Personally i had always preferred Comatose Delusion, which imo never got the attention and club play it should have.

    Anyways, that being said i was looking up new releases and figured i would try this one out not expecting too much, but FUCK, i am glad i did!! I don't know what it is that makes this new SC cd so good but it has all the components of great harsh ebm.

    The first song, ''The Pleasure Of Sin'' hits like a direct cybernetic injection to the brain frying synapses in the process. The entire cd is solid and every song is really satisfying to listen to. As for current favorites, I'm tending to lean towards 'Hate Me' , maybe because you can really follow what the words are saying which makes it more fun to listen to.

    In comparison to other related releases such as X-Fusion's most recent offering, or even the recent VAC, it soars. Overall i'm really impressed and Suicide Commando has shown that he's more than just another one of the generic hellektro acts and won his way back into my charts. :]

  • Din [A] Tod - Time Made Dogs Of Us

    Mag 19 2009, 2:01

    This new german synthband, Din [A] Tod wrote a great fucking song with this track lol. Most of their material sounds tired and boring really, in a way, i mean, they are nothing new.. but they have points of amazing greatness liket his track and several others!!

    somewhere between and one? ashbury heights colony5 and maybe apop... its great!
    its nothing new but i just had to write, because this song is really great. :D theres an almost a punkish.. vibe..?]electro[?*-~ synth ~-* fell to it.

    Din [A] Tod - Time Made Dogs Of Us
  • Ambra Red - Flower Power [Synthcore Mix]

    Mar 30 2009, 22:55

    Cannot wait for this act's debut!!! I found about 5 demos online or so... and every single one is the catchiest electroclash type stuff i think i've ever heard xDDD

    haha i am so addicted to them all... Oh Boy is probably the best i suppose.. .but i love all of them.

  • Pet Shop Boys - Love, Etc.

    Mar 25 2009, 1:36

    I love it when a relic from the past becomes resurrected with amazing new music. This new PSB single is nothing short of incredible!!! Their music never really caught me all that much, even their epically huge 80s hit ''West End Girls'' never really did much for me, but wow... this new song is addicting.

    The chorus hook is incredible, the words are brilliant and it is all around amazing. I really hope these guys hit the radio charts with this one, though im sure they won't. In my opinion it kicks the living shit out of that crap new depeche mode single, ''Wrong'' for related new synthpop music. Go Pet Shop Boys (:(: <3
  • Blaqk Audio - Mute

    Mar 12 2009, 0:44

    A b-side i guess??? from cexcells..

    It was on some limited copies i guess, but this song is fucking great!! Amazing synthwork and really good hooks! It's of course somewhat mainstream and emo-gay sounding, but thats what you have to expect from blaqk lol.

    Just like when you hear Vnv Nation you know you are going to have to expect to hear ronin's boring monotonous vocals ;)

    Few acts out there have a perfect futurepop-type sound imo. but they all come close, at moments... totally looking forward to blaqk audios future release!! i wonder when it will come