• Kraddy, Breaking Out the Break-beat! (Anthems Of The Hero. Review)

    Ott 22 2011, 5:23

    If you had asked me what sort of sound Kraddy [Matthew Kratz] Created before i heard Anthems of the Hero i would of said ,, sometimes big beat, with a hint of . That is what i was expecting.
    Instead the album kicks of with a vibe with big beats, beat counts infused with with the The Glitch Mob's tweaks. (Four minutes into the first track "The Holy Avenger" it edges towards groove metal).
    It's making me wonder where (if any) he has taken his influences from!
    Been in Britain, artists such as Hadouken! and Pendulum fuse Grime + breakbeat, trying over the past few years to keep the flame going...
    I'm wondering if these influences have crossed the pond!!
    Anywho, back to the album, which is like listening to a comic book!
    With track six "Heart Anthem" been a turning point and a change back to Kraddy's usual pace, which takes up a strong beat as if in celebration of the heroes achievements.
    The upbeat grandeur of the hero continues into track seven "The Legend"..
    But the twist in this Comic story comes at track Eight. "Forbidden feat. Erica Dee" The story of the girl our hero is too frightened to commit to, in case it puts her in danger!
    And onto the final three tracks 9)"Ill million "10)"black sun" and 11) "Beacon one" which depict the one final battle.
    As the death drum plays through out "Beacon One" it awaits the mayday reply of OUR HERO.
    Of which i will leave it up to you to buy the Album to find out his fate.

    Available from http://www.kraddyodaddy.com/

    Track FIVE, Operation Prometheus (youtube)
  • Redstripe music awards (for upcoming artists)

    Feb 21 2010, 1:57

    Wed 17 Feb – Red Stripe Music Award
    no need for journal, the leeds music scene didnt progress much in 2009. which is a shame. but as the over priced night clubs are fizzing out. There is hope that stories from the cities new musicians will reach the right ears.
  • Boots on campus {stylus}

    Dic 13 2009, 23:17

    Sat 12 Dec – Little Boots, Ellie Goulding, Wolf Gang
    All though working 13hrs from 5am. and not getting there until 7.15. which meant my early entry pass was pointless. started off nervously. but soon picked up. the compare was breif and slightly pantomime, but songs from ellie, wolf and Victoria kept coming with little fidgetting (given they have all had practise). i must note that Ellie's 'starry eyed' had a hint of LB's symmatry. but it was good to hear ellie's voice live for the first time. Some of Lb's vocals were deminished by her not stopping to breathe. but everysong had great synths and acid notes played by the keyboards.
    with such variable styles lifting the mood its diffecult to pin down to any other event.
    Victoria would probably kick me for comparing it to the dead disco days. only if its to say it is like dead disco Verses Kylie minogues world tour with depeche mode thrown in.
    It was a completely different atmosphere to seeing Little boots at heaven [london GAY] for the album tour. And at Leeds Festival
    For Two Reasons:
    1) Victoria was less nervous, and was streight onto the next Song seamlessly
    2) This Is Leeds. And [Like At The Cockpit] Most of the crowd were 20-26 which means they would of remembered the dead disco days.
    I met a few people i saw at the Gig Later that night in carpe [diem] & the George 1st kareoke bar (situated Bottom of the LGI cleridon wing - closes @6am).
    And they wern't all raver/ club lovers or teeny boppers. they were quite down to earth. and well spoken, with their own opinion of the Event.
    With Similer acts around which have a big teeny bopper following that do nothing but kiss the performers arse. Which i don't like..
    I don't like how the Short boyish looking performer* is more famous for the vocal synths on her Tracks.. which to me reminds me of Freddie Krooger scratching his nails When it holds for 2 seconds during Bullllaaayyyyyyt Prooo_uoooof.
    Anyroad. I am more of an Oldschool synth lover. That has Beat, Rythem melody, Not just a Catchy Loop.
    I Know sometimes You need A Good Ear to pick out the individual Instruments When Little boots plays live (due to one or two having volume too high). But thats When you Stop Been "a Fan" and Become a sound engineer**.
    The most important thing is that the Acid/Synth Keyboard set on low Freq is Bang on Time At The end of the Pads and its like an electronic orchestra.
    You can see it been played. Even on the PA System at stylus^!
    It takes you back to watching the you-tube videos... She Really Can Play Some Diffecult Effects. The Tenori-on May play A small Minimal Beat to keep Timing, But Those Guys Work Hard on Stage.
    A Bigger Venue That had a Ceiling The Trapped the Accouctics and it would of Sounded Better.
    The Cock Pit Was A better Venue. But Like How The Mass of Followers is Growing, So Is Her Performance playing live.

    *La Roux
    ^Stylus is Situated in the grounds of Leeds Univercity and is mostly used as a Common Room. And is More Economical than other places on her tour.
    **I Am A Part-time sound engineer,speaker Fitter! (The Irony).