• Rush.

    Lug 18 2008, 18:02

    Thu 17 Jul – Rush

    Fucking amazing.
  • Bonnaroo

    Giu 18 2008, 7:34

    Felice Brothers
    Lez Zeppelin (SO FUCKING AMAZING... quite possibly the sexiest show ever... and it felt like I was seeing Led Zeppelin)

    Tiny bit of Drive-By Truckers and Umphrey's McGee
    Minus the Bear
    The Raconteurs (really good live act... Jack White puts a lot of emotion into it)
    A little of M.I.A. (pretty cool dance sound)
    Chris Rock (which actually wasn't that bad... he was pretty funny)
    Metallica (honestly, this is not my style of music, but they put on one hell of a show... so much talent in that band and fucking Lars is a machine on the drums)
    My Morning Jacket (amazing)
    The Disco Biscuits (fucking amazing)

    Cat Power
    Some of BB King
    Ben Folds
    Jack Johnson (surprisingly was a lot of fun and they're quite good live... Eddie Vedder joined them for one song)
    Pearl Jam (just stunning... the band was so tight and just amazing, the weird thing was that they played a lot of unknown songs, a lot from Lost Dogs... but I knew them so it was alright, but damn, we thought it'd be like a greatest hits thing... either way, fucking great)
    Sigur Rós (wow... just wow... kind of disappointed I didn't get popplagio, andvari, gong, but either way, they were just great, a lot of new songs and they sound really cool live)
    Kanye West (he made us fucking wait forever... ended up watching the first 4 songs or so, but it was a really cool concept...)

    Rogue Wave
    Jakob Dylan

    We were going to stay for Death Cab, but there was a lot of time in between and we were just tired as fuck, plus the sun was beating down on us and we had 13 hours of driving ahead of us, so we jetted... but overall, the concert was absolutely amazing as usual, which everyone should try to attend it at least once in their lifetime... Steve (my bro) was saying that there was more talent here this year than the year we went (2006), which did make it quite an interesting festival, since there was a large variety of bands there, so I would say it was better than 2006, but still, Radiohead was really awesome to see then... it's up in the air... maybe if we stayed to see Death Cab, it'dve topped 06, but they're about the same.
  • Ben Kweller + Guster = Awesomeness.

    Lug 28 2007, 16:42

    Fri 27 Jul – Miller Lite Presents Guster with Ben Kweller

    It started off with "Tripping Balls" which was actually Guster in disguise as a bunch o Hippies. They played a 30 minute song (of mainly just jamming, then a chorus, jamming, a cover of a song I forget now, etc) while a man in a chicken suit fought a guy that was wearing a white beater, some goggles, and a cloth around him as a cape. The man defeated the chicken with a plunger, then the Philadelphia Eagle came out to fight this guy and eventually won (with a plunger). Haha, that was pretty funny... while all this happened, the band played music to go along with the fight scenes.

    At this point, a storm started brewing, but Ben Kweller came on anyway. Let me just first off say that Ben Kweller really can shred on the guitar; he can really get into it. It was my 3rd time seeing him, and the second shortest he's played, but seeing as he's a 3-manned band and the whole band really just knows how to put on a show... it was worth it.

    Now the storm was producing lightning and the stage guys said that they'll wait 15 minutes to see if it passes... 15 minutes later, it's still around, but the band comes out anyway... it starts raining a bit with sporadic lightning, but nothing major. There were parts in songs when the band would start playing harder and right as the bass drum/bass would clash, you would see a giant bolt of lightning... it was really sweet. Guster put on a really good show. At points, they really get into the extension of their songs, and it's just awesome to hear. Plus, the guys (in the band) are really funny... just the comments they say during the show, for example, at the end of their set, the lead singer says something like this, "Well, I guess this is the time where we depart and then come back for the encores, so we'll walk off the stage for 3 seconds, then you have thunderous applause." So they literally walked to the right of the stage for 3 seconds and just turned around.... and as they came back on stage, they had the look on their faces like, "Oh yeah, cool, they really do like us." sort of thing. Awesome.

    After the show.. it poured. We had to walk 1/2 a block to the car, and then drive another 30 minutes in this pouring rain. We were not familiar with the city at all, so yeah, we kinda got lost (and gone forever, ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh). Haha, but it was fucking awesome. Well worth everything.

    Songs played:

    What You Wish For
    The Captain
    The Beginning of the End
    G Major
    Manifest Destiny
    Come Downstairs and Say Hello
    One Man Wrecking Machine
    Airport Song
    Ruby Falls
    Fa Fa

    Either Way
    The New Underground
  • Ben Kweller and Gomez.

    Mar 20 2007, 3:46

    Sat 10 Mar – Ben Kweller

    Extremely fucking awesome show. Ben Kweller really threw down considering he only had two other band members with him... a bassist and a drummer... it was awesome to see Ben Kweller up there all alone playing his acoustic guitar then onto piano... only problem was, the people in the back were really loud, so when he would play by himself, you couldn't really hear him to how you wanted to hear him, but when he strapped on his guitar and his bandmates came back out... dannnngggg yo. It was awesome.

    When Gomez came on... I wasn't really expecting as good of a performance as they put on. The band had an awesome sound live, it was a lot better than expected. All 6 guys of the band knew what to do and when to do it... just put the music in a cohesion only a covalent bond could do. Tom Gray is definitely my favorite front man singer of that group.

    Both extremely awesome performances, and both were a lot better than expected.