• Ukelution! The T-shirt

    Mar 11 2008, 14:13

    Ukelution! The T-shirt is now available for purchase. Oh yes, you too can join the ukulele revolution and sport this nifty t-shirt design. For those rare moments when you just can't justify carrying around your little uke, wear the t-shirt to show your musical genius.

    More color combinations to come as requested or decided upon according to my own sartorial moods.

    The Shirt

    Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra
    The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra
    The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain
    Jacob Borshard
    Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele
    Jake Shimabukuro
    George Harrison
    Flight of the Conchords

    Shamless, isn't it. ;)
  • Just the Two of Us

    Feb 13 2008, 15:40

    It seems I only have one weekly neighbor this week (on my dashboard). Really? Only one other person here listened to any of these people?

    Age Pryor
    St. Vincent
    Andrew Bird
    The Phoenix Foundation
    David Garza
    Bat For Lashes
    Ola Podrida
    Fly My Pretties

    Is the weekly neighbor determined by a certain combination of artists listened to? Only by the top artist of the week? I would think Andrew Bird and St. Vincent, at least, would have earned me more than one weekly neighbor (who I think is my neighbor because of Bachelorette).
  • My neighbors listen to whom?

    Gen 1 2008, 23:04

    It seems one of my neighbors was listening to Britney Spears. I saw it on my Dashboard. I hoped it was just for laughs. More than 400 plays isn't "just for laughs". Yet most of the other music on their charts is quite good! Nick Drake! Velvet Underground! Even good indie stuff done in this decade!

    It's no good you saying, "But Indigo Jones, you've got Duran Duran in your top 50." It's not the same thing at all. *huffs* They were real musicians.

    Excuse me while I go listen to something snobbishly superior.

    This post brought to you by a healthy amount of tongue in cheek.
  • Drivin' N Cryin'

    Nov 12 2007, 11:56

    Not just the name of a band I listened to back in the '90s, but also how I spent my weekend.

    Someone here on Last.fm was listening to them earlier last week and reminded me that I haven't listened to them in ages. After the trip I took to Tennessee (drivin' for seven hours each way) this weekend to bury my grandmother and uncle (lord, the cryin' I did all weekend), it somehow seemed like the right time to listen to them.

    I saw Drivin 'N' Cryin live in New Orleans at Tipitina's when the Fly Me Courageous album came out. Great show and one of those instances where I realized anyone looks kind of attractive if they're up on a stage and playing great music. Talent: Better Than Beer Goggles!

    Thanks to Owen (wherever he may be these days) for introducing me to them all those years ago.
  • Mental Connections

    Lug 13 2007, 17:27

    I'm listening to Andrew Bird's Heretics right now and I can't help but think that it reminds me just a bit of Zen Frisbee, a local band I used to go see. I'm not even sure why I made the connection. Perhaps it was simply the voices sounding a bit similar at times.
  • False Charts

    Lug 5 2007, 14:31

    My charts this week -- and future weeks if I can't get some program to work -- are not going to really reflect my listening habits. I use my iPods a lot, but I've been having trouble with the Yamipod program more and more over the recent weeks, and for the past few days, I've had almost no luck with the program at all. My nano hasn't worked at all with it for a month or more, and now I can't get the program to work with my video iPod. I try to force Yamipod to send the tracks, but I can't even get that screen to show up; the program stops responding. In the past, if I shut it down and then tried a bit later, the tracks would send on their own when I started Yamipod up again, but that's no longer working either.

    I tried to install iScrobbler once, but I didn't understand what I had to do to get it to work. I was also a bit confused about which program could or could not be running at the time.

    Recently, I saw with the recent Last.fm upgrade that there was supposed to be a way to scrobble your Pod through Last.fm, but so far, I haven't had any luck there, either. I'm particularly thrown by the syncing, since how am I supposed to sync my 2GB nano? I'm not thrilled about syncing my 30GB pod, either, since I have stuff on my computer that I don't necessarily want on my iPod.

    Anyone have any suggestions or step by step help for getting something -- anything! -- to work? I'm using a Windows PC, not a Mac.

    Meanwhile, I've been listening to Age Pryor, Beirut, Brazilian Girls, David Garza, Fly My Pretties, and Ola Podrida (among others) on my Pod, but they haven't been scrobbled.
  • Group Help

    Mag 18 2007, 16:22

    How do you find groups here on last.fm at the moment? Sure, I can find the ones I already belong to, but how do I search for new ones? I guess I'm just overlooking it, but it would be nice if it was a little more easy to find. Like the subscribe link that keeps moving around.
  • Memory Lane

    Mag 15 2007, 21:17

    I get a kick out of how often I'm reminded of bands I saw live years ago who show up on other people's charts here now. These are bands that I only knew from their small local performances and never thought they'd be showing up on people's charts here and with a decent-size following.

    Don Caballero was one of the first bands like this that I stumbled across here. I saw them in New Orleans back in 1993 or so and ended up talking to a couple of the guys after the show. It was a small bar with a small audience. In fact, I was there to see another local band, but happened to enjoy DC's performance and later bought their For Respect CD when I happened to stumble across it in some indie record store. I had no idea they'd become this well-known math rock band until I read up on them here.

    Today, after checking out the charts of someone who visited my page, I was reminded of both Pain Teens and Karma to Burn. I'm pretty sure I bought Pain Teens Destroy Me, Lover CD in 1992 or so after RU486 made it onto the local college station's regular rotation. I never saw them live and wasn't surprised that others knew about them, but it was still nice to see someone else listening to them. RU486 is on my faves playlist right now. I had ripped that particular song for a college memories mix I made a couple of years ago.

    Karma to Burn was the real surprise for me, though, when I saw them on someone's charts. I saw them in Greensboro some time around late 1994. They played at the Turtle, a small local club run by some guys I sort of knew. Once again, I enjoyed the show, even though I was there to see someone else, and somehow ended up talking to Rich, the bassist. I think the band was staying with some guys who lived down the street from me at the time (at least one of whom was in the band Sans Sobriety; I went to high school with him.). At some point I know Rich came down the street with us to my apartment (I don't remember who else came along) and we hung out and talked and tried to find a cure for the bad case of the hiccups he'd developed that night. A few years later, I saw a Karma to Burn CD in the store and picked it up, but never really listened to it. I liked them better as an instrumental band and this album had vocals. Maybe I'll have to pull it out again and give it a listen.
  • Ampersand Issues

    Apr 9 2007, 18:14

    When I listen to Iron & Wine on my iPod nano and then submit the tracks through Yamipod, it gets screwed up and posts as Iron %26 Wine. This is a relatively new problem. I haven't updated iTunes or my iPod or Yamipod in the time that this problem has started, although I know there's been an update to the scrobbler program, but I can't remember if the problem was before or after that. Since I can't go in and correct the title manually in last.fm, any suggestions on how to fix this problem?
  • Odd Time Signatures

    Apr 6 2007, 8:28

    I love songs with odd time signatures. There's just something about them that appeals to me. Genesis' Apocalypse in 9/8 is a fantastic example, but I was also just listening to Age Pryor's The Condition, which also has an odd time signature, which I just realized. Explains why I like the song so much. There are so many great song examples; those are just two. What are your favorite examples of odd time signatures?